It is also a woman. Why do some people become pregnant when they touch?What are the characteristics?

For most families now, women who are in the rising period of career will not consider the problem of childbirth, but after reaching the peak of the career, it is difficult for many people to have children.There are more and more couple families in the infertility of China. Many people have exhausted various ways and methods, and it is difficult to make themselves pregnant.But some people can get children in one fell swoop. Why are the constitutions of some women more pregnant?

1. Menstruation law

Do not think that menstruation is only regular uterine bleeding every month. For women, it is too much related to it.

Long -term menstruation is one of the essential features of healthy and natural birth. This is because for girls with normal menstrual periods, they can be well calculated during ovulation, so the chance of conception can be greatly increased during pregnancy.For girls with irregular menstruation, it is difficult to calculate the accurate ovulation period, so naturally missed the best chance of conception.

2. Life work and rest

For girls, it is really important to live healthy and regular life!In modern life, women and men bear various social pressures and work, but outside of work, women also bear important fertility roles.Many girls are working hard for their careers, and they are upside down day and night like men. They are irregular, but in a long time, this will cause their endocrine disorders and greatly affect the quality of the eggs. This situation can be reflected when preparing for pregnancy.come out!

3. I have not experienced uterine damage

There is not what you want to have a child you can have, and the health of your body is a vital step.When some girls are young, because they are not sensible, they do a lot of things that hurt their uterus, such as artificial abortion, or some diseases in the uterus.Although it can still be recovered after experiencing these, it will actually be greatly damaged, and the chance of natural conception will decline.

For women who want to be a mother, it is very painful to not be pregnant and fertilized. Instead of envy others’ vulnerable constitutions, it is better to start slowly from her body.Baby!

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