Is pregnancy massage really so dangerous?These three acupuncture points during pregnancy must not massage

Many people are suffering from endless symptoms during pregnancy. They want to relax them by massage, but they dare not act because they are afraid of massage caused by bleeding and contractions.Is pregnancy massage really so dangerous?Can pregnant women massage?

The reason why "pregnant women can’t massage" in the past is because many people have mixed pregnant women’s massage with general massage.In fact, the method of massage of pregnant women is completely different from general massage; generally massage is to push the muscles and fascia with the use of knuckles to stimulate the massage site in depth.It will cause stimulation to the body.As long as the strength and techniques of massage are adjusted, and avoiding specific parts, massage during pregnancy does not cause risks.

These 3 acupoints during pregnancy must not massage

When it comes to specific parts, what parts cannot be massaged after pregnancy?There are 3 parts that cannot be massaged during pregnancy, namely shoulder well, Hegu acupoint, and Sanyinjiao points; the shoulder well points are located at the midpoint of the Dazhui acupoint and the shoulder peak connection, at the highest point of the shoulders;The highest point; Sanyinjiao acupoint is located above the inner side of the ankle and the depression of the rear edge of the tibial on the inside of the calf. These parts should be avoided during massage, otherwise it will easily cause contractions.The heel and ankle are the reflection area of the reproductive system. It is best to avoid these two parts when massaging.

Who is not suitable for massage during pregnancy

1. In the past, there was a history of abortion, habitual abortion or premature birth.

2. Symptoms such as vaginal bleeding and lower abdominal pain occur during pregnancy.

3. Premature birth risk during pregnancy, including short cervical, incomplete cervical locking, uterine malformation, large / more uterine fibroids, excessive amniotic fluid, excessive amniotic fluid, polyphom, bacterial infectionUrinary tract infection, endometritis …), front placenta, early placental stripping, extreme anxiety, severe depression … and so on.

4, suffer from chronic diseases or high -risk pregnancy diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, pregnancy hypertension, gestational diabetes, pregnancy toxia, asthma, heart disease, hyperthyroidism or low …

5. Severe lower limb edema combined with varicose veins.

6. Skin breaking skin, pus or longousruts, urticaria.

Reduce risk in the middle of pregnancy. Massage is the safest

In the early stages of pregnancy (the first 3 months), the placenta has not been stable and it is not suitable for massage.If you are really uncomfortable to relax, it is best to seek the assistance of acupuncture to push professional Chinese medicine.The stomach in the middle of pregnancy starts to grow, and it is easy to edema and lower back pain. You can use a gentle massage method to clear the lymph glands and drive the subcutaneous tissue to reduce the symptoms. It is best to lie on the side or be right when massaging.

The frequency of retracting in the late pregnancy becomes more and more obvious, and it is relatively easy to insomnia. At this time, you can use the massage method of lymphatic flow to massage the head, shoulders, back, and lower limbs.When massage, you should lie on the left side and support the pillow on the back and foot.8 or 9 months are close to the due date. At this time, massage should be stopped to ensure safety.

The massage process appears discomfort and immediately reflects

Before massage, we should tell the current number of pregnancy weeks and physical conditions.The massage process is based on comfort.If pain occurs, please ask the other party to let light or avoid the part.

Some pregnant women will treat the discomfort generated by massage as a normal physiological reaction, but the purpose of gestational massage is to relax the body during pregnancy, and it will never feel uncomfortable.Any discomfort in the massage should be immediately reflected. Even if it is just a slight nausea and dizziness, don’t endure it.In addition, because the whole body massage is usually carried out by side, if it feels uncomfortable, it should be reflected immediately.

Balanced physical and mental state to be healthy during pregnancy

Many mothers are busy paying attention to the babies in the stomach during pregnancy, ignoring their physical and mental changes, and unknowingly accumulating a lot of pressure. Massage can help the mother pull the focus back to themselves and re -balance their physical and mental state.Remind my mother that if you feel stressed and muscular, you can first soak your hands and feet in warm water, then make gentle and deep touch in your limbs.You can make your body and mind fully relax.

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