In the sixth week of pregnancy, prepare for the first birth checkup, don’t worry if you see red

Entering this week, most expectant mothers have symptoms of mild or severe pregnancy.The feeling of disgusting, sometimes not only in the morning, you may want to vomit all day.Sleeping and depression are also entangled with you, which is really hard for expectant mothers in the workplace.However, these annoying symptoms will naturally alleviate disappearance after almost three months.At that time, it was really a bright feeling of the sunrise.

Don’t be depressed.

important hint

Be careful virus infection: Virus is one of the main causes of fetal malformations.If it is in the autumn and winter seasons, the prevention of influenza is the top priority.In the air -conditioned environment in summer, pay attention to air flow, don’t be cold.

Avoid littering: In the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus is still unstable. We must avoid doing those powerful or increasing abdominal pressure labor, such as transportation, responsibility, push, push, and heavier.Explore items at a low place, do not squat or sit down for housework for a long time. Do not be too cold or overheated when washing.

Fetal picture of 6 weeks of pregnancy

In your uterus, your baby is growing rapidly, almost 6 mm long, like a pine nut.The main organs include the prototype of the junior kidney and the heart, and the nerve tube has begun to connect the brain and spinal cord, and the original intestine begins to develop.The upper and bottom of the embryo began to grow young buds of limbs, which is the child’s arms and legs in the future.In the future, the lower part of the mouth of the mouth will have some small wrinkles, which will eventually develop into a neck and jaw.By this weekend, the basic organs of the face began to form. Through micro -equipment, they can clearly see the nostrils and the prototype of the eyes … at the beginning of life, it is amazing.

At this moment you may change

Due to the stimulation of estrogen and progesterone, your chest will change greatly: the breasts increase and become soft, the areola has a protruding nodule, and it may feel pain when it is held.You will feel that the bras in the past have become inappropriate, and it is time to change the brach with good support for a cotton -breathable shoulder bandwidth.Your vulva is also moist than usual, and there are more leucorrhea.You can change your underwear. It is not recommended to use sanitary pads.In addition to pregnancy reactions, you may often feel the burning sensation of the stomach, which is usually called "burning heart". Medically, it is called gastric burning during pregnancy. If it is very serious, you can take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.Eating less meals can play a role in preventing and relieving appropriate activities.

4 things you have to do

1. Adjust the diet structure

The liquid and semi -liquid diet is conducive to controlling vomiting. Rock sugar mung bean soup, lotus leaf rice porridge, purple rice porridge, etc., are rich in nutrition, easy to do, do more at a time, eat some when you can eat, and ensure nutritional supply.After vomiting, rinse your mouth with light saline, eat egg custard, lotus seed red dates soup, fish soup, etc., you can get a good supplement.If you can’t eat these things, it is also good to drink some rice soup.

2. Prepare for the first prenatal examination

When you believe that you are pregnant, go to the hospital for the first prenatal examination.The first birth check is between 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. The contents of the examination include: inquiring on medical history, full -body examination, vaginal examination, and laboratory examination.Therefore, you have to rest before going, and first understand the family history of yourself and your husband to provide a comprehensive reference for doctors.

3. Carefully read the ingredients table on food packaging

When eating semi -processing or full -processing food, in addition to understanding nutritional ingredients, we must also carefully look at the ingredients table on the food packaging, whether it contains preservatives, pigments and other products.Try to avoid this kind of thing and season with the taste of food itself.At the same time, seasonings and seasoning spices should also be reduced, and the intake of salt should also be controlled 2 to 5 grams per day.

4. Control your feelings

Medical research has proved that excessive emotional uneasy may lead to cleft palate or lip cracks in the fetus.Keeping a happy mood at this time, it is not an optional soft requirement, but a hard indicator as much as possible.If you lie down, you will only make yourself more sad. Although you are too lazy to move, you will talk to people, walk slowly, look at the scenery, and make some handmade.

The question you may face

■ Seeing red

Seeing redness in the early pregnancy (finding a small amount of blood stains on underwear or toilet paper after urination) and bleeding are more common, but sometimes this may be a precursor to miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.If you have symptoms of redness or bleeding, you should go to the hospital to see if you have a precious abortion?Still ectopic pregnancy?

■ Is it normal to have no pregnancy response?

Because of individual differences, some expectant mothers do have no pregnancy reactions, and there are no uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.You should be very fortunate that you can enjoy care and take nutrition according to the most scientific and reasonable recipes.But if irregular vaginal bleeding and more severe abdominal pain, go to the hospital for examination.

■ Irailing pain in the abdomen

Many expectant mothers will have this feeling, coupled with tension, and painful feelings. This is actually a fake contraction, which is normal.If accompanied by bleeding, you should take it seriously.

Recommended for your nutritional food

Red dates Beimi stewed sea bass


Main ingredients: 1 bass, 25 grams of Beiqi, 4 red dates.

Auxiliary materials: 2 slices of ginger, 1 teaspoon of wine, 3 glasses of boiling water, and an appropriate amount of salt.


① The fish scales and internal organs, wash and dry.

② Wash Beiqi and wash the red dates for nuclear.

③ Put fish, Beiqi, ginger, and wine into the stew pot, inject boiling water, stewed in water for 3 hours, and season with salt to season.

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