Is it easy to have a miscarriage after pregnancy?Dr. Wang Changjie is here to tell you

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There are many patients with adenomy muscles clinically asking, is it easy to have a miscarriage after pregnancy?Of course, the answer is extremely easy to have a miscarriage!Only a few patients can be lucky to safe.

Patients with adenomyosis usually experience uncomfortable symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, increased menstrual flow, and small belly bloating, and some women may also have infertility.Even after pregnancy, the chance of abortion is relatively high. This is mainly caused by the poor uterine environment of patients with adenomy muscle disease, and the implantation of fertilized eggs after the uterine wall is not good.

In recent years, due to the influence of many factors such as artificial abortion and uterine surgery, the incidence of uterine adenomia has been increasing, which has brought various damage to women.Pervasmly aggravated dysmenorrhea, increased menstrual flow, anemia, etc. are more common, and normal breeding will also be affected.So is it easy to have a miscarriage after pregnancy?

Patients with uterine adenomyosis are widely planted in the uterine muscle layer, so the environment of the endometrium will be destroyed. The environment in the uterus is not very good. It is not good for the normal bed of fertilized eggs. This is not good.The situation may affect the normal development of the fertilized eggs, so it is easy to cause abortion.

At the same time, patients with uterine adenomyosis, the ectopic planting of endometrial fragments has a certain relationship with the patient’s immune system.When the patient’s body’s immune function will be reduced after the onset of the disease, so when it is affected, the development of the fetus may occur abnormal, and the abortion is also prone to occur.

Patients with uterine adenoscles should strengthen multiple attention compared with other women after pregnancy.For example, go to the hospital for relevant examinations to understand the physical condition of the pregnant woman itself and the fetus in a timely manner. Especially when there is a signs of abortion, it must be active and formal.At the same time, from the perspective of diet, after pregnancy, patients with uterine adenoscles should pay attention to intake of foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals to ensure the balanced intake of various nutrients and achieve vegetarian food.For spicy, irritating, greasy, and not easy to digest.

Patients with adenomyosis may be affected to a certain extent. Many women are infertile. Even if they are pregnant, the chance of abortion is relatively high. Therefore, women with uterine adenomia must be vigilant.Once you are found to have such a disease, active and formal treatment should be performed early, especially women with childbearing age requirements, which must attract sufficient attention.

According to the long -term clinical experience of Dr. Wang Changjie, if patients with adenomyosis are pregnant, they will immediately stop all medicines and then go to the local hospital for four months.Do not keep your fetus after pregnancy, otherwise natural abortion occurs within four months after pregnancy.If the uterine or adenoma increases, Dr. Wang Changjie recommends that it is best to use Chinese medicine or western hormone to reduce the uterus or goncomy, and then try to get pregnant. If the uterus or adenomians still increase, it is very difficult to get pregnant success!

In the guidance and suggestions of professional doctors, early active and formal treatment is received.It is recommended to choose a cycle of traditional Chinese medicine to treat it first. For example, the current domestic effect is called a traditional Chinese medicine Qifang soup, which is a very good soup, which is worth considering and choice.According to long -term clinical use, Dr. Wang Changjie, about half of patients who are more than half of them, are taken to review the increasing uterus and adenoma that can be reduced in 22 days after taking a period of 22 days of a period of 22 days of a cycle of Chinese medicine Qifang soup agent. At the same time, at the same timeIt can also improve clinical symptoms such as pain. It can cure both the root cause and the symptoms, and achieve the effect of both symptoms and cure.There is also this traditional Chinese medicine Qifang soup agent for only 22 days in a cycle, and it can be reviewed for a long time. It is indeed worth trying to take patients with poor local Chinese medicine for a long time!But it is also different from person to person. It is not effective for every patient. This needs to be done before trying.If you do n’t understand, you can directly click on the post title of the following article to enter the reading: "I do not want to surgery or hormone for the time being: Try the adenomyopathy traditional Chinese medicine Qifang soup, maybe it can be dark and flowers."

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