If you don’t plan to take a child, please take good measures, you will never know how painful the fetus is flowing

Nowadays, people’s ideas are becoming more and more open. Before marriage cohabitation is no longer a rare existence. People are pursuing freedom and enjoying the present.Children come to suffer pain.Some people chose to kill the children because they didn’t want their children, or they couldn’t bear the responsibility of raising their children.

Just as streets or television advertisements can be seen everywhere now, you can see advertising on painless people. In real life, the number of people has exceeded 50 million, and even a gradual rise!

As we all know how much people hurt women’s bodies, the pain to suffer in the middle is unimaginable. However, how many people know how much harm to the fetus in the abdomen?

The innocent children have no room for choice at all, and they have to lose their lives since their parents’ trials.The advertisement always says "painless flow", is it really painless?In fact, in addition to women’s pain of being abortion, children are also suffering from great pain.

In this regard, some expert doctors said that if you really do n’t want a child, please kill it as soon as he has n’t had a heartbeat, and do n’t let him bear the pain he needed.

You know, once the child has a heartbeat, he will be killed again, and he will bear great pain.The longer the child survives in the mother’s fetus, the greater he will develop slowly. At that time, the child and mother will suffer greater damage.At this time, it is impossible to deal with it only through the curettage surgery.

Therefore, only the following two methods can be adopted to do the flow of people:

The first is relatively directly cruel. Doctors will target the stomach of a quasi -woman, and then directly pierce the head of the fetus, inject a drug to the fetus’s head, let the fetus die.

The second one will be relatively gentle. Usually the hospital adopts this method: In order to facilitate delivery, doctors will inject high -concentration salt water into a woman’s uterus. At this timeIts volume is getting smaller and smaller.

In fact, as a doctor, I always see the picture of life passing, and it is inevitable that I can’t bear it. In order to prevent expectant mothers regret it in the future, the doctor will repeatedly ask if he still insists on killing the child.However, once the expectant mother was determined to flow off the abdomen, no matter how comfortable it was, she could not change her mind.Once the syringe is hit, there will be a lack of vibrant life in this world, which is really sighing.

However, it is surprising that when the fetus was taken out the next day, in fact, the fetus still had life and did not die completely. It seemed to be the last struggle before death.It is inevitable to sigh, what kind of tenacious life is this!It is just a ugly appearance in the whole body of the fetus. The skin is as wrinkled as if it is burned. It seems that it will fall off a little bit, and it makes people lament. The abandoned fetus is so fragile.

But he is destined to be abandoned, and he cannot survive anyway. After the struggle, he loses his heartbeat. At this time, the doctor will install the dead fetus and wait for treatment.

Did the fetus do something wrong? What crime did he commit?not at all.Everything is just derived from the abandonment of parents.If you do n’t want a child, if you ca n’t bear responsibility, you must prepare sufficient contraception instead of letting innocent children bear the consequences of adults.Broken the fetus, the damage caused by women and children requires everyone to remember.

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