Is it taboo for pregnant mothers to look at teeth?

Introduction of this article: For expectant mothers, there are many fear of the treatment of teeth during pregnancy, but is it really taboo for pregnant mothers to look at teeth?During the pregnancy, the expectant mothers also had a lot of doubts during pregnancy. Let ’s take a look with the editor.

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Why is it prone to oral problems during pregnancy?

1. Pregnancy hormone changes

Under the influence of hormone changes (especially estrogen) during pregnancy, the teeth will cause congestion, blood vessel hyperplasia, thin tooth meat, and weakening of bacterial resistance.These circumstances can cause the gums of gums of pregnant moms or swelling gums, and severe even cause inflammation of the gums.

2. Change of dietary habits during pregnancy

After pregnancy, the number of pregnant mothers will eat more (easy to be hungry, love sour or love sweetness, and eat in the middle of the night). The occurrence of dental caries is also related to pregnancy.Because the stomach spit out of the stomach contains the ingredients of the gastric acid and has very strong corrosiveness, and if the pregnancy vomiting is severe and dare not brush the teeth, the oral cavity cannot be completely cleaned, and the dental caries will cause dental caries.The frequency of eating has increased and the taste is changed, but it does not pay more attention to the cleaning of the teeth, and the cleaning is not thorough. The bacteria breed in the mouth in large quantities, causing some columns of teeth.

3. Insufficient vitamins

The demand for vitamins during pregnancy is far greater than before pregnancy. If the pregnant mother consumes insufficient vitamins, the fetus will directly absorb the mother’s reserve, causing the mother’s vitamin to cause gum bleeding.

4. Insufficient calcium elements

Fetal bones and teeth need to be obtained from the mother.When the calcium provided by pregnant women from the food provided in the food is insufficient, the calcium in the mothers and teeth of the pregnant mother will be dispelled from the blood, so it directly damages the teeth.

5. Love picky eaters lead to nutritional imbalance

Pregnant women are prone to picky eaters, and family members are indulgent, resulting in unbalanced nutritional intake after partial eclipse. The nutrients required by some bodys cannot be guaranteed, and the resistance is reduced.Under normal circumstances, there are bacteria in the oral cavity. When the body’s resistance decreases, these bacteria will flood.For example, under normal circumstances, there is a deformed link bacteria in the mouth, which is a bacteria that specializes in causing tooth decay.When the body’s resistance decreases, the ability to fight against enzymes, trace elements and other substances in saliva decreases, and it is easy to cause tooth decay.

6. Study residue food residue

Experts said that oral hygiene during pregnancy should be better than usual.Because pregnant women are likely to eat a lot of things throughout the day, if the food residues are not cleaned in time, the chance of tooth decay will increase greatly.Therefore, in addition to brushing your teeth three times a day, you must also ensure that after eating each time, you use a doctor’s mouthwash and mouthwash.

Six doubts for the treatment of teeth during pregnancy

1. Do you have to deal with tooth problems before pregnancy?

Before you are pregnant, you need to build a healthy oral environment -asking the correct brushing method of the dentist (using the bell brushing method to avoid horizontal "saw" teeth), the attachment of the plaque with dental floss, and regular tooth washing to the teeth.EssenceIt is necessary to brush your teeth carefully and treat the tooth decay in the mouth, so as not to be pregnant, and even do not want to go to the dental medical treatment. Therefore, the timing of the treatment of tooth decay has greatly increased the opportunity of postpartum tooth damage.

2. Will pregnant women take X -rays when treating teeth, will it cause damage to the fetus?

Generally speaking, as long as the total exposure does not exceed 5 to 10 thunder, congenital abnormalities will not occur.The dosage of dental radiation, the radiation amount of the full -mouth sheet is 0.004 thunder, and the 14 dental root spikes are only 0.00001 thunder. In addition, each time the X -rays will be protected by lead, which can almost fully protect the pregnant woman.The fetus is free of radiation.And the dentist only irradiates only when necessary, and it is safe to worry.

3. What should I do if I find that there are tooth decay after pregnancy? Can I look at the teeth during pregnancy?

Generally, simple tooth washing and replenishment can be treated during pregnancy, but if pregnant women are emotional tension, there is a risk of abortion in the early stages of pregnancy;When you get up, take a break first to avoid suddenly standing up and cause dizziness (the relationship between posture hypotension).By the end of pregnancy, the condition of pregnant women is the most stable, and the belly will not be too large. Most of the dental therapy (such as tooth washing, dental complement, root canal therapy, etc.) can be completed at this stage.However, dental surgery (such as: ductive dental diverse treatment, removal of wisdom teeth, and tip of the root of the dental) Due to the long surgery, the pressure on pregnant women is relatively large, so it is recommended to postpone the treatment after giving birth.

4. Can pregnant women take drugs that treat teeth? Will anesthetic cause damage to the fetus?

Antibiotics: Except for tetomycin, chloroc.lomas, and rinsein, dental antibiotics are generally safe for pregnant women.Because infection may cause bacteria or sepsis, the harm to the fetus is more harmful to the fetus than the placenta through the placenta, so it is recommended to take pregnant women if necessary.

Anti -painkillers: Generally commonly used painkillers, such as Aspirin and Puja pain, so far women and obstetricians have also determined that they are safe; anesthesia painkillers (such as morphine) will not cause permanentity to the fetusHarm, but it will inhibit the central nervous system, and long -term use will cause addiction, but dentists will not open this prescription.

Anesthesiomer: Local anesthesias can be used safely as long as the local anesthetic agent is not available.

5. My mother -in -law said that I do n’t brush my teeth in confinement. Just rinse the mouth. Is this correct?

This is the wrong concept and custom, because rinsing can only rinse the large food residue in the mouth, but the plaque (including food residues, bacteria and secretions) attached to the surface of the teeth must be cleaned by brushingEssenceIf you do not brush your teeth during the period of confinement, you will cause gingivitis within two weeks, and dental stones will also be formed. Once the plaque is calcified, it can be removed by brushing.Be sure to use the power of ultrasonic shocks to remove dental stones.

6. When is pregnant women looking better?

Women look at teeth the best before pregnancy. Based on the comfort of pregnant women and the safety of dental therapy, they should try to avoid treatment in the early and at the end of pregnancy. If there is any discomfort, the dentist should be temporarily processed.When you are indispensable, you can treat it in the middle of pregnancy.If you have to receive dental treatment, please relax and receive treatment with peace of mind, because dentists will measure the necessity of treatment and minimize X -ray exposure and unnecessary drugs and infection opportunities.

The first phase of pregnancy (1 to 3 months): Sometimes the pregnant woman does not know in the early stages of pregnancy, and at this time it is also three months for the formation of an important organ (hand, feet, cerebral spinal cord nervous system, tooth).Improper drugs, or accepting large doses of radiation, may cause a threat of natural miscarriage, and may also form deformed children. Therefore, most dentists will only do emergency treatment at this time, and will not be treated too intensely.

The second phase of pregnancy (4-6 months): It can be used for dental treatment with small violations. Under proper protection (leading clothing), X -rays can also be irradiated.

The third phase of pregnancy (7-9 months): This period is only suitable for emergency treatment, and it is necessary to avoid maintaining the posture on the head and feet for too long, so as to avoid suddenly sitting up, cause posture hypotension.

Breastfeeding period: Many experts have recently advocated breastfeeding. Breast milk is best for children’s health, but because many drugs can be secreted by milk, they are taken into the body by infants. Therefore, if you have breastfeeding, you should also inform the doctor.If you do n’t use drugs, it is best to take medicine and breastfeeding for more than 4 hours to reduce the dose of drugs in milk, and even sacrifice feeding to avoid affecting babies.

99 The enthusiastic doctor tips that expectant mothers should develop the habit of regular examination before pregnancy. If you do not check your teeth before pregnancy, it is best to find a time for teeth and wash your teeth in the middle of pregnancy, so as not to have severe tooth decay and tooth decay and in the mouthPeriodontal disease, then seeking treatment when it occurs with severe symptoms (such as toothache or physical discomfort), it is even worse for the fetus.

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