In the delivery room, these 4 types of pregnant mothers can easily make doctors a headache, and expectant mothers must know it in advance

For expectant mothers, the two most exciting moments when they are pregnant are to know that they have succeeded in pregnancy and when they succeed in childbirth. Among them, childbirth is the most anticipated moment for many pregnant mothers.Although childbirth means that expectant mothers will have to take the path to bring their baby, they also mean that the pregnant mother is about to meet with her children, ending the hard life of her conception in October, and ushered in a short -lived freedom.

Many mothers even imagined the excitement and joy of their childbirth when they were pregnant.

During childbirth, doctors and midwifers are accompanied by pregnant mothers, and doctors and midwives are also those who trust the maternal and most sense of security.Although the profession of doctors is sacred and worthy of respect, doctors are also human, and they will also have their own emotions and preferences.For expectant mothers, it is very necessary to understand the emotions and preferences of doctors. At a critical moment, it can help expectant mothers to give birth steadily.

Xiao Lan gave birth to her first child not long ago, but the production process was not wonderful for her, because she had a little episode when she produced.

Xiao Lan has been loved by her parents as a pearl as a pearl. She has any requests. Her parents are satisfied as much as possible, and after marriage, she also encountered a husband who loves her, so her life after marriage is also very comfortable.

After one year of marriage, Xiao Lan was pregnant with her child smoothly. Her husband and family were very happy and took care of Xiaolan very thoughtfully.

At that time, Xiao Lan also discussed with her husband’s method of giving birth. Whether it was chosen to give birth or caesarean section.At the beginning, Xiao Lan wanted to have a cesarean section, but her husband and family suggested that the birth is good, because the delivery is good for the baby, and the mother’s body recovers faster, and there will be no scars on the stomach.Xiao Lan decided to give birth when she heard her husband and parents say this.

A few days before the due date, the baby was about to be born, and Xiao Lan was sent to the hospital in a hurry.At first Xiao Lan showed to the doctor to give birth, but if he couldn’t stand it later, he changed his mind and wanted to change to a caesarean section.After the doctor promoted Xiaolan to the delivery room, she told her that it was best to give birth, and asked Xiao Lan to walk more in the corridor, because this can relieve pain and open fingers faster.

However, Xiao Lan said that he couldn’t stand it, and he had to have a cesarean section.The family who was distressed by Xiao Lan also noisy to let the doctor choose a cesarean section. The doctor couldn’t help it. In the end, the cesarean section was reluctant to give Xiaolan. Fortunately, the mother and son were safe.

But after giving birth, Xiao Lan, who was resting, woke up by the pain of the wound directly, his face pale.At this time, Xiao Lan began to regret her decision to have a cesarean section. She thought that she had already knew that she was obedient to give birth, and she would not be so painful now.

In fact, this experience not only made Xiaolan’s memory deep, but also made the doctor deep.Because doctors are based on the physical condition and conditions of the mother, judge from a professional perspective, and suggest that the mother chooses to produce or cesarean section, and the phenomenon of the maternal is so rotated, but many doctors are helpless and disappointed.

The following four kinds of pregnant mothers are the most headache and annoying doctors when giving birth:

The first maternal: very good maternal.

Such people usually do not obey the doctor’s opinions. They have a very obvious characteristic, that is, they adhere to their ideas very much.I thought that I had seen several examples on the Internet several times, and thought I knew everything, so that I would have ignored the opinions or suggestions of doctors and midwives, and even questioned the doctor according to what I saw on the Internet.Pregnant mothers are undoubtedly very annoying.

For doctors, he needs to be responsible for maternal and fetal. In case the maternal disorderly commands, what problems have caused the maternal and children, the responsibility of the first one to escape is the doctor.

Especially for the mother who gave birth, some mothers had a variety of effort on the Internet when they were delivered, so when they came to the delivery room, they were arbitrarily hard according to their own methods.In this case, it is easy to cause the mother’s body to danger, and it may even cause the baby’s life safety to be threatened.

The second type: a maternal that is shocked, a big voice.

Some mothers are afraid of pain, and those around them say that having children is very painful, so as soon as they enter the delivery room, they start yelling.However, shouting that the maternal strength was very expensive, it was likely that the mother had enough physical strength to give birth to the baby during childbirth, thereby extending the child’s time.

And during production, doctors and midwife also need to communicate. When the maternal voice is too loud, it will interfere with the doctor’s work and increase the difficulty of childbirth.

Therefore, mothers should pay attention to that although they are afraid and fear when they are childbirth, they must also maintain their sense of reason. Listen to the doctor calmly and cooperate with the work of doctors and midwife. Only in this way can the childbirth process be carried out smoothly.

3rd type: The maternal who is too scared of pain is half required to be cut.

Some mothers are too afraid of pain, and they will choose to transfer to a cesarean section. In fact, when doctors suggest that expectant mothers have given birth, they will determine that children can give birth by childbirth before they say so.Because the birth also requires conditions, only when the fetal position is suitable for the fetal size, the pregnant mother can give birth.

In this case, if the pregnant mothers are halfway through the delivery, they will suddenly have a caesarean section, then the doctor and delivery will not only temporarily prepare for the cesarean section, but also cause the time of the childbirth process to grow.

4th type: maternal with too obese.

Some pregnant mothers are huge, or because they eat too much during pregnancy, they are prone to large fetal conditions.This situation is actually very dangerous. Whether it is choosing to give birth or choosing a cesarean section, it will increase the difficulty of surgery.

In addition to this, most of the mothers of this kind of maternal also did not follow the doctor’s advice to conduct a scientific diet and reasonable exercise, which will lead to this phenomenon.Therefore, doctors must not have a good impression on people who do not follow the doctor’s advice.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the scientific diet during pregnancy during pregnancy, otherwise the weight gain is large, which is a huge threat to the life of the mother and the baby.

When producing, you must refuse to be these four types of mothers. Although the doctor may not say anything or scold the mother on the surface, we should still respect the doctor and listen to the doctor’s command.Without a burden, you can also ensure your rapid recovery.

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