Is it okay to wash clothes on the shore?Urban Management: Violation!Netizen: It has been washed for hundreds of years!

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Widely told —- River laundry is illegal!IntersectionWhen the traditional customs encountered the city process, do you want to show it alone or in full flowers?

The washing of the river was said to be illegal, and there was no way of controversy

Green, streams, stones, and three villagers, the sound of the villagers and the duangDuang sound of the villagers and the dangDuang sound of the villagers and the hammer.Ruo Su’s feeling.

Recently, in a place in Guangxi, in such a quiet environment, two "uninvited guests" -urban management.The urban management informed the villagers to laundry by the river. I hope they can stop this behavior and return home to clean their clothes.

In the process of advice, urban management did not take any excessive means, and had been communicating with villagers relatively peacefully. The villagers did not take the advice of the urban management as a matter of home.

River laundry is a long -established traditional custom. It can be traced back to ancient times. At that time, people did not have modern laundry equipment, and could only go to the river or other water sources to wash clothes. In this way, laundry can also be exercised.effect.

For modern society, the river laundry has also become a vivid cultural landscape, attracting many tourists to come and watch.With the advancement and development of society, the disadvantages of slowly laundry by the river have also appeared. Launding by rivers in many places has been banned and crowned.

I believe most people are puzzling and ridiculous at the moment of seeing, and this video has attracted a lot of attention and enthusiasm on the Internet. It is inevitable that there are the following points of thinking and discuss with the monarchs.

【Lawyer Said】

River laundry directly says that it is illegal or not illegal. It is too one -sided for today’s society. It should be determined according to different time, space, geographical environment, humanistic factors, and laws and regulations.

Some cities may have issued regulations that prohibit washing by the river. If there is such a regulation, then the river washing is illegal.However, if there are no relevant regulations, then the river washing is not illegal.

The reason why such regulations are formulated is that there are some problems with laundry by the river.First of all, with the acceleration of the urbanization process, the rivers of some cities are contaminated, and now the soap, laundry powder, laundry fluid, etc. used for laundry are not as polluted and pollution -free as earlier.Chemical ingredients have an impact on water quality and microorganisms in water.

Secondly, some people are accustomed to washing and drying clothes on the shore by the river, which may affect the environmental hygiene around the river.In addition, river laundry may also hinder the normal life of others and the safety of laundry.

Therefore, it is not possible to simply judge whether washing clothes by the river is illegal, but to see if this behavior has serious consequences or whether it violates local regulations.

For the protection of water resources, my country has introduced relevant laws and regulations.

For intentional pollution water sources and cause serious environmental pollution, it will be sentenced to less than 3 years of imprisonment or detention, and penalties or penalties for a single or single penalty;And punishment for fines;

If the laundry clothing is discharged, dumped, disposed of radioactive waste, waste -containing waste, and toxic substances in specialized protection areas such as special areas or rivers and lakes.If multiple people are seriously injured, severe diseases, or death, they will be imprisoned for more than seven years of perpetrators and fined fines.

Therefore, for the laundry by the river, once the water source is polluted, it will determine the criminal and civil liability it should bear according to the degree of pollution, the area of pollution, and its behavior.

However, if there are a large number of people, the criminal responsibility may be reduced or reduced, but the corresponding civil liability may be reduced or reduced.

Therefore, when laundry by the river should pay special attention, once the pollution is caused, it must bear the corresponding responsibility.

First of all, this over -excitement of urban management is illegal.The responsibility of urban management is to maintain the environmental sanitation of the city, and must not harm and damage the masses’ property and health during the law enforcement process.

If the urban management occurs in the process of law enforcement, it will cause damage to the masses, and the people can complain to the superior department or protect their rights through legal channels. Especially now they are the era of the Internet, and they can also feedback through the Internet.

When urban management ignores laws, regulations, rules and regulations, and transcends its own authority to law enforcement, if the law enforcement or others will be damaged, their direct units should deal with their education and correction, disciplinary punishment, and compensation.criminal responsibility.


Whether the river washing is actually caused by conflict between urbanization and ancient lifestyle.The people choose the riverside laundry, one is because of difficulties and poverty, and the laundry by the river can save water and electricity, thereby saving the cost of living; the second is because the supporting facilities of life are not available.Regional, life is not convenient enough.

In this case, local governments must actively help the people create value and get rid of poverty, and at the same time add various basic living facilities to these areas to meet the people’s daily needs.

If the people do not listen to dissuasions and insist on the laundry by the river, urban management can take some measures, such as issuing propaganda materials and strengthening inspections, etc., reminding people not to laundry by the river (inform the risk of laundry by the river).

If the situation is serious, administrative penalties can be taken, such as fines.However, when taking measures, urban management must also act in accordance with the law and cannot take excessive means.

It is also called on local governments to respect the cultural transmission of thousands of years when the urbanization process is undergoing the change of urbanization. It is necessary to gradually guide the people to change.

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