Is the endometrium too thin?It may be these 3 points of "tapping"!To achieve 3 o’clock, infertility is difficult to approach

Many people know that the thin or thick endometrium of women changes with the changes in the menstrual cycle. The specific reason is that the human body is stimulated by hormone stimulation secreted by the human body in different periods.Of course, if a person’s uterine endometrium is too thin, it is not conducive to implantation of fertilized eggs, which will increase the chance of women’s infertility.In order to avoid such problems, we need to understand the relevant knowledge early and prevent early.

1. When there is inflammation or uterine cavity operation

Acute or chronic infections, endometrial tuberculosis, etc. will destroy the bottom of the uterine muscle.Even effective treatment will affect the base layer function due to fibrosis.In addition, multiple times of abortion, endometrial polypyrosis, hysteroscopic fibroid resection or curettage, etc. will cause varying degrees of damage to the endometrium, causing thin uterine endometrial and uterine cavity adhesion.

2. Specifications

Women’s endocrine system has abnormal function, insufficient growth hormone secretion, age over 55 years, ovulation disorders, abnormal hormone levels, or a large amount of smoking, drinking, excessive diet, weight loss, etc. will affect the normal growth of the endometrium.

3. Affected by the drug

Some oxygen -promoting drugs will affect endometrial growth due to antibody effects.In addition, women who have long -term contraceptives and contraceptives will also lead to thinner endometrium.

1. Treatment according to the cause

Find out the cause of the endometrium to become targeted.If the endometrium tuberculosis is caused, it is necessary to scientifically regulate anti -tuberculosis treatment.If there is uterine cavity adhesion, hysteroscopy can be separated and adhesive, and the uterine balloon can be prevented according to the degree of uterine adhesion.Estrogen and progesterone must be used to prevent adhesion again after surgery.

2. Reasonable medication

Priority choosing estrogen drugs for treatment can promote endometrial repair and thickening. At the same time, it can also improve endometrial tolerance and increase the chance of pregnancy. Whether it is oral or vaginal drug effect.

3. Other treatment methods

Basin floor -proof bi electrical stimulation can be improved to improve local blood circulation in the uterus and promote endometrial thickening and growth.In addition, you can also stimulate the endometrium by stimulating the endometrium, improve the endometrium tolerance, and increase the chance of fertilized eggs.

Women must maintain good emotions, not only can they have more health, but they can also regulate endocrine.Reduce unnecessary uterine cavity operations, reduce damage to endometrium, and take contraceptive measures.Do a good job of preventing cold and keeping warm during menstruation. It can be placed in a warm water bottle or hot pad in the abdomen, which can accelerate local blood circulation, conducive to muscle relaxation, reduce organs spasm, and promote menstrual blood excretion.Practice yoga more, can guide the blood and blood of the organ, adjust the hormonal secretion, and achieve the effect of maintaining the uterine.The diet is mainly light, good digestion, quit smoke and alcohol, and stay away from spicy food. You may wish to eat more black bean and black fungus with blood and blood circulation effects, Ejiao, black bone chicken, walnut black sesame or honey.

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