Is the pregnant belly raised as a boy?The shape of the navel during pregnancy is mainly related to these three points

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Pregnant mothers have experienced. As the baby’s pregnancy week increases, the pregnant woman’s belly will become more and more bulge.The form is also changing.The difference is that some pregnant mothers are recessed, while others are protruding.According to the older generation, this is an important symbol of judging boys and girls. The recessed are pregnant with a female fetus, and the protruding is male fetus. Is this really the case?

This statement is more popular to this day, but after reading the results, you will find that the shape of the navel is actually not directly connected with the baby’s gender. There are indeed a boy who is protruding, but there are many girls who have girls.The shape of the navel during pregnancy cannot be used as a criterion for judging gender. The previous statement is actually no scientific basis.So, what are the factors of the unevenness of the navel of pregnant women?

1. Pregnant mother’s skin elasticity

In the early pregnancy, the fetus was small, and the mother’s pregnancy was not so exaggerated. The shape of the navel was still recessed.However, as the childbirth approaches, the pregnant mother’s belly is as big as a ball. At this time, the bumps of the navel have a lot to do with the skin elasticity of the pregnant mother.

The skin elasticity is good and can quickly adapt to the skin’s stretching. It may not even be traces of stretch marks, or there is only a little stretch marks in the later period. Even if the belly is getting larger and larger, the navel still does not move, maintaining the recessed state.On the contrary, if the skin’s skin is slightly worse, the larger the belly, the smaller the room, the smaller the skin, the skin is tight, and the belly button will easily protrude in the late pregnancy.

2. The size and location of the fetus

If the fetus develops small, the pregnant mother is not even pregnant, the shape of the navel is still recessed.If the fetus develops fast and the fetus is large, then the abdominal pressure of the pregnant mother is also increasing, and the navel is likely to protrude.Especially for those pregnant mothers with sufficient nutrition and absorbing particularly good, the growth rate of the fetus at a certain stage may soar, and the navel will also protrude.

In addition, the unevenness of the navel of the pregnant mother is also related to the position of the fetus. If the highest point of the palace height is exactly the position of the navel, the probability of protruding the navel will increase.But this is not related to whether the fetus is developed well and the so -called gender theory. Bao Ma need not think about it.

3. Excience during pregnancy

Modern women, many people choose to rest only when they are fast production. You must know that when you are too tired during pregnancy, your body will feel stressful, the pressure of the abdomen will also increase, and the navel may protrude.After some people rest and relax, the navel may be recessed.If you find this change in the body, the pregnant mother may be really exhausted. Be sure to pay attention to rest, combine work and rest, and be responsible for themselves and the fetus.

In short, the gender of the fetus is judged by the shape of the navel alone. It is completely nonsense. There is still a decision when the sperm egg is combined. The pregnant woman’s belly button cannot see any clues at all.Those who hold this point of view may wish to entertain a smile, and experience.

How to care for pregnant women’s navel?

Having said that, the navel care of pregnant women is also very important.First of all, ensure that the navel should not be cold. Even if the body temperature of pregnant women is higher than ordinary people, it is necessary to keep warm during pregnancy. Even if it is a hot summer day, it is best to build something on the body.Secondly, do not overwhelm the navel cleaning. Do not make messages during bathing. This can easily cause bacterial infections and affect the healthy growth of the fetus.When cleaning, you can use a cotton swab, wipe it gently with water, and then rinse it.

After pregnancy, is your belly button recessed, protruding, or is it flat at all?Are you born a boy or a girl?Let’s take a look at the probability.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a mother of a 3 -year -old baby. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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