If you want to know if you are pregnant, you just need to compare the following 9 early pregnancy reactions!get √

When I am pregnant, my new life is breeding in the body. For expectant mothers, on the one hand, it is full of joy, and on the other hand, because of the instability period of the first three months, my heart is uneasy.So, what can I do to relieve the anxiety in my heart.In fact, their own guardianship is the most direct way to help expectant mothers discover abnormal fetal abnormalities in the first time, so every expectant mother cannot be ignored at all.

From the moment of pregnancy, the body will send you a variety of signals to you. It will notify your fetus by early pregnancy reactions, and early pregnancy reactions are the symbol of fetal safety.Specific mothers need to pay attention to prevention at all times and go through early pregnancy.

The following early pregnancy reactions, please be sure to take care of mothers:

1. Breast bloating and nipple pain are the most obvious early pregnancy performance. Almost everyone will have;

2, nausea, vomiting, especially in the morning on an empty stomach is the most common early pregnancy reaction;

3. Suddenly the appetite is wide open, always want to eat, or loss of appetite, don’t want to eat anything;

4. Dietary habits suddenly change, and you will especially want to eat foods that you don’t touch.Some expectant mothers prefer certain foods or drinks;

5. Dissatious, often feel fatigue, people become lazy and weak, and sometimes symptoms of cold -like symptoms;

6. Suddenly it becomes very sensitive to some odors, especially the smell of cosmetics, soap, oil fume and other odors;

7, thirst, heat, or frequent urination (especially in the process of sleeping at night);

8. Emotional changes, such as suddenly feel sad;

9. I feel a slight stomach pain, and I will feel a bit like the feeling of "old friends" when registering, or the feeling of flatulence in the abdomen.

In addition, in addition to the above common early pregnancy reactions, there are some less common phenomena, such as dizziness, often collapse, and low blood pressure.

Is it normal to have an early pregnancy reaction?

Generally speaking, each expectant mother will have some early pregnancy reactions, which may not be the same.Some people have a serious response to early pregnancy. Some people have a slight reaction early pregnancy and are not easy to be noticed.It is possible that each expectant mother’s early pregnancy response is not the same. Some people only have nausea, and some people only feel tired.But in general, every expectant mother will have some different performances and usual performances. Please pay attention to expectant mothers.Early pregnancy reactions will start from 40 days after pregnancy, and continue until 3 months of pregnancy.It must be reminded that the expectant mothers are that if the expectant mother finds that the early pregnancy response suddenly weakens or disappears, she should go to the hospital for examination in time, because the disappearance of early pregnancy reactions is likely to be a prerequisite for tires or abortion.

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