Indian second marriage girls are reduced to "water wife": the top of the head, drinking feet water, can not be born when you are pregnant

"If the weather is not so hot tomorrow, it will be great. I hope I can take the water home smoothly tomorrow."

The woman was lying on the wooden board and prayed secretly in the darkness.

Her name is Topa, Indians, 21 years old, living in Danagda Village, a 62 -year -old man "water wife".

When Topa was ten years old, she married a 53 -year -old man, and she became a part of Danaga Village.

Men are much older than her. They like to drink and their limbs are not diligent. They always like to sit on a chair and beeping people, or the command of the command.

Topa’s skin is brown and black, looks very pleasing to the eye, small, but always has unlimited sorrow between the eyebrows.

For a few years of marriage, Topa has not been able to have a child for her husband. She was scared and thought she had a problem.

However, her husband’s parents didn’t care about this, and the husband never mentioned it. Topa knew that it was not her who had a problem.

The day of marriage is very common and bitter. Topa always has endless work, but she is used to it.

Tapa gets up early every day to get water, otherwise the family will not drink water, and she will be beaten.

This day lasted until her 21 years old. Her husband died, the man went out to work, and he fell to death on the way back.

Topa became a widow, and she was very panicked because she didn’t know what she should do in the future.

In them, there is a tradition of "widow dyeing burial". Once they lose their husbands and become widows, their lives can be said to be "finished."

I don’t know if it was fortunate or unfortunate. The "second wife" of a 63 -year -old man in the same village was sick and wanted to "marry" another.

Men is called Bart, working on the farm. Compared with Topa’s husband’s house, it can be said that they are richer and the richest people in their village.

The young Topa was "married" by her mother -in -law and was a water wife for Bart.

Topa’s mother -in -law said: "This is also no way. It is not easy for everyone. Bart is pretty good. It is also good to be his water wife."

Topa was sent to Bart’s house ignorantly by her mother -in -law, and saw Bart’s wife Machi, and the sick "second wife" Geha.

Geha is the same status as Topa, and she is also a water wife.

There are 8 children and Bate, and Geha also has two, and 5 of them are already old and have not lived with them again.

Topa looked at the half -half -bone thin children, as if he saw himself.

After entering the door of the Bart’s house, Maki came to "rules" for Topa for the first time.

Maki was not young. At the age of 53, she married Bart at the age of 18. She was not good at his feelings, but after all, she was the first wife.

Maki said to Topa: "I am responsible for cooking for my family, cleaning up the house, etc., my housekeeper, you and Geha are mainly responsible for water."

"At home, if there are problems, we need to help each other, don’t quarrel, and obedient."

"You and Geha are both water wives, and Bart marries you back, just to fight water, give you to eat, and live for you, but you can’t expect to inherit property or something in the future, including your children."

"Also, if I am there, the master bedroom is not what you can enter, unless Bart lets you enter."

Maki’s voice has no fluctuations, as if it is stating any fact.

"In this family, the most important person is Bart. What he said is absolute. It is very hard to work to make money to support your family. I don’t want you to do something that makes him unhappy."


Maki said a lot, and Topa listened quietly and carefully. She survived as a water wife at this house. Such a day may last a long time until she died.

Unless one day, the water in their village can be supplied, but how can she live at that time?

At the Bart’s house, the most painful every day is undoubtedly on the way back.

The weather is really hot, and a drop of sweat seems to be steamed quickly, but Topa is used to it. In her previous husband’s house, she often went to water.

Topa went out with the jar very proficiently. The Bart’s family was farther away from the nearest well, and Topa was not short.

Although Topa went out with Geha, they didn’t speak much, because they were too tired and hot, and the weather was never able to adapt.

On the way to the well, they also encountered other water wives who went to the water. Everyone was the same, walking towards their destinations with a jar.

Tupa occasionally remembered that when he started water at the beginning, he was very unfamiliar at first. He spilled on the way back, and was beaten by his husband.

At that time, her mother -in -law was also condemning her, saying, "Every drop of water is precious, but you spilled the water. If you do n’t hit you, you wo n’t remember his fault.”

Although it was beaten, it should still be sprinkled. After all, the jar is really heavy after full of water, and the journey is far away. Moreover, she is still a novice, how can she adapt so quickly.

During that time, Topa was always beaten, so she kept crying and was particularly sad.

What can I do if I cry?Life still has to be spent, water still has to be hit.

The water is really precious. Even if it is washed the water, it cannot be poured. According to the water use of the day, Tapa sometimes even drinks foot washing water.

Tapa, who has been in the water for several years, is already very skilled. She and other people can put one of the two aluminum cans that can put herself over 15 liters of water.

Then stack the two jars on his head and set foot on the journey home with Geha.

At least 20 kilometers once, this is still a straight distance. If you count on the mountain road, and those undulating hillside, the journey is further.

In such a journey, Topa has to go back and forth 3 times a day, and the easiest trip to 5 o’clock in the morning is because the temperature is not so high.

It is also okay at 5 pm, because the temperature will be slightly lower at night.

The worst thing is that at 11 noon, the big sun was exposed, the air seemed to be solidified, there was no wind and water vapor, and the hot air seemed to evaporate people.

This trip is extremely painful whether it is going to or back, especially when I go back after installing water.

On the one hand, the water is heavy, and on the other hand, the aluminum can will be hot by the sun exposure, which is really tortured.

These are all water wives who have experienced almost every day, and Topa bear all this, just like every water wife.

Topa is more lucky, because Bart has no bad habit of hitting people. He basically has a meal and drinking water, so he won’t say anything.

After all, Bart is 63 years old. He marrying Tapa home, can be said to be completely for water.

In their villages, they are abound for water, but most of them only find one water wife. After all, the water wife also wants to eat.If you find too much, the burden on life will also increase.

In such a hot day, Bart is not interested at all of the dowry and what beauty, and of course, Topa has no these.

Tapa is basically around 12 o’clock every night to sleep on the bed.

After all, getting back the 3rd water is already more than 11 o’clock.

In the third time every day, they were all accompanied by the water wives of a whole village, which is safer.

Half a year after being a watery wife for Bart, Topa has fully adapted to the life in this home.

There is a big difference between water wives and his wife. Although Topa would also go to water when he first got married, many things were different after being the water wife of Bart.

For example, in the Bart’s house, on the first day of the end of each month, she took the initiative to drink Bart’s foot washing water to show her loyalty.

For another example, Topa could not take the initiative to talk to Bart. Only by telling her in Bart can she be able to reply.

In any case, in this home, she has her own room. Although she is not big, she has no furniture, but she is quite satisfied.

It is a very happy thing to have your own personal space. Topa will fall asleep almost as soon as he lying on the bed, because it is too tired.

Before she sleeps every day, she prays silently: "If the weather is not so hot tomorrow, it will be great. I hope I can take the water home tomorrow."

They occasionally raining. There is no need to get water on rainy days, as long as all the containers in the house are taken out of the water.

Tapa likes rainy days. It is always looking forward to raining. There is no need to go to water when it rains. You can also take this opportunity to take a bath in the rain and wash your clothes.

Every time it rains, Topa always feels like the whole person has re -newborn. Unfortunately, the number of rain is too small and too little.

In addition to the three adults of the Bart family, there are 5 children. The children are not old, but the amount of meals is not small.

However, they are basically not labor, and they are full of adults at home, so that children can eat.

The older child was okay. He learned to be patient early, but the four or five -year -old children were often hungry and crying.

In the eyes of Topa, there was no feeling, but I made a wish in my heart again: "I hope I will never have a child."

This is her biggest wish. She doesn’t want to give birth to a child, because this will only increase the burden on the family and make her body not so good.

The most important thing is that she does not want her child to be hungry as soon as she is born, and even drink water.

She is enough for such a bitter day. She doesn’t want her child to live such a life.

Topa had married once before, and when there was no child, I didn’t think about being a mother.

But after being a water wife, she completely lost her thoughts, because she even saw a water wife holding her child to fight water.

The man may not be a water wife, but the wife. The man in the family cannot marry a water wife, so he can only let the wife go to the water, just like Topa.

However, at that time, Topa went to the river to fight water. You can also sit by the river and drink some water or something.

It’s not okay now, go to another place, after all, if you still go to the river, you will go more.

Topa always has all kinds of fantasies in my mind on the way to get water. I hope there will be a well in the family. I hope that there will be river water as soon as I go out. I hope it will rain every few days …

All her fantasies are basically related to water, because people can’t do without water throughout their lives, and she almost always runs around, unless their village has her own water source.

Although Topa is a water wife, it can be regarded as Bart’s wife. Tapa must not be enough every day.

I was afraid of what I came. Topa didn’t want to have children, but she was normal and there was no defect. After half a year in Topa, she became pregnant.

Bart is very unhappy about this, because he already has a lot of children, and Topa is pregnant, and it will be more troublesome to get water in the future.

The reason why Topa knew that she was pregnant because she had only a big belly, and Maki was sure that she was really pregnant.

At this time, Topa knew that it was no wonder she always felt more tired than before, and her belly was always a little uncomfortable. She would have no appetite to eat. It turned out to be because she was pregnant.

This child is destined to be unpopular. Whether it is Bart or Machi, he feels that the child should not appear.

Tapa didn’t know what to do. She stroked her belly that was drumming, and there was a small life in it, which was really amazing.

However, she is also very clear that if the child really comes to this world, she will only suffer.

If it is a man, it is better.Whenever there is a girl in her belly, Topa feels that she may also live every day for water.

One night, Topa came back, and Machi hadn’t slept yet. She sat at the door of the house and watched Topa and Geha pour the water into the water tank.To tell Topa. "

Topa didn’t say a word. The two stood in the yard in the night, and the bright moonlight allowed them to clearly see each other.

Maki looked at Tu Pa, who was only a big belly, but the whole person was thin, and said, "Tapa, you should understand, this child, you can’t."

Tupa clearly understood that she certainly understood that she had no resistance and no rejection.

The next day, Topa did not go to water, but she also lost her child who had not had time to see the world.

Topa is not an example. In the area where India is short of water, such as Mahara Shitra, which is always burned, is always burned. In this state, there are too many water wives like Tapa.

They are often widows marrying again, or they have been abandoned by their ex -husband, and then become other people’s water wives.

What is even more shocking is that they are basically voluntarily become water wives, because except that they can’t find other ways of living.

When the drought was serious, the land was cracked, and the cattle were thirsty. Without food, it was not necessary to be able to hit the water.

In 2019, Indian Prime Minister Modi made a commitment: Before 2024, every rural family will have a tap water pipe, so that every Indian person can drink pure tap water.

However, it is ironic that according to statistics, in the current half of the 2023, more than three -quarters of rural families in India fail to connect tap water.

It is worth mentioning that even in the capital New Delhi, although there is tap water, the quality of tap water is worrying.

In 2021, a team of India tested and counted the tap water of New Delhi. Finally, the result was drawn to the tap water provided to each family. 80%of the families of the home were not suitable for the entrance.

To provide a clean and stable water source for every Indian family, it seems to have become a problem of great Indian authorities.

Today, there are still many water wives running back and forth at home and water at home every day. They seem to live for water.

Where is the future of these water wives in India?

No one can answer this question, after all, India is really magical.

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