Is bleeding in the middle of pregnancy?Four reasons that may happen

After the initial discomfort, most of the pregnant women believe that the middle of pregnancy is the most comfortable stage!But do n’t take it lightly because of this. For pregnant women in some people, there may still be mild bleeding symptoms.

Reason 1: Duo Zhe

Status: There will be no obvious bleeding, if so, it will only be a small amount.

The original design of the uterus is to accommodate the singles growing inside.Substituing is also prone to premature birth. The cervix begins to expand, and there is a bleeding phenomenon.

For this type of mother, it is recommended to take a break to observe the contraction of the uterine and give oral treatment for treatment. If the situation is more serious, the pregnant woman will stay in the hospital for observation for injections.

Reason 2: Cervical atresia is incomplete

Status: The microvascular rupture of the micro -vascular injury to the skin is like skin injury.

Under normal circumstances, the cervix length of normal pregnant women is 3-5 cm, but if surgery is over, cervical injuries, and the cervix length becomes shorter, there will be changes in early production.If there is bleeding, the reason may come from the micro -blood vessels of the cervix, and there will be dot -like bleeding like falling through the skin.

If there is a similar situation in the first child of the pregnant woman, the doctor will consider that when the pregnant woman enters the second pregnancy, the cervix will be tied up by surgery.The cervix will become thinner at the time. The success rate of such surgery is limited. It is generally recommended not to move heavy objects. The amount of activity should be reduced as much as possible.

Reason 3: Warmral abortion

Status: The color is bright red, and the amount is more red than falling red.

Before 20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus was abnormal or naturally eliminated due to abnormal structure, or the body was naturally eliminated.This kind of situation occurs in pregnant women. The more common causes are fetal abnormalities, such as chromosomes, genetic abnormalities, or germ infections and urinary tract infections by pregnant women., Shorter, resulting in more bleeding than falling red.

If the amount of bleeding is still within the control range, the fetal drugs are given to pregnant women first, and severe cases will be recommended to be hospitalized for treatment.To avoid such a situation, it is recommended to conduct prenatal testing. For example, if NIPT, you can understand whether the fetus’s chromosomes and genes have problems in advance. Usually drink plenty of water to enhance immunity and reduce the opportunity to get sick.

Reason 4: hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections

Status: Long hemorrhoids will easily detect bleeding during bowel movements; urinary tract infections will cause hematuria.

In the middle of pregnancy, the uterus of pregnant women becomes bigger and bigger, compressing to the gastrointestinal tract. The venous resistance becomes larger and the backlog function is not good. In addition, the lutein in the body increases, the gastrointestinal peristalsis becomes slow, and the pregnant woman is prone to hemorrhoids.Many mothers will have constipation first, and then evolve into hemorrhoids. They will obviously feel pain when defecation, and they will also find bleeding. Usually they will be given to the urination. Pay more attention to the intake of vegetables and fruits in daily health care, and supplement probiotics in a timely manner.

If the mother feels extremely uncomfortable and is not recommended to deal with it during pregnancy, she will use drugs to relieve the symptoms of discomfort. Usually exercise more, which helps blood circulation near the anus.

Although urinary tract infection has nothing to do with pregnancy, it is also one of the common troubles of pregnant women. Due to the compression of uterine compression and urination, bacteria will have the opportunity to reproduce in the urinary tract.In the situation, doctors will provide safe antibiotics for pregnant women to take them. More importantly, drink plenty of water and go to the toilet to improve inflammation.

Back acidity and abdominal pain occur.It may be a sign of uterine contraction!

Most pregnant women think that the second trimester is the most comfortable state during the whole pregnancy. Less symptoms will occur at this stage. When pregnant women have symptoms similar to uterine contraction, such as backache, abdominal pain, etc., you must pay more attention!

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