If you are pregnant, how can the changes in pregnant mothers recover after giving birth to a baby?Know these enough

There are so many sequelae left after giving birth to a baby. See if you are recruited?

1. Pregnant mothers’ breasts sagging

1. After the birth of pregnant mothers, the breasts of the pregnant mother will gradually start to grow larger because of the milk to produce milk. As the milk continues to increase, the breasts will become larger.

2. The increase in isolas and a small protrusion, becoming ugly, but the pregnant mother does not know that such areola can secrete the fat to moisturize the nipples and avoid nipples.

3. After weaning, the pregnant mother’s breasts are beaten back to the original shape, and even sagging will occur.

Doctors suggest: After breastfeeding, breast drooping is a natural phenomenon. If the pregnant mother breastfeeds during breastfeeding, avoiding quickly weaning can reduce the degree of breast sagging.

2. Pregnant mothers have stretch marks

As the baby grows up, the stomach of the pregnant mother will be larger every day, so that the pregnant mother will inevitably appear dense and curved stretch marks.

Doctors suggest that the faster the weight growth during pregnancy, the greater the newborn weight, the easier it is to grow stretch marks.Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to controlling the weight during pregnancy.

Third, pregnant mothers postpartum hair loss

Pregnant mothers will find that the hair is much longer and less during pregnancy; but the postpartum hair is less and falls much, which is caused by hormones during pregnancy.It will start to recover slowly.

Doctors suggest: Do a good job of cleaning the scalp of the pregnant mother; combing your hair with wide -toothed comb; you can change the fluffy hairstyle after giving birth.

Fourth, pregnant mothers urinary incontinence

If you are giving birth to a pregnant mother, you will find that after giving birth to a baby, it is prone to urinating incontinence.This is due to the relaxation of the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis, which causes urinary incontinence.

Doctors suggest: You can do the "Kelgel Movement".This movement is also effective for improving vaginal relaxation. It can be done from pregnancy and it is worth trying.If the urinary incontinence is serious, it is best to seek medical treatment in time.

Fifth, pregnant mothers butt and feet become larger

1. After the pregnant mother is produced, the pelvic ligament is relaxed, and the fat accumulation on the buttocks, many Baoma finds that the buttocks have become larger.

2. The retention of sodium sodium in the third trimester is related to the increase in blood volume, which leads to large feet.

Doctors suggest that after giving birth, it is best to decrease the weight after giving birth. It is better to reduce 0.5 to 1 kg every week.

6. Pregnant mothers become afraid of cold

After the production of pregnant mothers, it becomes afraid of cold. This is a manifestation of weak postpartum. It is normal now.

Doctors suggest: As the pregnant mother is in confinement, meditation can be treated, and physical exercise in the future can make up for it.Do not eat ducks and eggs during confinement.

7. Lives appear

After childbirth, the secretions composed of blood, mucous membranes, and tissue components in the vagina of the new mother are called lochia.Lulu is a normal physiological phenomenon. With the narrowing of the uterus, the color of the lochia will gradually become lighter and the amount will gradually decrease.

Doctors suggest: In the first 3 to 4 days, the main component of the lochia is blood, just like menstruation, it is black and red, sticky and containing blood clots.When getting up and feeding, the lochia may be more.After 3 to 4 days, it will gradually fade into pink.

8. Frequent urination, sweating a lot

Within a few days after giving birth, the water accumulated during pregnancy will be excreted from the body.After the water accumulated in the bladder during delivery, the amount of urination may increase suddenly.

The doctor suggested: a lot of sweat may be produced, the underwear is soaked, and the temperature decreases. At this time, be careful of a cold and change the wet underwear in time.

Nine, waist and leg pain

During pregnancy, the development of the fetus increases the uterus, at the same time, the abdomen becomes larger, the weight increases, and the larger abdomen raises forward. In order to adapt to this physiological change, the center of gravity of the body will inevitably change, and the load on the back of the waist will increase increased., So the waist and legs of pregnant women often feel sore.By the time of childbirth, the maternal uses supine positions. The mother has a long time on the bed and cannot move freely. It should consume a lot of physical strength and calories during childbirth, causing the waist and legs to exacerbate the pain.

Doctors suggest: During the confinement, some mothers do not pay attention to the scientific recuperation method, and all kinds of situations may cause mothers to feel waist and leg pain after giving birth.

10. Vaginal relaxation

The vagina expands extreme expansion during childbirth, and the elasticity decreases significantly. It will inevitably relax vaginal relaxation, which will affect the life of husband and wife.However, the vagina has a certain repair function, and it can usually be recovered in three months after delivery.But if you want to restore the elasticity of pre -delivery, it takes longer.

Doctors suggest: Y Baoma can accelerate vaginal elastic recovery by doing anal lifting and contraction exercises.

The above is the sequelae left after giving birth to a baby. Did you recruit it?

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