Is traditional Chinese medicine "pregnancy testing" reliable?

Since ancient times, China has "cutting pulse pregnancy test" and "pulse pregnancy test".Pregnant women are slippery, and experienced Chinese medicine can make judgments based on this.Is it reliable by testing the pulse test?How much can the accuracy of pregnancy be verified?

Pulse is also called cut veins. It is a Chinese medicine practitioner according to the patient’s arteries and according to the pulse to understand the diagnosis of internal changes in the disease.The pulse is composed of the manifestation of the manifestation (deep, shallow), rate (fast, slow), strength (power, power), rhythm (neat or ends, or whether there is rest), and form.

The pulse can be understood as a pulse image. It is an important basis for the dialectical of traditional Chinese medicine. It has important clinical significance to distinguish the cause of the disease, infer the changes of the disease, identify the authenticity of the disease, and judge the prognosis of the disease.Because the pulse is the house of blood, it penetrates the whole body, so the disease occurs in the body, which is often reflected in the pulse. Sometimes, before the symptoms are fully revealed, the pulse has changed.Therefore, the pulse has been circulated as the traditional culture of China.

Generally speaking, Chinese medicine is roughly determined whether to be pregnant from four aspects of slippery pulse, menopause, vomiting, and nausea.Smooth vein refers to the fluent and smooth feeling of the pulse. This is because the blood circulation of pregnant women is affected by pregnancy, which also affects the pulse.

Chen Siqing, an expert in the Department of Internal Medicine of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that after many women are pregnant, the pulse will have a process from weak to strong. After pregnancy, the pulse will be "slippery" due to progesterone.Doctors put their right index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger order on the wrist of the woman’s left hand.If you are pregnant, the three fingers of the ring finger, the middle finger, and the index finger can clearly the pulse of the jumping very cheerful, just like the finger is placed on the abacus bead, and the feeling of the pulse beating is powerful.

According to traditional Chinese medicine experts, there are two main points of pregnancy veins: First, comparison between pulmonary and liver veins: pulmonary veins are greater than liver veins, indicating that it is not pregnancy, but amenorrhea; liver veins are greater than pulmonary veins and are pregnant.The second is the comparison between the veins (renal veins) and the pulse of the inch level: the weak explanation of the ulnar vein is pregnant, and it is not weak or non -pregnancy.The pregnancy pulse mentioned here refers to the pulse within 3 months. After 3 months, many people have an early pregnancy response. Basically, it can be roughly inferred without diagnosis, and the pulse has also changed a lot.

However, the reason for the occurrence of slippery veins is not only pregnant.For example, factors such as mental tension and hypertension may also be caused, so false positives need to be excluded.This false positive exclusion is achieved through the questioning and hearing, "menopause, vomiting, and nausea can be basically determined through these three performances."

Whether the other party is pale.Ask the menstrual period, whether menopause discontinued, whether there are nausea and vomiting symptoms, etc., through inquiry observation, you can basically determine whether the other party is pregnant.

The hospital determines that the method of pregnancy is very simple and convenient, mainly through blood or urinary pregnancy tests, gynecological examinations and B -ultrasound.A hormone can appear in blood and urine after pregnancy, called chorionic gonadotropin (β-HCG).This hormone guarantees the smooth development and growth of the fetus, and the test of the hormone in mothers’ blood or urine diagnosis is called pregnancy test.Pregnancy can be judged 8-10 days after ovulation, and the accuracy rate is close to 100%.This test can diagnose early pregnancy and disease -related diseases.This is a simple and easy way.At 5 weeks of pregnancy, an ultrasonic examination can be seen in the uterine cavity or the uterine horn. It is called a pregnancy sac. It can be seen in the 8 weeks of pregnancy.Essence

Tian Weijun, former director of the Chinese Medicine Department of the Chongqing Corps Hospital of the Armed Police, said that before the 1990s, he basically adopted such a consultation method before 80 %.Later, Tian Weijun came into contact with the pregnancy test paper of Western medicine. Tian Weijun believed that the method of diagnosis by detecting the concentration of HCG in urine was both scientific and convenient.

The average accuracy rate of pregnancy test strips is as high as 90 %. Of course, for example, some diseases and drugs may still cause false positive results.The accuracy of B -ultrasound can basically reach 100%.

Since the accuracy of Western medical pregnancy is so high, what is the significance of the pulse diagnosis?Tian Weijun said that, first of all, a 90 % accuracy rate, a 80 % accuracy rate, the two -pronged approach is better."After using the combination of the two, I found that there was basically no diagnosis mistakes. I dare not say 100%, 99%is still no problem." Secondly, in the era when Western medicine has not yet entered the country, the pulse diagnosis has indeed played a great role in the pulse diagnosis.EssenceWestern medicine traditional Chinese medicine has its own strengths, and there is no need to generalize.

According to obstetricians, in addition to passing blood or urine pregnancy tests, gynecological examinations, and B -ultrasound test whether they are pregnant, Western medicine can also help expectant mothers to understand all information about fetal development in time.Do not deny that you can diagnose pregnancy with the help of traditional Chinese medicine methods. However, when the child develops to 50 ~ 60 days, the B -ultrasound should be performed to eliminate whether there is an accidental pregnancy (such as hydatidal tires).Easy to decide.

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