Is there a toxin for pork liver?Is eating pork liver good for the eyes?Is it true or false?Tell you the truth

After graduating from Tingting University, he entered a new media company. Because he often worked overtime, Tingting claimed that he was a proper "996 office worker".Sometimes you need to pick up your mobile phone outside.

Recently, Tingting felt uncomfortable with her eyes. After going to the hospital for examination, she found that she had dry eye.The colleagues at the next station told Tingting that this was caused by excessive eyes, and eating more pork liver can be relieved.

Tingting, who does not like to eat the internal organs of animals, is a bit resistant, but when you think of eating pork liver, you can make your eyes improve, and you plan to try it again …

In fact, eating pork liver is good for the eyes.The vitamin A in pork liver is very rich, and vitamin A participates in the visual purple redness synthesis in the retina, which plays a very important role in the formation of vision.

If there is no vitamin A in the body, the adaptability of the eyes in the dark will decrease, and night blindness may occur if severe.Therefore, eating some pork liver properly is really good for the eyes.

However, the pork liver is delicious and can not be eaten every day or a lot. After all, the pork liver is not only rich in vitamin A, but also the cholesterol content is quite high. On average, the cholesterol contained in the pork liver is 400 mg, and the adults per dayIt is best not to exceed 300 mg of cholesterol from food.

Therefore, each intake of pork liver should be controlled between 50 and 100 grams, and the number of pork liver a week should not be too much, about 2 times.

When choosing a pork liver, you should choose fresh pork liver that has no blisters on the surface, purple red and shiny, and after pressing it with your hands, which can quickly recover.Before cooking, it is necessary to soak it with water with white vinegar for about half an hour to remove the toxins remaining in the pork liver.

When cooking, you need to pay attention to frying. At least for at least 5 minutes of fried in the quick heat. You can see that the color of the pork liver is completely gray -brown to ensure that it is cooked.

In addition to eating pork liver can protect the eyes, vitamin A is also good for the eyes, and carotene in carrots can also be converted into vitamin A in the body. Therefore, eating more carrots can also protect the eyes.

In addition, the lutein and corn yellow quality in corn play a vital role in the protection of vision, and it is also an excellent choice for eye protection food.However, some people think that pork liver is the detoxification organs of pigs. Isn’t it many toxins in it?

It is true that pork liver is the main detoxification organs of pig liver, but when the liver is detoxifying, it is not to "control" the blood in the liver, but to detoxify with the blood flow.There are very few.

Moreover, after cleaning and cooking, the residual trace harmful substances have been destroyed and it will not affect health. Therefore, it is a rumor that pig livers have toxins!

In fact, pork liver is rich in vitamin A, iron, phosphorus and other substances. The nutritional value is very rich, and there are many benefits to eating pork liver:

Blood supplement: Rich iron content in pork liver is excellent blood supplement ingredients, which can promote hematopoietic and improve anemia.

Improve skin: Vitamin A can not only protect the eyes, but also an important substance to maintain cell growth and maintain healthy skin tone. Therefore, eating pork liver has an important role in improving skin tone.

Anti -aging: Pork liver contains vitamin C and selenium. These are two substances that many meats do not have, and these two substances can enhance immunity, antioxidant, and prevent aging.

However, although there are so many benefits of pork liver, not everyone can eat it.

Three high people:

As we all know, the cholesterol content in pork liver is very high, and people with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia must avoid eating pork liver, otherwise it will cause higher cholesterol in the blood, which is not conducive to blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipid stability.serious.

People who take vitamin C:

Pork liver contains a large amount of copper ions, and copper ions will oxidize and destroy vitamin C. If you eat pork liver while taking vitamin C. After vitamin C is oxidized, the normal effect will be lost.If you are taking vitamin C, don’t eat pork liver for the time being.

Patients with hyperuricemia and gout:

The purine content of pork liver is very high. After patients with hyperuricemia and gout patients, the uric acid in the body increases, the condition will increase, joint pain will increase, which is very uncomfortable.Therefore, these two types of patients should avoid pork liver with high purine content.

In short, pork liver is good ingredients, but it is useful to eat right!

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