Is the baby dream during pregnancy unreliable?What did you dream of when you were pregnant?

Netizen 174511: Her husband has always wanted his daughter, saying that his daughter’s parents’ little cotton jackets were influenced by him. When he was pregnant, he often dreamed of dreaming. Dreaming of having a daughter was particularly cute.Tell her husband that her husband felt that she would have a daughter, and said that her daughter was born to spoil her as a little princess.As a result, a big fat boy, haha, begging the psychological shadow area of her husband, it is estimated that he will reverse, and keep thinking about having his son.

Xi Yan: When I was pregnant, I often dreamed of snakes and was awakened. My mother -in -law was looking for a hexagram to find a master.I think it’s nonsense, but the family is convinced that the baby uses all the boys’ supplies. LaterI want me to say that the blind cat encounters a dead mouse.

Xiaoyin: Since I am pregnant, I dream of sleeping every night, or I dreamed of thunder and rain. Lightning has been split to the ground. I almost split myself, or I dreamed of falling at the cliff edge.But I ca n’t catch it. What is even more scary is to dream of the volcanic outbreak. The surroundings are full of magma. I feel that the world is going to be destroyed. I was awakened again and again. I felt that I was about to weakness.

Many people in life feel that the baby dream can indicate the health of the fetus and the health of the baby, but the baby’s gender is determined at the moment of the combination of sperm and eggs.The most important thing is that the baby will ask you for help in your dream?I really think too much …

The reason for often dreaming during pregnancy is nothing more than the following two:

1. Affected by physiological reasons in all aspects, almost all of them are sleeping when the pregnant mothers rest, the brain is in a state of activity, and the number of dreams increases.

2. There is a strong appeal in my heart during pregnancy, with great pressure. For reasons such as childbirth and future life, the pregnant mothers have poor psychological state and always dream.

The so -called fetal dream is just a normal physiological phenomenon, and it will not point at all. Everyone must look rationally.

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