In 20 years, the American man naturally became pregnant, and successfully gave birth to a baby boy.

In October 2020, a baby was born in Los Angeles, USA. The baby was very cute, but it looked no different from ordinary children.The "mother" who can have children is a "man" with a throat and strong body.

A pregnant woman became a "pregnant husband", and an adult man with a completely male symbol, how did he successfully give birth to a baby. After the child was born, should he call him a father or mother?

The man who gave birth to the baby was named Belnett. He was born in the United States in 1984. When he was born, the hospital clearly informed his parents that Bened was a girl.Bened’s parents were very happy about his arrival and kept treating his princess -like treatment.

When he was a child, Bente didn’t feel any discomfort, but as he was growing older, Bente’s heart always felt a little uncomfortable.Bened’s mother always bought him cute toys and beautiful skirts. He also kept a golden curly hair, which looked very moving.

He always feels that he is a bit different from other little girls. His personality is both delicate and bright. His partners have both girls who play Barbie dolls together and have a boy who talks about toys.Parents only feel that Bennett’s personality is good, and he gets along well with anyone, and he has not noticed his reaction.

Over time, he has reached the period of youth development. His chest has gradually bulged, and his body began to show the characteristics of women.When Bente’s mother noticed the change of her child, she began to prepare new clothes and close underwear for her.But Belnett had a resistance. He was very disgusted with the clothes sent by his mother. He didn’t like his bulging chest, and his temper became a bit angry.

Mother’s response to Beline was also unable to understand, and she began to be patiently making some solutions for him.Explain to him that the process of girls’ inevitable experience in adolescence will mature their body and psychology. There is no need to have a sense of shame because of this, let alone make their emotions be driven by these changes.

Although he was not happy, he still accepted the facts of development.During middle school, Bened’s appearance was still a girl, and she had also been in love with many boys.Although they ended up with a breakup, the other party never felt that Bened was not a girl, and it may be separated for other reasons.

Bened has always lived as a girl, and he did not feel wrong himself.However, after he joined the work, his body began to change again, and the hair of multiple parts of his body became strong, and he had layered body hair in the chest and abdomen.

At first, Bente just thought that his daily diet or schedule was irregular, which led to the consequences of these columns, so he didn’t care.He bought some hair removal supplies and eliminated the grown -ups, and did not let it go.When these body hair grows out for the first time, Bente can also reconcile himself, or he can also communicate with friends by himself. This is a joke, passing by.

Since his first hair removal, the growth rate of these strange hair has been accelerating.His face began to grow out of the beard, and he could not repair and remove the speed of growth.Bened began to fall into the contradiction and dislike of herself. When a friend asked her to go out to play, Bente had begun to hesitate, and he didn’t know how to face himself.

Bened felt that he had a problem with his body, and various abnormal phenomena occurred frequently. He decided to go to the hospital for consultation and wanted to get an exact answer from the doctor.In 2011, Bernett came to the hospital, but the final result was like a thunderbolt for him.

The doctor told Bened that he is a very rare "bisexual" in medicine, which means that Bente can be a woman or a man.

The performance characteristics of "bisexual" are determined based on the hormone secreted by its own body.When Bened was young, estrogen secretion in the body was more secreted, so it was always like a girl in front of outsiders, and the development of the body was no different from ordinary girls.

However, as he grows older, the male hormone secretion in the body is far from estrogen, so Bened will have long beard and throat knot.The changes in hormone in Bernett directly led to changes in their appearance, and a little girl gradually became a boy.

In fact, there are records in Christianity, but in the eyes of Western believers, bipyles are God’s punishment for men and women, so if a newborn is bisexual, then he is in heThe eyes of Christians are the symbol of evil.

The bisexual people are very rare in the medical community. In the medieval medieval of unacceptable medical skills, people’s scientific records of bisexuals have been almost zero. Since the past century, after the development of science and technology has matured, it has gradually discussed.For Bernet, his belief and real life bisexual people have caused great trouble for him, and also caught him into endless grief.

When he knew his physical condition, he immediately returned home to explain his situation with his parents.Bennett’s mother saw her child’s face full of sadness.Although the fact that Bernett is a bisexual person is very shocked, as a mother, she has the right to have the right and obligations. At this moment, she expresses her love for children and soothe the child’s emotions.

In fact, her mother never minds the child’s physical problem. She will continue to fulfill the responsibility of a mother and give Bennet forever.

Not each of the relatives or friends around Bennett can be so understandable as her mother.When Bernett told the news that the sisters who played with him in the past did not get comforting words, but those sisters and friends gradually alienated Bernett.

When Bente adjusted himself, there was the fact that he was away from friends, but the care of her mother gave Belnet enough information.He slowly accepted that he was no longer a girl with delicate skin. Looking at the long beard, he no longer eliminated, and no longer felt angry, and Bened once again reconciled with himself.However, "bisexuals" will still have a certain problem to Bennett’s original life, and it is difficult to dispel these troubles.

Whether it is his work or getting along with others, Bente is difficult to adapt to a new identity. He has to accept the doubts of those others and have to change his way of speaking. All factors are for Bennett’sLife adds obstacles.

Everything requires a process. Bennett truly accepts self.He accepted the reality of the secretion of male hormones in the body and was no longer puzzled by excessive hair. He tried to prepare for his true maleization.

In the current state of Bernett, it is very difficult to restore the original woman’s body, but they cannot always be between the two, so he started taking various hormones to promote the secretion of the male hormones in the body and make it.You can become men as soon as possible.

In 2015, Bente decided to perform transsexual surgery.After he discussed with the doctor, he decided to remove the breasts and did not change his lower body and uterus.Although Bente at this moment is not a boy with a physiological meaning, his appearance is different from ordinary people.After becoming a boy, Bente began to pay attention to physical exercise and muscle development. After a period of adaptation, his body was very good.

Although Bernett had been more troubled because he had been a girl before, when he had undergone a transsexual surgery, Bentet’s heart was relieved by unprecedentedly.He seemed to understand why he was disgusted with the underwear bought by his mother when he was a child.The most important thing is that he prefers himself now.

Although there is no difference between Bernet’s appearance and normal men, his relatives and friends know that Belinete was a girl before. Even if some friends were willing to accompany Bened, he could feel that he came from others.Strange vision.

The most serious thing to influence Bernet is his love for Bentet. Bened is not clear about his real gender orientation.Dare to express his admiration to him.

But in 2017, when Bernet met Malik, it changed.

When Bened knew Malik, he felt an unprecedented feeling, which may be love at first sight.Bened likes communication with Malik very much, and Malik can bring him a kind of stability and solidity.But Bernett was still very panicked. He didn’t know if Malik could accept it, and he was a girl’s reality.

After getting along with Malik slowly, he found that he had an admiration for Malik. He didn’t want to miss this rare goodwill, so he boldly told the other party his mind and confessed his past.Knowing that Marik, who was originally committed, did not leave Bernet, but accepted everything he readily, and agreed to love with Bentet.

The news of Bernett and Malik after together made the people around him amarage again.Beline, who has love this time, has become more firm, and he doesn’t care about those worldly eyes.

After surgery, he has always had hormone drugs to prevent feminine characteristics in order to prevent his body.But after he and Malik said each other, he stopped taking the medicine.Beline made this decision just because he wanted to conceive Malik’s child.

After Bener had the idea of fertility, he put into action with Malik.But Bennett’s physical condition is special, he and ordinary women are unable to compare.Although he wanted to have a child of his own, in front of his body, he chose to follow the natural development.I did not have too much hope, but Bente found that he was pregnant in March 2020.

Malik, who learned this news, was extremely excited, and he did not expect that he could become a father who had a child born in Belitt.Malik began to actively prepare the items needed by pregnant women, as well as the supplies required by the baby, etc. The two were looking forward to the arrival of the newborn.

But at this moment, the United States is being swept by the epidemic. The hospital is full of patients who need to be treated. Malik is isolated because of shopping. When Bente is waiting for delivery, Bened can only hold his belly.Arrange their own affairs among the hospital.Bened was very hard during that time, but he was also very happy because he was about to meet his children.

In October 2020, Bente successfully gave birth to a male baby. The medical staff in the delivery room were pleased to be Bened. Bente undoubtedly created a precedent of a medical community.The courage to dedicate himself is infected with others.

When the nurse gave the baby to Bernett, he called Beline as the "mother" of the child.This attracted Belnett’s dissatisfaction. He thought that he was the child’s father and thought that the child should call himself "dad", and he and Malik were the same identity.

After hearing the words of the nurse, Bente also said that fertility was not only the responsibility that women should bear, but also should not be bundled with women. Men should also accept the corresponding burden.

Belitt named Hudson for the child. Hudson liked to snuggle in Bernett’s chest since he was born. Belinete and Malik naturally loved this child. I believe HudsonIt will definitely grow in an environment full of love and warmth.

Hudson’s birth is a very proud thing for him. He can give birth to children like a mother and give children sufficient father love.And his existence announced to the world that "bisexual" has the power to pursue his own life and maintain his love for life, and he will definitely get good feedback.

For Bernett, Malik is undoubtedly a noble man in his life, and he gave Belnett’s lover.The firm love between the two also allows everyone to see that love can cross gender and surpass the world.

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