In the third trimester, if pregnant women have these 4 "situations", the due date may be "advance", don’t care about it

It’s not easy to talk about a mother, just go to pregnancy to see how to deal with the uncomfortable uncomfortable during pregnancy and see how he passed the level of pregnancy during pregnancy. By the time of the pregnancy, there were some pregnant mothers.The mood of nervousness and anxiety is obvious. Although I know the baby’s due date, I am afraid that the baby will be naughty in advance, and the due date is also calculated based on the mother’s last menstruation. For some mothers who are not very regular in menstruation, it is not very regular.There will also be some inaccurate situations, so you can only refer to your mother. In the third trimester of pregnancy, these situations may be reminding the mother that the due date may not be careless in advance

In the third trimester, if pregnant women have these 4 "situations", the due date may be "advance", don’t care about it

Situation 1: The decline of the uterus

The emergence of this situation will notice the pregnant mother clearly, because the little guy in the stomach is constantly growing up, making the pregnant mother’s uterus also changes. At this time, because the mother always feels stomach, she always feels the stomach.I have no appetite, but when you find that you suddenly have a good appetite, the squeezing feeling of this stomach has gradually disappeared. On the contrary, the frequent urination is intensifying.The performance is also the first step in childbirth.The little guy in the stomach is preparing for meeting with his mother. In this case, pay attention, even if you are not pregnant, you need to pay more attention.

Situation 2: Bulsion and abdomen soreness aggravation

Some pregnant mothers say that back pain and back pain during pregnancy are common, and sometimes they are numb, but after the third trimester, the little guy in the stomach has continued to become large.Obviously, the emergence of some pseudo -contractions will also make pregnant mothers very nervous, for fear that the little guy in the stomach is about to come out, and we say that pseudo contractions are exercising for delivery.Mother’s back pain is more obvious. Perhaps it is also a manifestation of the little guy in the stomach to meet with the mother. Even if the due date is not yet on, the pregnant mother should pay more attention.

Situation three: increased secretions

I saw a message from a pregnant mother before, saying that I do n’t know why. The more it is inconvenient to increase the secretions, the more the secretions have increased. This phenomenon is really embarrassing.When people help writing, they feel that pregnancy is really not easy, but in fact, the secretions increased in the third trimester. This matter is also because the body of the pregnant mother is preparing for delivery. These secretions appear to lubricate the pregnant mother’s’s mother’s’s’s.The birth canal makes the baby pass smoothly, so pregnant mothers should also pay attention to this phenomenon.

Situation 4: vaginal bleeding and redness

In fact, this phenomenon should be a very common signal of childbirth. Seeing the emergence of red phenomena. For the first pregnant mother, maybe a regular contraction and pain will occur after one or two days.However, this phenomenon varies from person to person. Some pregnant mothers will soon have the corresponding symptoms before childbirth, and the delivery will be close to it. Therefore, this happens.Do some inspections, pay more attention.

There are many women around them who attach great importance to the due date when they are pregnant. This is also a normal phenomenon, but some knowledge at the time of labor and mother learn more, which is good for themselves and babies.Der hard -working pregnant mothers, don’t be lazy.

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