Is it a confinement disease after giving birth?These 4 points, novice mothers, please pay attention

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After pregnancy, I thought it would be easy to get unloading.The first level is all kinds of pain, and it is by no means a joke. Many novice mothers have finger joint pain during confinement.

Some people say that because the blowing air is cold, and some people say that they have not rest well, and the confinement is not sat well. What is going on?

1. The cause of hormones

During the postpartum and breastfeeding period, due to changes in body endocrine hormones, the elasticity and strength of the muscles and tendons will decrease to varying degrees, and the tension of the ligaments near the joints and joints will decrease, resulting in joint relaxation.Makes the symptoms of pain at the wrist and finger joints.

This is a normal physiological phenomenon, and after hormones are stable, it will improve!

2. Excessive fatigue

If the mother is too early after giving birth, engaged in housework too much, or holding the child for a long time, or contacting cold water, it will cause the joints, tendons and ligaments to be too heavy, causing the wrist and finger joint pain, and suffer from the most common "Mom’s wrist ", also known as" narrow wrist tendon globulitis ".

3. Insufficient vitamin B12

Lack of this kind of vitamin can cause tribute to the end of the nerve and pain!

4. Little activity

In the third trimester, many mothers are prone to edema and sore body.Long -term bed after childbirth, not active, is not conducive to postpartum body recovery.

First of all, perform appropriate exercise during pregnancy or pregnancy, such as walking or something, to enhance physical fitness according to personal circumstances!If you are already in postpartum, do not stay in bed for a long time. Moderate activities are conducive to uterine contraction and physical recovery;

Second, whether it is pregnancy or after giving birth, the mother must pay attention not to overwork. The correct breastfeeding posture is very necessary.

Third, poor physical fitness can be washed with warm water and washed your face to maintain the body and reduce the stimulation of the joints at low temperature;

Fourth, drink more milk to supplement calcium. If it is insufficient vitamin B12, you can add it under the guidance of a doctor.

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