Is it normal for frequent urination during pregnancy?This situation may cause abortion!Not to be underestimated

October pregnant is a long and nostalgic process that every woman who is to be a mother must go through.The decade of pregnancy is one of the more special periods of women’s life.During this period, due to the changes in physiological anatomy and hormone levels, women in pregnancy are very prone to urinary infections, that is, urinary tract infections.

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, Xiaomei, 28 years old, found that her urination has been much higher recently. I didn’t pay much attention at first. Because I heard that the frequency of urine during pregnancy is normal, so I didn’t take it too seriously.But within a few days, when Xiaomei urinated, she felt a little pain below, felt hot, and this was the case for several days.After going to the hospital for examination, the doctor told her that frequent urination, urgency, and pain were actually caused by urinary tract infections.

Why is urinary tract infection prone to occur during pregnancy?

According to statistics, the proportion of women with urinary tract infection during pregnancy is relatively high, as high as 7%to 10%.It is caused by the following reasons:

1. Increase secretions

The vaginal secretions during pregnancy will increase accordingly. The female urethral opening is located in the vulva, adjacent to the vaginal port and anus, and the secretions excreted by the vagina often make the perineum more humid, and there are vaginitis secretions and feces.Bacteria breeding and breeding cause the urethral opening to be polluted and cause urinary tract infection.

2. Hormonal level

The level of progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy increase, and the expansion of the ureteral tube leads to slow peristalsis and the lumen expansion. It is difficult to flow from the ureter as quickly and smoothly as usual as usual, thereby extending the retention time of urine, which is convenient for bacteria to facilitate bacteriaBreeding.Coupled with the decline in sanitation and resistance during pregnancy, these factors are superimposed, which can easily lead to urinary tract infections.

3. Extraction of uterine formation oppression

In the third trimester, the increase in the fetus was severely compressed to the bladder of the pregnant mother, making it difficult for pregnant mothers to exhaust the urine during urination.Pregnant mothers accumulate and reproduce in their body, causing urinary tract infections.

4. Urine high sugar

The increase in nutrients such as glucose and amino acids in pregnant women’s urine increases, which is convenient for bacterial reproduction and growth.

Women during pregnancy, the necessity of urine routine for each birth check

Women who have undergone production inspections may know that basically each maternity examination items will have routine urine inspections.On the one hand, it is because compared to other production inspection items, the urine is convenient, the content of the inspection is more, and the inspection results are also very meaningful; on the other hand, because the urine and reproductive system are very close, it is easy to judge that women’s women can be judged.The actual state of the body, and after the problem occurs, the urine will be revealed first, so pregnant mothers often need to conduct 9-13 routine urine examinations during pregnancy.

Routine urine examinations can reflect indicators such as urine sugar, urine protein, urinary ketone, red blood cells, and white blood cells during pregnancy during pregnancy.Among them, the value of urinary white cells can reflect whether the urinary tract is infected.Under normal circumstances, urine has a small amount of white blood cells.

Of course, white blood cells can not be diagnosed by urinary tract infection in routine urine tests alone.Urinary tract infection usually has clinical symptoms. This includes urethral burning, multiple urine, frequent urination, urgency, and urinary pain. In severe cases, hematuria will also cause hematuria.If there are no these clinical symptoms, it is asymptomatic bacteria; if it is positive for white blood cells, and there are symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria, it is reminded that pregnant women’s urinary tract infection should be treated as early as possible.

Urinary tract infections occur during pregnancy, treatment should be timely

Urinary tract infection hurts both pregnant mothers and fetuses. First of all, pregnant mothers should avoid urinary tract infection as much as possible during pregnancy.And once infection occurs, active treatment must be treated.If the treatment of urinary tract infection is not timely, the uplink of bacteria can cause pyelonephritis, leading to continuous fever and low back pain.Under the long -term stimulation of inflammation, there is also the risk of abortion.

The most common flora in urinary tract infection is E. coli, accounting for more than 90%. Others include Cobe Bacillus, Bacteria, and Staphylococcus aureus.Doctors will choose some antibiotics available to pregnant women and fetuses based on urine bacterial culture and sensitivity tests, such as cephalosporin, amino cyanomycin, amoxylin, phosphate, etc., as well as some traditional Chinese medicines that treat urinary tract infections.Such as compound Shiwei film.Note that you must take it under the guidance of the doctor. Do not take the medicine at will!

Except, pregnant women with urinary tract infection should also drink more water and dilute.Drinking water at least 2000ml, rowing urine every 2-3 hours, this is the most practical and effective method.To remove some bacteria by rinse a large amount of urine.Pay attention to the cleanliness of the genitals to avoid the bacteria at the urethral opening enter the urinary tract and re -cause the urinary tract infection.

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