Is the talented woman who is a "male duck voice"?Doctor reminds: changes in voices may hide the signal of the disease

Qianjiang Evening News · hour news correspondent Ying Xiaoyan Chen Yanping

The child (pseudonym) is 20 years old, like his person, sweet and pleasant, and a little talented girl in the music department.

The excellent people also worked hard. She was a professional grade in the class, and she was a diligent tutoring teacher outside the class. Usually, classmates can always meet her singing and practice -except for the recent.

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More than a month ago, the child was a little scared to speak.Only when she came to the clinics of the Department of ONES, Nose and Throat, Zhejiang Lide Hospital, and the provincial -level famous Chinese medicine practitioner, she dared to speak quickly: actually turned into a hoarse voice of the male duck’s voice.

"I used a bit of throat slices, but it was useless …" The child not only had hoarseness, but even speaking a bit.She said intermittently that her throat was like her own life. If there was a problem, her singing career would be destroyed.

In the clinic, Director Ge Yanping placed her child and gave her laryngeal mirror inspection.The problem is a nodular up of the front of the bilateral tape.This ups and downs are not well closed when the vocal cords are closed, and the sound becomes hoarse.

The reason why it will bulge is caused by local blood stasis and phlegm condensation.Director Ge Yanping has developed a treatment plan: Through the treatment of qi and promoting blood circulation and phlegm and pitch through traditional Chinese medicine, the vocal cord itself also needs to take a full rest. In a critical period, it is necessary to take a break.

The diligent child obeyed the doctor’s order and was completely cured after taking the medicine for half a month.

But there are two other patients who get different answers.

One is the 61 -year -old Uncle Lin.Uncle just retired, also likes to sing, and also likes to smoke.He also suddenly found that his voice was "beacred". He originally thought that he had had more throats, and it would be better to rest for a while.However, after half a month, the sound was still not getting better, but it became more and more serious, and it began to have blood in sputum.

The result of the examination of the examination at the hospital was: laryngeal cancer.

The other was Aunt Zhao, 70.She found that she had a hoarseness a week ago, and she was easy to cough when she was drinking soup. She thought that it might be angry, so she took her own Chinese patent medicine to clear the heat and detoxify, but there was no sign of improvement.

After Aunt Zhao came to the clinic, the laryngeal mirror first found "the left vocal band paralysis".Then the chest CT discovered that the lung minister had tumors, and the lymph nodes metastasis metastasis occurred, which compressed the throat nerve and caused hissing.

It is also hoarse, but the reasons are different.Director Ge Yanping pointed out that changes in voice may hide the signal of the disease.

Left: In the white spots of vocal cords: laryngeal nipple tumor right: laryngeal cancer

There are many causes of hoarseness, which may be throatitis. It is our most common throat disease in our daily life.Usually manifested as hoarseness, dry throat, tingling, burning sensation, foreign body sensation, cough, sputum, etc.

Infection, improper sound or excessive, long -term tobacco and alcohol, anti -fluid esophagitis or inhaled dust and harmful gases, chronic inflammation of neighboring organs is a common cause of throatitis.

Acute inflammation can be improved by symptomatic treatment, sound ban, and drug treatment, which can usually improve recovery after a few days.

In addition, pay attention to the following problems: maybe the vocal cords are summarized, polyps, and the gap edema (smoking is closely linked to the disease, the vocal cords are highly edema under the chronic chronic chronic mucosa, the swelling of the vocal cord or the surface or the surface of the vocal cord or the surface or the surface of the vocal cord orThe throat chamber, causing pronunciation changes), may also be a pre -cancer lesions such as leukoplakia and adult laryngeal papillary tumors. There is a certain chance of evil change, so early discovery, early treatment!

Left: In the vocal cord cyst: vocal cords Sitrier: vocal cord polyps

It may also be palsy caused by laryngeal cancer, lower pharyngeal cancer, thyroid tumor, and other tumor compression.Therefore, hoarseness is the sign of vocal cord lesions, and it must be valued.

In addition, there is a problem with the nerves of the dominance of the vocal cord movement. One side or bilateral vocal cords are not moved. We must be alert to the paralysis of the vocal cords. The causes are surgical, tumor, virus infection and trauma.

Left vocal band paralysis

So how to protect your voice?

1. Use an appropriate amount of volume and tone: Use appropriate speed to speak, do not excessively clear your throat and frequently clear your throat. Try to reduce speaking when you have a cold. When there is voice disorders, resting sound is the best way.Promote "fine voice", calm and speak.

2. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol: The occurrence of laryngeal cancer is closely related to smoking and drinking.Smoking and drinking have been proven to be the main independent risk factors that cause laryngeal cancer, respectively.

3. Avoid excessive sounds in noisy environment: the environmental temperature is too high or too low, the air is dry, and the concentration of the environmental dust can be reduced to the tolerance of the vocal cords. At this time, it is not advisable to use the sound.

4. Women’s menstrual and pregnancy singing should be moderate: women sang moderately during menstruation and during pregnancy.Due to the changes in hormone levels, the women’s vocal cords during this period mild and edema, the tolerance of the vocal cords decreases, and excessive use of the throat can cause irreversible voice problems.

5. Avoid using high -intensity of exercise with a high -intensity: vocal muscles during exercise are very prone to fatigue.

6, stay up late to ensure sleep: Insufficient sleep muscles are prone to fatigue, making the sound sound dark.

7. Drink less ice water, drink more warm water to relieve throat discomfort.

8. Try to reduce the food that is spicy and stimulates too much: drink less coffee and wine to avoid stimulating the throat and cause throat burden.

9. Do not rigid high sound during singing: When you sing at KTV with great interest, do not sing the treble song that cannot be sung.

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