Is it normal for frequent urination after pregnancy?Can you reduce drinking water?

Is it normal for frequent urination after pregnancy?Can you reduce drinking water?

Tianjin Teda Hospital Li Qing

Someone on the Internet asked: Is it normal for frequent urination after pregnancy?Can you reduce drinking water?

To answer this question, you should first understand how the urination (feeling of urination) formed?

The urine produced by the kidneys slowly flows into the bladder through the ureter, not directly urinating, but stored in the bladder.After reaching a certain amount of urine, the bladder contraction, and the urine is excreted from the body through the urethra.Under what circumstances does urination feel?

The ureter opening on both sides and the urethral mouth form a triangle in the bladder. We call the bladder triangle (see).Under normal circumstances, when the stored urine reaches a certain amount, it will stimulate the urine in the triangle area of the bladder.Under normal circumstances, such as inflammation, tumors, and foreign matter to stimulate the bladder triangle area, it will also cause urine and urination.Because this stimulus continues and the urine is continuously existed. Therefore, cystitis, pyelonephritis, bladder tumors, bladder foreign objects, etc., frequent urination, urgency, and even pain. The three are called "urethral stimuli".

After pregnancy, the gradual increased uterus will compress the bladder next to it, stimulate the dysuria after the bladder triangle area, so the symptoms of frequent urination and urgency are the normal manifestations of pregnant women.

Of course, pregnant women are also prone to urinary tract infections, and frequent urination and emergencies will also experience symptoms of urinary frequent and urgency.Generally speaking, a routine urine test can be identified.If leukemia in urine rises, consider urinary tract infection. If the urine is normal, it is considered a normal reaction.

The frequent urination and emergencies of pregnant women are not caused by the increase in urine output.Moreover, the timing of urine on the urine tract is itself the health care of the urinary tract. Drinking plenty of water and diring urine can prevent urinary tract infections.

Frequent urination after pregnancy is a normal manifestation, but it is necessary to distinguish between urinary tract infection and do a routine urine examination.In this case, not only can you drink less water, you should also drink plenty of water.

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