Is this phenomenon normal after pregnancy?

A few days ago, I saw my two mothers’ hands books on the bookshelf, and put it with Dabao and Xiaobao’s baby manual. The memories of the twice of the pregnancy could not help but show their hearts one by one.

Among them, the most troubled me in the late pregnancy is the edema of the lower limbs.

In addition to the unable to stuff the feet into the original shoes; after a whole day of work, I often feel that my feet have risen in the evening in the evening, and I feel very hard to walk and walk. It is really difficult.I believe this is also the common experience of many mothers!

Normal physiological changes during pregnancy

Because the secretion of renal, vascular contraction, and aldosterone secretion is greatly increased during pregnancy, it is easier for salt and water to stay in the body without being excreted by the kidneys.

At this time, the total moisture of about 6 to 8 liters of pregnant women was increased, of which 4 to 6 liters of moisture increased in the vascular or tissue gaps.

Although the amount of body fluid in the whole body increases, the vascular dilatation is increased due to the increased amount of luteal hormone, relaxin, and nitric oxide in the body. At the same timeBlood pressure will decrease.

Most pregnant women’s lower limb edema is normal

Under the action of hormones, the amount of plasma increased by 40-50%during pregnancy.

Because people are upright animals, they are affected by the gravity of the gravity. These additional increased water will mainly deposit in the lower limbs, and the symptoms of edema of the calves, ankles, instepes, etc. will appear clinically.

In addition, with the increase of the number of pregnancy weeks, the stomach of the pregnant mother gradually becomes larger, which is compressed to the pelvic vein flow, making the blood more likely to deposit in the lower limbs and worsen the edema.

Many people should find that when they get up in the morning, they usually feel that the feet are swollen a lot than the night before, but the situation of swelling of lower limbs in the evening will feel serious.

This is precisely because the upright posture of the day makes the blood deposited in the lower limbs difficult to return. When sleeping at night, lying or raising your feet with pillows and quilts can help the blood of the lower limbs return to the heart. Therefore, there will be in the morning in the morning in the morningThe symptoms of foot swelling are relieved when I get up.

Fortunately, this kind of physiological edema accompanied by pregnancy is usually after the unloading of the pregnant mother, and the relevant hormone concentration will also return to the level before pregnancy. There is no longer a lot of body fluids.Essence

Careful pathological edema

Physiological edema usually becomes obvious during the third pregnancy close to childbirth, and the lower limb edema is the main.

However, if you have systemic edema in the early stages of pregnancy, in addition to the lower limbs, the face, trunk, upper limbs, and even perineal can also occur. It is necessary to think of pathological edema.

When finding the cause of pathological edema, you can think about the three major organ systems of the heart, liver, and kidney.

If the maternal history, there is a history of cardiac failure, liver cirrhosis, or chronic kidney disease before pregnancy, because the amount of body fluid in the body increases during pregnancy, and the heart or kidney cannot be buried;So that water is not easy to stay in the blood vessels, and it is easy to seep into the tissue gap, which may cause systemic edema.

However, if the pregnant woman is healthy before pregnancy, there is no history of related diseases. At this time, the possibility of acute kidney injury must be considered. The kidney strikes for some reasons and cannot discharge moisture through urine normally, causing systemic edema.Possible causes of acute kidney injury during pregnancy are the most common for eclampsia.

Oclamposity will cause major damage to the whole body organs of pregnant women. If it is not treated in time, it will cause the death of pregnant women; and it will also have adverse effects on the fetus in the abdomen, increasing the early fetal peeling, premature birth, delayed growth of intrauterine fetus, birth weight birth weightThe risks such as too light, and even cause the baby’s death before and after delivery.

how to deal with edema of pregnancy?

First of all, is this a physiological edema or pathological edema?

If the physiological edema that occurs in the later stages of pregnancy, the following three methods can be alleviated, but it cannot be completely improved (after giving birth, it will naturally reduce edema):

The taste is light, do not eat too salty: If you take too much salt into the body, it will exacerbate your body fluid retention and worsen the edema of the lower limbs.

When you go to bed at night, you can raise your feet: the blood of the lower limbs will return to the heart and improve the edema; even the lying posture lying on the left side can be adopted at the same time to avoid the uterine compression of the lower cavity vein on the right side, affecting the blood flow of the lower limbs.

Wearing elastic socks: The pressure coefficient provided by the socks helps the blood flow of the lower limbs, so that the pregnant mother will not feel that the feet swelling cannot even lift.

In addition, regular production checks, pay attention to whether there are new hypertension and proteinuria, as well as pre -diagnosis of pre -diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible to minimize the damage.

When a small tenant in the stomach, it is temporarily living in the body for nine months. Under the influence of hormones, many organs in the pregnant mother have made structural adjustments and functional adaptation.

Many physiological changes include edema of the lower limbs. As the mother produces the baby’s childbirth, it usually improves and recovers after delivery.For example, in the early stage of eclampsia, be careful to pay attention to the disease -related signs in order to discover and deal with it as soon as possible.

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