Infertility for a woman for more than a year after marriage, it was caused by the uterine cavity adhesion. The small hysteroscope solved her troubles for her.

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Correspondent Ma Yaoyao

Female friends usually encounter the problem of gynecological diseases, such as prolonged menstrual period, unclean drips, significantly increased menstrual flow, or abnormal leucorrhea with bloodshot, lower abdomen pain, etc.After the diseases and cervical diseases, the lesions that may exist in the uterine cavity should also be considered.If the diagnosis is submucosal fibroids, endometrial polyps, endometrial abnormal thickening, uterine cavity adhesion, infertility, uterine malformations, etc., doctors generally recommend "hysteroscopy" or "hysteroscopy"Operation".

Gynecological experts from Wuhan Central Hospital under the Painless Diagnosis and Treatment Center for patients perpaded painless uterine laparoscopic surgery for patients

Talking about the "mirror" color change is the true feelings of most female patients, but in fact, hysteroscopy or hysteroscopy surgery is not as painful as many people think.The reporter learned that today, at Wuhan Central Hospital, many hysteroscopy surgery can be completed in the clinic, and there is no pain in the whole process."I feel just sleeping, the surgery is finished, and it can be done in the clinic. It is really convenient to ask for leave for leave." Recently, painless hysteroscopy surgery in the hospital’s painless diagnosis and treatment centerLater, Ms. Chen easily said.

Women’s menstruation lasted for more than ten days, and the endometrium was used to grow polyps

32 -year -old Ms. Wu (Hua surname) has lived in Hankou. In the past six months, she has irregular vaginal bleeding. She always lasts for more than ten days each time.Bleeding and menstrual flow have also increased significantly compared to before.In desperation, she came to the gynecology department of Wuhan Central Hospital.The doctor found that Ms. Wu’s uterine cavity had multiple high -echoic nodules in the uterine cavity, considering the endometrium polyps, which was why she had abnormal uterine bleeding.

With the help of the medical staff, Ms. Wu made an outpatient hysteroscopy surgery on the afternoon of the same day.During the operation, the doctor quickly took the treatment of endometrial polyps for her uterine endometrial polyps with her skilled surgical technology and rich experience.After surgery, Ms. Wu recovered well.During the review of one month after the operation, the menstruation had been returned to normal. The color Doppler ultrasound was prompted that abnormal echoes in the uterine cavity were gone, and there was no abnormal uterine bleeding.

According to Hu Yanling, the attending physician of Wuhan Central Hospital, the common clinical endometrium polyps in clinical clinical clinic will lead to increased menstrual flow and prolonged menstruation. Most women will also go to the hospital for treatment. Such patients need to do gynecological ultrasound for investigation.If the endometrium polyps of the uterine, the image of the color ultrasound will be manifested as the endometrial echo of the uterine cavity, and the uterine cavity will have a slight echo.Hacroscopy endometrial endometrial polyps removal.

I have been unable to get pregnant for more than a year, but it is actually a calamity caused by the adhesion of the uterine cavity.

Ms. Liu, 28, has been married for more than a year but has not been able to get pregnant for more than a year. For more than a year, her menstrual flow has not been much, and less and less.Over.Recently, Ms. Liu and her husband came to the gynecology department of Wuhan Central Hospital together.

The doctor learned that Ms. Liu had had an abortion before, and the examination showed that her husband’s semen was normal, so the doctor conducted a B -ultrasound for Ms. Liu.Examination found that Ms. Liu’s endometrium was thin, and there was mild adhesion in the uterine cavity, and she needed hysteroscopy surgery.In the afternoon of the same day, the doctor carried out the separation of uterine adhesion under the uterine laparoscopy at the hospital’s painless diagnosis and treatment center and supplemented by drug treatment.

The results of the review after 3 months show that Ms. Liu’s recovery was good, the menstruation began to increase from the previous, and finally returned to normal.After the doctor’s guidance, Ms. Liu also successfully joined the ranks of expectant mothers.

Hu Yanling introduced that the uterine cavity adhesion has become more and more common in recent years. If this symptom does not attract sufficient attention, it is easy to cause infertility for women of childbearing age.The uterine cavity adhesion is the endometrium adhesion. Any factors that cause endometrial destruction can cause uterine cavity adhesion. It is common in artificial discharge or natural abortion.Nowadays, uterine adhesion separation under the uterine laparoscopic has become a standard treatment method for uterine cavity adhesion.

Do not open abdominal trauma, and hysteroscopy treatment without pain.

Hu Yanling introduced that hysteroscopy is a fibrous light source endoscope for examination and treatment in the uterine cavity. The front part of the hysteroscopy is used to enter the uterine cavity, which has an amplification effect on the observed parts.The characteristics of accuracy have become the first choice for gynecological hemorrhagic diseases and intrauterine lesions.

Hysteroscopic examination includes an indication of abnormal uterine hemorrhage, intrauterine occupying lesions, suspicion of uterine malformation, uterine cavity adhesion, abnormal positions of birthprozen, vaginal abnormal discharge, and reproductive medicine.Hysteroscopy can not only determine the area, size, and appearance of the lesion, but also carefully observe the tissue structure on the surface of the lesion, and take the material or position the curettage under direct sight.This treatment method has the advantages of good efficacy, small abdominal trauma, and short hospitalization time.

Hu Yanling said that the aura -free diagnosis and treatment center used in the hospital was only 0.45 cm, which is thinner than the traditional 1.0 cm tube diameter.In the past, patients often needed to be hospitalized for hysteroscopy, which took about a week.Today, for some benign -occupied lesions in the uterine cavity with smaller diameter, a hysteroscopic surgery can be performed at the hospital’s painless diagnosis and treatment center.Let patients truly enjoy convenient and comfortable medical care.

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