In the hot summer, can children eat ice cream?Master these 3 points and let the baby happy to relieve the heat


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In these three volts, the temperature is high every day, and the heat waves are rolling every day.Facing their little cuteness, parents are trying to prevent heat from heat and cool down. Of course, the children will be noisy and want to eat ice cream at this time.

But many times, parents may refuse the children’s requirements -after all, after eating the belly of the ice, what tonsils are inflamed, stomach pain, diarrhea …One more thing than one thing "!

So why do children like to eat ice cream?How to eat ice cream to make children get sick?There is actually a way to follow.

The high -fat and high sugar of ice cream allows children to have a sense of psychological pleasure

Speaking of which, the most intuitive reasons for children to eat ice cream are very "simple and rude": ice cream is cold and cold, high -fat and high sugar, good taste!

In the hot days, don’t say that children like this ice cream, that is, adults can’t refuse this seductive thing?

Perhaps many people will think that children like to eat ice cream, in that it is cold and cool, but in fact, ice cream is more like a "frozen sugar" -The intake of this "high -fat and high sugar" foodIt will stimulate people to secrete more dopamine, which makes people feel a sense of satisfaction.

Happy happy: You are adults, I want to eat too

We will find that when the child can eat supplementary food, it will always be in the stage of "imitation". I imitate my father and mother with chopsticks, watching the food "Liuhara" of the father and mother …

Naturally, such a reaction will also exist in "Summer Ice Cream" -if the children see their father and mothers eat ice cream, then naturally they want to try it.

Especially when I see the ice cream flowers, it smell so fragrant, so sweet, it will like it even more!

Therefore, children and mothers eat ice cream in the summer, and they will also try to try it.

Social needs: others eat, I want to eat too

After the child is older, especially after the child goes to kindergarten and elementary school, because of the contact with more friends of the same age: children will have nothing to talk about, what are the delicious foods for themselves and dads!

If other children have eaten ice cream, but they haven’t eaten them, don’t they feel that they are "losing money"?

In this "discussion", what they have experienced have also become a necessity for children to socialize.If you haven’t eaten it, the loss of the child’s heart may be far from the regrets on the excess tongue.

Although ice cream is the "good heart" of children in the summer, many parents will stop their children to eat this thing-

There is only one reason: I am afraid that when the child is eating, the body will be cold and cold, and stomach pain, worrying about the child’s illness.

In fact, this is really a little bit of people’s stomach!

Because people are constant temperature animals, we can adjust the body temperature between 36 ° C and 37 ° C through the hypothalamus, so even when there are cold drinks such as ice cream and ice cream in the outside world, the child’s body temperature cannot suddenly decrease, especially the ice cream passes throughThe digestive organs such as mouth, throat, esophageal, etc. have long become a pool of milk when they reach the stomach. How can it reduce the temperature?

However, there are really children who have cough and stomach pain because of eating ice cream. What is going on?

This is actually more likely to react with hygiene, lactose intolerance, and stimulus stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract. Perhaps it has little to do with the "cold" matter.

On the contrary, if the children eat ice cream, in addition to milk, in order to have a sweet taste, they often add things such as sugar and fat.In particular, some merchants may add milk powder or even fat -planting and vegetable oil for the sake of profit.

If these things eat too much, you may have problems such as dental caries and obesity. At the same time, high -fat diet can also increase the possibility of cardiovascular diseases in the childhood.Therefore, neither the Chinese Society of Nutritional Society and the American Academy of Sciences do not recommend providing additional sugar foods to children before the age of 2.

Wanting to eat ice cream is the nature of children. It is the wish of parents who do not want children to be healthy. How can the two be balanced?

I give you three suggestions based on some of the actual situations of eating ice cream one by one in my family:

The first is to find out the ingredients.Parents now attach great importance to their children’s health, and spend more money "little".The ice cream with high milk content is high and expensive, but it is definitely a good selling point.

Therefore, when we choose to choose ice cream for children, we must pay attention to the composition of the ingredients. If there is "fresh beef milk content ≥ xx%", it is a good choice, but if there are milk powder, vegetable oil, white sugar, and even planting in ice creamInstead of instead of the fat, then it is best not to eat it -the less additives, the better!

The second is to pay attention to the amount of control.Generally speaking, the so -called "big barrel" is definitely more cost -effective than the "small branch", but "big barrels" often "dig a big spoon", which may cause children to eat more and more in virtual.

If the barrel ice cream is not eaten, it may still be risk of bacterial pollution in the refrigerator. Therefore, we may wish to prepare a small ice cream for the child instead of choosing "barrel ice cream".

Third, don’t let your children eat ice cream immediately after exercise.Because the child is particularly hot after exercising, it is easy to eat cold and cold things under such "particularly hot" cases.Therefore, do not let your children eat ice cream and ice water after exercise.

We can relieve children’s "heat" with cool white, milk, mung bean soup and fruits.Of course, if you can make ice cream for your own own, it is also a very good choice.

Well, this is some experience and experience of how to let children eat ice cream happily about summer, I hope you can use it!

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