In the incident, Changzhou: There was a child in the toilet!This second -child mother doesn’t know she is pregnant

I feel stomachache, run to the toilet,

I don’t want to have a child!

Ms. Ji worked in a printing factory in Taguang Tangzo Village.On November 1st, Ms. Ji had a stomachache after lunch and went to the toilet.After Ms. Ji left the toilet for more than 20 minutes, some workers heard a burst of baby crying in the toilet!

Several enthusiastic people passed and found that there was a little baby inside!Then quickly wrapped the quilt to wrap the baby, and called the 120 first -aid car to send the baby to the hospital.

I don’t know if I want to be in June!

Ms. Ji said that she didn’t know that she was pregnant at all, and found that she had a child, and she was frightened.

Her husband, Mr. Wang, is 29 years old. The husband and wife are from Sichuan and have a 2 -year -old son in his hometown.I just arrived in Changzhou earlier this year and worked in a factory where relatives worked.Earlier, he found that his wife’s belly was bulging, and his wife became fat.

When I gave birth to a baby, I thought it was "menstrual pain"

Ms. Ji’s relatives said that at the time Ms. Ji did not realize that she had given birth to a child. At that time, her stomach hurt, and she thought it was menstruation.

Baby’s mother, Ms. Ji

Just 11 o’clock, when you eat.It was painful that the stomach was very painful, and it fell down.When I was frightened, I ran out.She came out and fell down.

It wasn’t until 2 pm that day that Ms. Ji and her husband realized that the baby was his own child, so he went to the police station to explain the situation.

Baby situation is not optimistic, knowing that it is a baby girl, the rescue attitude becomes negative

Mr. Wang sent his wife to the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital for treatment and took care of the baby to his wife.

After careful examination by the neonatal doctor, he found that the baby was only about 6 months and weighed 1.1 kg. It was a premature infant and a weak heartbeat.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Children’s Hospital that when his parents learned that their children were famous baby girls at that time, their attitudes were a bit negative.Later, the doctor formulated a treatment plan. When looking for a family member, the child’s parents directly expressed their abandonment of treatment.After a symbolic payment of 100 yuan, the excuse to take the child away from the hospital.

Wang Jinxiu, Director of the Freshman Department of Maternal Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Too small, it can be said that the palm of the palm is 30 cm in length.She did not give birth at the hospital, and gave up treatment after birth.After one night without treatment and warmth, it can be said that her mortality rate is very high.The difficulty of treatment is also relatively high.If you treat it, the sequelae may be relatively large.It is easy to be infected in the dung water.And if it is born directly into the water, it is very dangerous without recovery.

Due to the hesitation of parents, the baby failed to get any timely treatment.

Babies’ father, Mr. Wang

The treatment fee is too scary, it takes 3,000 a day, at least one or two months to three months in it, it costs almost 270,000 to count.

In the end, under the persuasion of several parties, parents made a decision to let their children accept rescue.The hospital immediately opened the green channel to start the treatment.

The little life born is to be responsible for her!

I hope this little baby can get out of danger as soon as possible!

The leader said!

You order one,

Xiaobian’s salary rises five cents

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