Is infertility really related to decoration?Prepare pregnancy, pregnancy, stay away from the decoration

Experts interviewed: Dr. Peng Wenbin, Dr. Lin Huifang, Dr. Li Li, Dr. Lin Huifang, Dr. Lin Huifang

After living in a new house, there was a small amount of menstrual flow or even amenorrhea, so let’s escape.

After the wedding room was renovated, he kept marriage, preparing for pregnancy, and giving birth to a baby.It seems that the water is complete, and it is logical, but it is easy to have hidden dangers -the house that moved into the decoration for the "rushing process" may cause infertility and may cause abortion.

A few days ago, Dr. Li Li took a diagnosis of a woman who came to see infertility.Under the inquiry, the woman said that she was working in the shoe factory, and Dr. Li realized that the woman’s infertility is likely to be related to her working environment.

She analyzed that a large number of adhesives should be used for shoes. The adhesive often contains benzene and benzene. It is exposed to low -concentration indoor pollution for a long time. Toxic substances such as benzene will accumulate in the body.This leads to infertility or abortion.

Benzene and benzene are also common indoor decoration pollutants.In the same way, living in a newly renovated house for a long time, there is also infertility risk.

Related studies have shown that the risk of infertility in housing decoration is 2.963 times that the housing is not decorated.

After living in a new house, if the decoration pollution affects your reproductive function, you may warn people through the month.

Dr. Li Li pointed out that if the menstrual period is normal, the menstrual flow is small, the menstruation, the amenorrhea, and may even be accompanied by the symptoms of different degrees of menstrual period, such as headache, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, etc., you should be alert to ovarian functiondecline.

If more than one woman has abnormal menstruation or infertility in the same office, it is also necessary to be alert to the possibility of environmental factors.

Some women vomited bitter water, saying that they had a miscarriage because they lived in a new house and contaminated.After a white -collar abortion, he brought the company to court, thinking that it was the pungent smell of the company during pregnancy.After abortion, it was considered a disaster caused by the decoration of the neighbors.

Dr. Li Li said that decoration pollution may be one of the risk factors of occasional abortion and fetal malformations.In particular, formaldehyde excessive standards, existing animal experiments have shown that it can cause natural miscarriage, premature birth, death or death.

"But there are many reasons that cause miscarriage and fetal malformations. Instead, there must be abortion and fetal malformations, which must be caused by decoration. Therefore, it is obviously unreasonableof."

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It can be seen from the above that preparation and pregnancy women should not decorate at home. If you decorate it, you must also ventilate it.

Dr. Li Li suggested that the newly renovated living room should insist on venting for 1 to 2 hours a day, and then stay in after 3 months. Before checking in, it is best to ask professional institutions to test environmental pollutants and other environmental pollutants.After check -in, you still have to change the air for more than 15 minutes a day.

For places with pollution, try to avoid it, such as the newly renovated office location, shopping malls, etc.

However, Dr. Li also reminded women not to be overly nervous: "Don’t think that one or two contacts, or short -term contact, will affect pregnancy or affect the fetus. It is usually harmful, and it will be caused by long -term contact."

Female infertility means that the couple lived together for one year, and their sexual life was normal.There are many causes of infertility, such as fallopian tube factors, ovarian diseases, and so on.At the same time, there may be a reason for men without pregnancy, and men and women should go to the regular hospital system for examination.

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