Is there a scar to eat soy sauce with wounds?rumor

Source: Nanning Report to set up rumors

Many people have heard such a warning since childhood: During the healing of wounds, don’t eat foods with darker soy sauce, otherwise the new skin will turn black and leave scars.Is the truth really like this?

In fact, the wound healing is good or not, will it be scarred? It mainly depends on the size of the wound, the degree of infection, whether the debridement suture during the treatment process is done well, whether the infection is in place, and the nutritional status of the human body.

Regarding the "suspicion of darkness" of soy sauce, Zheng Dongming, a nutritional expert at the Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University, explained that these mainly from the two ingredients of soy sauce, amino acids and tyrosine.First, amino acid components will not promote the formation of melanin. The black of soy sauce comes from the caramel pigment contained in it. Even if it is absorbed by the human body, it will not be transported to the skin by the human body.Second, soy sauce does not contain catalysts that promote synthetic melanin. Tyinase cannot withstand strong acids. Whether or not tyrosinase contains tyrosinase, it will be survived by gastric acid when entering the stomach.Biological activity.Therefore, eating soy sauce can make the wound black just a legend.

Whether scars will be left after wound healing are not directly related to soy sauce.The scar tissue is due to external injuries, such as trauma, burns, and surgery, and the skin collagen is over -hyperplained, forming a bright red granulation tissue.Whether the size of scars and scars are formed, affected by factors such as physical fitness, position, severity, and healing.During the formation of scar tissue, there will be some changes in colors.The granulation tissue is red, and it can gradually become pale and lighter over time. The scars of a small number of people will show a slightly darker color, which is related to melanin.During wound healing, the ingredients of soy sauce are not involved and will not have any impact on it.

In addition, if the skin has trauma, infection should be prevented in a timely manner to avoid artificially torn off the skin to effectively reduce the inflammatory response and pigmentation after inflammation.Therefore, during wound healing, you don’t have to avoid eating dark food, but to do anti -infection and sun protection work, and avoid intake of spicy and irritating foods.It should be reminded that soy sauce contains high salt and should reduce salt intake.

Source: "Rumor Platform" WeChat public account Integrated People’s Daily, People’s Political Consultative Conference, Zhejiang News, Guangzhou Daily, CCTV

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