In the history of film history, the "10 Girls", all of them are ashamed, and some people are born but still sexually harassed.


After the hot summer war, the "Mission Impossible 7", which had been waiting for 5 years, also unveiled the mystery.

Although the box office performance is currently faint, the reputation of the film is still strong. Rotten tomato freshness is 96%, and the popcorn index is 94%.

As a "agent movie" that is popular all over the world, the Mission Impossible Series has launched six since its first launch in 1996.

The reason why it is popular is because of the actual shot of Atango and various difficult action scenes every time, but also because of the spy girl in the film.

Not only are they full of charm, but they are also distinctive, and they are not "vase tools" who play with their figures.

With the release of "Mission Impossible 7", the emergence of the new spy girl once again caused everyone to discuss.

Below, let’s talk about the 10 most representative spy girls in film history, and by the way, the beauty of them is named:

"Mission Impossible 7" joined two spy girls, one of which was Pon Klemen Jiefifu, a mysterious female killer Paris.

Holding an iron rod to trap Eyen’s trapped in the narrow corridor, it is chilling, and you can feel the murderousness revealed through the screen.

Pang Cleenjetv is a multicultural actress. His father is a mixed -race of France and Russia, and his mother is Korean.

The reason why her name is "Pang" is because the word is similar to the "spring" and "tiger" in Korean.

For this actress, many familiar characters are the weird and lovely praying mantis women in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The mysterious female killer played by Pang Clemers this time is very different, which is very different from the previous spy girl.

The ravaged white hair, with exaggerated makeup with all -inclusive eyeliner, the crazy approval attributes are full.

Driving off -road vehicles on the streets of Roman, regardless of the speed drag racing scene that hunted Ethan, was crazy, epilepsy, and evil.

Cleenolifu in life likes to skydler because she is influenced by A Tange. In addition to skydiving, she can also have skills such as equestrian and fighting.

On the day of the premiere of "Mission Impossible 7", she appeared with a large -scale open -back outfit, which was one of the most bold wearing red carpets that day.

The spy girl of the second place infection film chose a black actress. She is the role of Mev, the role of Mev, the "Western World".

"Mission Impossible 2" was directed by Wu Yusen. At that time, A Tange took the initiative to find Wu Yusen because he watched "Blood Blood", hoping that he could shoot himself as handsome as Zhou Runfa.

Although the reputation of the second part is the worst of the series, the box office is the highest at that time.

It stabilized the global film box office championship in 2000 with a box office of $ 545 million, leading nearly $ 100 million in the second place "Gladiator".

The spy girl of this movie was the hot rookie Sandy Newton at the time.

Before shooting "Mission Impossible 2", she had collaborated with A Tange "Night Visit Vampire", and cooperated with famous guidance Benaldo Boruch and Jonathan Dimi respectively.And "True Love".

These resumes also made Atango highly recommend Sandy to star in the female lead of "Mission Impossible 2".

In the movie, Sandy plays the stealing girl Naya, and Eyen played by A Tange fell into love network, in order to return to the ex -boyfriend to steal intelligence for Etkang.

In addition to exuding a healthy and sexy charm, this role is also shaped to be loved and hateful, emphasis on love, and is an upgrade of the spy girl.

The most bold and innovative of the Mission Impossible series is "Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Agreement". This reputation is also the best of the series, Douban score 8.4.

The actress partner A Tange is Paula Barton, with chocolate skin color and a proud figure of the front and backwards. It is the hottest and sexy one of the spy girls.

Blue high split long skirt, perfectly showing the proportion of the devil, is quite eye -catching.

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