It didn’t take long for pregnancy to feel a lot of leucorrhea. Do you have this situation?

After pregnancy, many pregnant women have found that there are many leucorrhea, and they are murmured in their hearts, fearing that they will have gynecological inflammation, and worry that the increase in leucorrhea will affect the healthy development of the fetus.So why did you feel that leucorrhea became particularly more than long?Do you have this situation?

1. Is the leucorrhea during pregnancy normal?Why do you get more?

1. After pregnancy, pregnant women always maintain high estrogen and high progesterone.These hormones can cause the vulva tissue to become soft and humid, coupled with the pelvic cavity and vagina of the uterus, the vaginal mucosa exudate increases, so pregnant women will feel that leucorrhea has become a lot.

2. In fact, most of the leucorrhea during pregnancy is a very normal situation. You only need to keep the relative dry and hygienic in the private place.

3. If the pregnant woman feels that the white belt has a odor and feels that the private parts are particularly itchy, it will cause attention. It may be some kind of gynecological inflammation. For the health of you and the baby, you need to go to the hospital for examination.

2. What should I do if there is more leucorrhea during pregnancy?

1. Clean the private parts of warm water every day, keep the vulva hygiene, and pay attention to cleanliness.

2. Use special bath towels and water basins to avoid cross -infection; it is best to choose a shower instead of a basin under the condition.

3. Change underwear and underwear. Do not put it in the dark corner to dry and dry it. It should be exposed to the sun.

4. Strengthen nutrition and eat more foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, such as lean meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc. to enhance physical fitness.

5. Eat more foods with spleen and dampness.Such as yam, walnuts, celery, and so on.

6. Eat less sweet food.Sweets such as candy, cream, pork fertilizer, etc. all have the effect of wetness. If you eat too much, you will secrete more vaginal discharge. Therefore, leucorrhea abnormalities must pay attention to this in your daily diet.

7. Do not blindly use various washing fluid to clean the lower body, especially do not use the bath solution directly to clean the lower body. Clean the private parts with general warm water, no other thing is needed.

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