Is hypothyroidism serious during pregnancy?Will it affect the child?

"Why do you come to the birth check now? You have to take the medicine quickly! Oh …" After listening to the doctor, the pregnant mother Xiaohua was tight: the current outbreak situation is still severe, and I have been struggling to go to the hospital for a checkup.Is hypothyroidism serious during pregnancy?Will it affect the child?Do you have to take medicine?Isn’t pregnancy ca n’t take medicine?

What is a clinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy?

Clinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy is called "clinical thyroid dysfunctional dysfunction during pregnancy". The diagnostic criteria are: the upper limit of thyroid hormone (TSH)> reference during pregnancy, and freely free of four iodine -like gonadicine (FT4) <pregnancy reference period referenceThe lower limit.In China, the prevalence of clinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy is 1.0%.Clinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy will damage the development of neuro -intellectuals of future generations, increasing risks such as premature birth, abortion, low birth weight, dead child and pregnancy hypertension.

How to treat clinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy?

The preferred left thyroxine (LT4) is preferred during pregnancy. The starting dose is 50 ~ 100 μg/d. The goal is to control the TSH in the lower 1/2 of the reference range of the pregnancy period.If you cannot obtain a reference range of pregnancy, you can control the serum TSH below 2.5mu/L.

The thyroid hormone is not easy to pass through the placenta barrier. There is sufficient evidence to prove that the left thyroxine has no damage to the fetus, so it is safe.Acetabine sodium sodium tablets should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast. Take the whole day dose with enough water with enough water.Drug side effects are not occurred when used correctly, but the adverse reactions caused by leftopropine therapy are mainly symptoms of hyperthyroidism caused by excessive treatment, such as increased appetite, decreased weight, fever, irritability, palpitations, etc.Left methagine has interaction with hypoglycemic drugs and Huafarin, but expectant mothers usually take calcium, iron and other preparations at the same time.Acetaberine can generate insoluble complexes with calcium carbonate, and iron salt-thyroxine complexes may be generated with iron sulfate. Therefore, the medication time of left methyl gonadine should be at least 4 hours from these drugs (there are also instructions for at least 2 hours.To.Some foods such as bean flour (infant formula), cottonseed powder, walnuts, and dietary fiber may be combined with left norexorine in the gastrointestinal tract, thereby reducing its absorption level.

During the epidemic, what should I pay attention to when clinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy?

Maternal mothers are the susceptible people of new crown pneumonia. If they have clinical hypothyroidism, they should also do psychological protection while receiving drug treatment.Accept the status quo, restrict the reading of negative information, ensure good sleep quality, regular diet, pay attention to nutritional balance, and avoid excessive weight growth.Family members actively communicate, guidance, expressing love and being loved can guide pregnant women to stay away from negative emotions, improve psychological immunity, and enhance psychological tolerance.

It is necessary for the delivery during pregnancy. Because the fetus is constantly developing and growing, the time to miss the opportunity cannot be remedy, and the birth check will protect the safety of mothers and babies.Clinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy is not terrible. Early discovery and effective treatment are very good for the mother’s postpartum health, and the baby’s intellectual development will not be different.


Zhang Mingyuan, head of Nanping First Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical University

Su Xiancai, the head of Nanping First Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical University

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