Is painless abortion?These 3 misunderstandings, avoid it before surgery

If you want to terminate pregnancy, you need to choose abortion surgery. In the past, ordinary people flow would make women feel fear. After all, discomfort will bring discomfort during the operation.At present, with the development of medical technology, painless abortion is generally applied clinically, mainly to allow women to perform surgery in the case of anesthesia and analgesics. Therefore, many women think that painless people are the safest.From time to time, this operation will be selected.But in fact, although the painless abortion can make people undergo surgery without pain, some misunderstandings before surgery must be understood.

1. There is no risk of painless abortion

Indeed, no pain is an artificial abortion carried out through systemic venous anesthesia. It can greatly reduce the fear of the recipient and make women perform surgery in the state of sleep. The entire surgical process only takes five to seven minutes, so most womenIt will think that painless abortion is an unknowing surgery, as long as you sleep.But in fact, it is not because 50%of women with anesthesia will have respiratory suppression after medication, and some of them will even cause respiratory suspension.Once this situation is not treated in a timely manner, it will cause adverse consequences, and after waking up, there will be a small amount of residues in the body because the anesthesia agent will have a small amount of residues, and the uterine contraction does not completely disappear. Many women will feel dizzy and lower abdomen pain.

2. Painless flow is just a few minutes.

Although the short time of painless people can also make women perform without discomfort, because some anesthesia after surgery will remain in the body and women will have dizziness symptoms.Accompany and sign.In 24 hours after surgery, driving, cycling and doing high -altitude work can prevent accidents from occurring.And after surgery, it is necessary to ensure that there is enough rest time. The painless abortion is only anesthesia during surgery, and the degree of physical damage is the same as that of ordinary people. It is not a common operation for a few minutes and returning to normal surgery.

3. Small clinics on the street can also perform painless flow of people

Because the painless abortion is simple and fast, small street clinics have also launched painless advertisements. Many women think that this is a small surgery. Do not pay too much attention, and small street clinics can also operate.However, in fact, most of the anesthesia reactions occur clinically, such as respiratory suppression, drug allergies, etc. Therefore, the state has high requirements for hospitals that develop painless people. Doctors need professional anesthesia certificates, and hospitals must have emergency supplies.In order to rescue in time when accidents.So don’t underestimate it. Choosing a regular professional hospital and doctors is a guarantee for your body.

After the painless abortion, the body is relatively weak. At this time, women should try to rest in bed as much as possible. At the same time, they should avoid cold and prohibit sexual life during their physical recovery.

Warm reminder, although the body is weak after surgery, at this time, you cannot consume a lot of high -fat and high -calorie foods in order to supplement nutrition.harm.Only by maintaining a light diet and more fruits and vegetables, and maintaining emotional stability can the body recover faster.

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