Incident Long Haihai Cheng: After playing at the rural clinic, pregnant women died after rescue


Taiwan Strait Network November 24 (Straits Herald reporter Wang Longxiang Liao Zhenmei text/picture) More than three months have passed. He Mouli’s body is still lying in the cold freezer and accompanied her for 21 weeks in her belly.

Her family has not yet believed that at the age of 39, because of a physical discomfort, she left the world after playing a drop in a rural clinic.

This is a unfortunate scene that happened in Haicheng Town, Longhai City on July 30.After the incident, many departments in Longhai were involved in the investigation and found that the clinic was operated without a license, and the so -called doctors had no qualifications.

At present, the public security organs were transferred to Longhai Procuratorate for censorship and arrest for suspected illegal medical treatment.

Live: The so -called clinic did not even have a signboard

"I still can’t believe it, all of which are true, a good person has gone like this …" Recently, Mr. He Mouli’s brother, Mr. He, talked to the Herald reporter.People can’t do it. "After investigation by the department, this clinic turned out to be unlicensed. It was really grass! Although my sister is gone, I want to let more people know that if the body is sick, do not go to these againHarmonious small clinic. "

On the morning of the 24th, under the leadership of Mr. He, the Herald reporter came to this clinic in Xichao North Village, Haicheng Town, Longhai City.

This is a private house on the roadside of the village entrance. At this time, the shop door on the first floor has been closed. From the side of the window and the door of the iron door, it cannot be visible to the situation in the store.However, according to a video provided by Mr. He, this shop was filled with various medicines before.

According to nearby villagers, this shop was indeed a clinic before, but it has been moved for several months. Specific time, they can’t remember.

The decoration in the clinic after the incident

"Usually we have a little cold, so come here to buy some medicines, and it will also give the patients here." In the interview, a villager said.

However, the Herald reporter searched for a long time in this clinic and surroundings, and did not find the clinic signboard, or signs of hanging signs.

Talk: A little swollen throat. Doctors are advised to get dripping

Time, dial back to 7 pm on July 30, 43 -year -old Su Mouchi rode a motorcycle, carried his wife He Mouli, rushed about 2 kilometers, and came to this clinic from Shima Village.

Husband Su Mouchi can’t believe this is the fact

"My wife felt a bit of a fever that afternoon, and had not retired at night. Her boss said that the clinic was prescribed by his relatives. I suggest that we come to this clinic to see it." Su Mouchi said that when he arrived at the clinic, doctor Wu MouyiI tested the lower body temperature for my wife, and looked at my throat, saying that my throat was a bit swollen. It is recommended to take a drop of anti -inflammatory.Come again the next morning. "

"After the end of the checkout, it should be at 12 am. I rushed her (wife) to rush back on a motorcycle. Considering that she had just finished playing, I was very slow."When the third bottle was dripped, I felt a little uncomfortable. Not long after the clinic came out, the wife got out of the car and vomited.

In this way, when the couple arrived at home, it was already 1 am the next day.I thought my wife would improve slowly. I did not expect that my wife began to have abdominal pain and sweat directly.In a hurry, Su Mouchi called the 120 emergency phone call for help.

"When did the 120 doctor arrived, I couldn’t remember it. At that time, I was so anxious that I didn’t know what to do." Su Mouchi said that after the 120 doctor arrived, he first took some first aid measures to his wife.The ambulance was taken to Longhai First Hospital.

At about 7 am on July 31, although she was rescued for several hours, He Mouli eventually left the world.

"At noon that day, we rushed to the clinic to question the doctor Wu Mouyi, what kind of medicine to my sister, but the doctor said that he did not prescribe."There was no signboard. I realized that there was definitely a problem with this clinic, so I called the police.

Corpse test: There are 21 weeks of fetus in the abdomen of the deceased

Shortly after the incident, the Longhai City Public Security, Health and Health Commission and other departments involved in the investigation.

"It was not until the autopsy that my wife was pregnant, and the fetus in the belly had been 21 weeks." Su Mouchi said that he and his wife had a son.So I don’t know that I am pregnant.

According to the "Notice of Appraisal Opinions" provided by the Longhai Police to their families, the reason for the cause of the death of He Mouli was performed. The appraisal opinion was: 1.Stems, then the premature fetal membrane is accompanied by pellacular amniotic fluid to the placental stripping early, and the DIC and "out of control’s systemic inflammatory response syndrome" causes multi -organ dysfunction and died. 2. Wu Mouyi infusion medical behavior and patientsThere is a certain causal relationship between death; 3. He Mouli is sufficient to cause the fetus to die because of the placenta.

On the afternoon of the 24th, the Herald reporter learned from the relevant departments of Longhai City that there was no relevant documents operated by Wu Mouyi, and Wu Mouyi himself did not have the qualifications of a doctor.

The case is currently undergoing further treatment.

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