Is it true to be pregnant with a man? "Is it true?Take a look at the standard answer, save a happy joy

It is estimated that pregnant mothers will sometimes pay more attention to "Shang Huai" and "Xiahuai", because the folk has always been legendary "upset with men, lowering women", that is, if pregnant women are upset, it is likely to be pregnant with a one.Boys, and if they are pregnant, they will be a girl in the future.Is there a precise basis for this statement?

It is understood that this statement is actually wrong.The gender of the fetus has actually decided at the moment of fertilization eggs, and there are no other factors that can change their gender.Therefore, it is not accurate to judge that there are boys and women from upper and lower arms.

However, although this statement is inaccurate, there are other statements about the upper and lower arms, which makes sense.For example, the saying of "upper sorrow and pouring and urinating", the pregnant mothers who have experienced have been very empathetic.

For the first time, Xiao Hui was pregnant with a child, and the response during pregnancy was too great.People who heard it before said that they would vomit in the early pregnancy, and after this time.However, this experience was not right at all.

From the moment she was pregnant, she began to vomit. Until the baby, the reaction of this pregnancy vomiting did not stop.Not only that, she can’t stand it when she smells the taste of fish, it is terrible!

Later, when I went to the hospital for a birth checkup, I learned that there was such a situation like her, but not much, Xiaohui was even more unlucky.The reason why she vomited so much during pregnancy was still unable to take off her "upper".The doctor was also popular with her. If she was pregnant, then she would not have such a reaction, but it might be frequent!

The difference between the upper heart and the lower heart

1. For the fetus

Shang Huai and Xiahuai mainly talk about the location of the fetus.If you are pregnant, the position of the fetus is generally above the pregnant mother’s belly button. When the baby grows up, which part of the pregnant mother will be more prominent!And what about your heart?The position of the fetus is below the navel.

Generally speaking, the statement of the upper and lower arms has no effect on the health of the fetus, and the saying that "the upper arms is not good and good" on the Internet is not accurate.Therefore, no matter whether the pregnant mother is in her arms or arms, there will be nothing wrong with it, don’t worry!

2. For pregnant mothers

If it is pregnant, the fetus will grow slowly in the position of the stomach of the pregnant mother. As the fetal volume increases, the mother’s stomach will inevitably be oppressed. In this case, the pregnant mother is likely to "pregnancy vomiting"Dizziness.

And if it is nostalgia, the fetus will grow longer and larger in the abdomen of the pregnant mother. Although it will not squeeze the stomach at this time, it will press the bladder. This is why the pregnant woman who is in the next is prone to frequent urination.

In short, no matter whether it is arms or sores, it will not have much impact on the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses. There is no need to think too much for expectant mothers.During pregnancy, the most important thing is the safety of themselves and the baby. Excluding this concern, pregnant mothers can also be more at ease.

However, there are still many challenges during pregnancy. From diet to dressing and exercise, pregnant mothers must strictly follow the doctor’s instructions.Only in this way can we ensure the safety and health of the mother and child, and give birth to a smart and healthy baby!

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