Is Ejiao hot or cold?

Chinese Medicine Outpatient Record

"Dr. Zhu, I am afraid of cold recently. I eat some Ejiao to make up for it, warming my hands!" The patient said.

"Ah? But you have no symptoms of blood deficiency. Your situation can not improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet." I said.

"Dr. Zhu, you are kidding again. Everyone knows that Ejiao is hot! I am afraid that there is something wrong with eating a little?" The patient asked.

"Who said that Ejiao is hot?" I fell down.

This is the original words that the patient said to me in the clinic. I really don’t know if she should cry or laugh.It turns out that "Ejiao" in the minds of the people is a medicinal material that blindly nourish the yang qi. If people are afraid of cold, they can eat Ejiao and cold?But I think about it and think about it!The common people’s understanding of Ejiao may be really not wrong, because many people will get angry when they eat Ejiao cakes, and Ejiao cakes are taken in winter to make up.The replacement and supplement as the name suggests that the supplement is definitely warm.So a series of logical reasoning, Ejiao should be hot.

But is this really the case?

Ejiao’s traceability journey

Ejiao was first recorded in the "Shennong Materia Medica" during the Eastern Han Dynasty. The medicine is sweet, flat, and non -toxic.Cure in the heart and abdomen, the pole, sprinkle like malaria, waist and abdominal pain, sore limbs, women with blood, and tire.Jiufu lightly, nourishing qi."The medicinal record of Ejiao during the Eastern Han Dynasty was" flat ". The so -called flat is neither hot nor cold.

It is also a record of Ejiao in the theory of typhoid fever during the Eastern Han Dynasty, but because "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" uses a clinical monopoly rather than the grass, so there is no separate discussion on Ejiao, but according to the provisions of "Huanglian Ejiao Soup", it is displayed.This prescription is a famous prescription for nourishing kidney water.In other words, this is used here to treat "fever", so cold medicine is used to treat it, just like the reason for the need to extinguish the fire, it is the same.It’s not that the disease is getting worse!Therefore, the Ejiao recorded in the theory of typhoid is not hot.

But before the Tang Dynasty, Ejiao was not Ejiao today, because the Ejiao at that time was not made of donkey skin, but was made of cowhide, so it can only be referred to.

After the Tang Dynasty, Ejiao’s production raw materials slowly turned into donkey skin, which was the same as the raw materials used in Ejiao today, so it was very valuable.But it is strange that Ejiao is not a replenishment treasure in the society today in today’s society. Instead, there are not many ancient books in the grass, and most of the medicines of Ejiao have not been mentioned.It wasn’t until the "Soup Materia Medica" in the Jinyuan period that more detailed records appeared again: "Ejiao is slightly warm. It tastes sweet and non -toxic. Gan Xinping." According to this book, the medicines of Ejiao are "flat".Subsequent main grass works, such as "Materia Medica" and "Compendium of Materia Medica", both record that Ejiao drugs are "flat".

Time to this day today, "Chinese Medicine" is a undergraduate textbook of Chinese medicine. Among them, Ejiao is recorded as a flat, classified as a blood supplement.

Since ancient times, Ejiao records are flat, not heat, so it is inappropriate to use Ejiao to protect the cold.

How can Ejiao protect the cold

Can Ejiao be used to improve the situation of fear of cold?The answer is okay, but the situation is required.If the patient is afraid that cold is caused by insufficient qi and blood, especially blood deficiency, then the blood deficiency can be improved at the same time as the blood deficiency is used.

But if it was not caused by blood deficiency?If the yang caused by liver qi stagnation is caused by the fear of cold?Is the spleen and stomach cold and dampness caused by too much fear of cold?Is it caused by kidney loss?Instead of using Ejiao, it will have bad side effects on the body.

Doctors do not do your own medical, not to mention the sick family himself?The patient above is not warm because of emotional discomfort and poor yang. Therefore, the correct treatment method should be to relieve liver and relieve depression, pass the yang, instead of Ejiao tonic.

I write a new book

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The non -genetic people of Zhu’s internal medicine come to summarize again!

Ejiao is flat, don’t make mistakes!

Don’t diagnose yourself without any matter. The cold syndrome of traditional Chinese medicine has a lot of situations such as true cold, deficiency, cold vacation, hot and fake cold, cold and heat mixed, etc. It is not a few words on the Internet.EssenceAfter the diagnosis is wrong, you lose everything, so that professional people do professional things!

Because the production process of modern Ejiao will cause a fire, it is another thing. In short, it is definitely not suitable to use Ejiao to protect the cold.

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