If you have a cold after pregnancy, can you take a cold medicine?Come and see what the experts say

Woman has a body, her body is not just her.Before doing work, you should not only think about yourself, but also think about the children in the stomach.Many pregnant mothers know that they can’t take medicine at will, and may be damaged to the baby, but if you are not treated in time, you will also hurt your baby.Many pregnant mothers are very conflicted when they are in the wind. I can not take medicine. If you take medicine, some of the identity in the medicine may be damaged to the baby. If you do n’t take medicine, the good real is too slow.It’s also comfortable.What should I do when the wind is in the wind?

@宝 is the mother’s treasure: I have been pregnant with baby for five months, and I wounded in the first few days, but it was not particularly serious. The family members said not to take medicine and would not be good for the baby. I thought I was not particularly serious.After all, the injury is just a small problem.My husband cooked me a few times with ginger and sugar, and added a bed to me in the morning to cover me sweat. I was basically good for two or three days.In my experience, the wind is not a big deal. Drinking plenty of water and dressing will gradually be better.

@Please help me pour a cup of water: I have been pregnant for more than six months. Recently, the climate has suddenly become cold, and then I have been wounded, my nose is constantly, my throat is itchy.She boiled me with pear, ginger, and coriander for three days, and made me drink every meal. Because the soup is sweet, I prefer to drink it. In addition, because of the more wounds, I wear a lot of clothes.It’s going on, and the wind has gradually deteriorated.

@: I have four months, and the climate is hot some time ago, but I am wounded.This type of climate is really comfortable, and I often cough. My husband said that he has a bad resistance. You don’t have to be too panic. It will be fine in a few days.I did n’t see the deterioration for two days, so I went to see the doctor. The doctor prescribed some medicines that my pregnant women could take, and ordered me to pay some attention.I took the medicine prescribed by the husband and drank a lot of ginger water, and gradually became sick.The real pregnant woman is not unable to eat it at all. If she can’t bear it, she can take some medicines, as long as the doctor is notified when the medicine is prescribed.

Real pregnant mothers are common. Pay attention to keep warm in normal survival, exercise more, and walk around in the morning. It is very beneficial to the health of the body.The woman’s own material is relatively weak, and she can take some medicines that have no damage to the baby according to the doctor’s initiative, and drink plenty of water, and the figure can gradually get better.

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