If you don’t move your baby, you will have back pain?Not confinement, most of them are wrong during pregnancy and "posture" with baby

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"My confinement really sat abolishment, my body did not recover well, there was no spirit all day, and back pain, standing in pain, sitting pain, lying down and still painful, the baby always held it, it was too not a mother to be a mother.Easy … "

This is a complaint from a new mother in the mother’s group, because of her back pain after giving birth, she crashed.

You may have heard of the saying of "ten moms and nine back pain". Indeed, back pain after giving birth is very worn.There are also many new mothers who blame postpartum back pain and blame for "confinement" and left a confinement disease.

In fact, postpartum back pain has nothing to do with "confinement" itself. Instead, it is related to the stomach of the belly to the back of the waist and back, the change of hormone changes during pregnancy, the incorrect posture during pregnancy, the frequent postpartum pose after giving birth, and incorrect posture.

Next, Jingma came to analyze in detail and analyze the cause of back pain after giving birth.

① The reason for weight

After pregnancy, with the development of the fetus, the weight of the pregnant mother’s weight increases, the gradually increased belly, and the pressure on the lumbar disc was greatly increased. The greater the pressure on the lumbar disc, the greater the chance of back pain after giving birth.

② hormone cause

Because of pregnancy, the hormone secretion in women will increase. In the later period, prepare for the birth of the baby will separate the pubic bone of women; in this way, the ligament on the lumbar spine is relaxed, which can easily cause strain of the muscles and back pain.

③ The posture of pregnancy is incorrect

Including standing, walking, sitting, squatting down, bathing, lying down, etc.

Standing posture: The pregnant mother should relax on the shoulders, and the legs are slightly separated to keep the state in parallel, and the feet are straight, as shown below.

Walking: When walking, you should look up and keep your body balance. If you support your waist and hold your belly, you will increase your waist pressure.

Up and down stairs: There are also particularity, holding the stairs with one hand to pay attention to safety, stepping on your feet, and keeping your waist straight.

Sitting: Many pregnant mothers like to sit down when they are sitting down. This is also easy to increase the chance of back pain. The correct sitting position is shown below.

Squat: When the pregnant mother bent down to pick up things, you can’t squat suddenly, but you should flex your knees first, then slowly bend over, and finally stand up slowly.

Bathing: Avoid bathing, this will be nesting, increase waist pressure, and increase the risk of private infection.

Lying down: That is, the posture of sleeping, many doctors suggest "lying on the left". This posture is indeed the best sleeping position during pregnancy.But it will be tired after a long time, but increase the waist pressure.

In the early stages of pregnancy, in addition to being unable to sleep, you can choose your own comfortable sleeping position; in the later period, if the doctor requires, he sleeps on the left side. If there is no request, you can switch to the left and right sides.

Although some pregnant mothers have a large stomach during pregnancy, because of their proper care, there is no back pain.

After the baby is born, due to frequent care of the baby, holding the baby to feed, and frequent changing urine in the day, wearing clothes, etc., can also induce or aggravate back pain after delivery.

① The feeding posture is incorrect.

If you are holding breastfeeding, and the posture of the new mother is incorrect, back pain is particularly prone to occur.

Feeding the posture correctly, avoid leaning or rolling your body, you can also use breastfeeding pillows, and put a small stool under your feet to raise the height of the baby and reduce your mother’s waist pressure; you can also use a half -lying breastfeeding posture.It’s also comfortable.

② The posture of "holding the baby" is incorrect.

When many mothers hold the baby, they are bent over and do it with their waist strength.This is incorrect and will cause great damage to the lumbar muscles.

As shown in the figure, the correct posture should be squatting down first, straight upper body, relying on the thighs and arms to drive the core force of the body to complete.

③ The posture of "holding a baby" is incorrect.

When I see novice parents holding the baby, they are holding their stomachs and crooked their bodies. This posture will increase the damage due to the excessive forward of the lumbar spine.The wrong posture and correct posture can refer to the figure below.

④ Incorrectly dressed in dresses and changing diapers.

Many parents squat directly or sit next to the baby.

However, this kind of movement is very damaging the spine. In addition, it is the main reason why the baby occurs after birth after birth.

Whether you take a bath, change your clothes, or change your diapers, you should try to avoid over -bending and damage the waist and back pain.

Have you experienced back pain after giving birth to your baby?What do you think is the main reason? Welcome to share your response and suggestions for new mothers.

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