It is also pregnant. Why do some people vomiting some things do not vomit?Pregnant mother understands the knowledge of raising

From the moment they learned about pregnancy, the "expectant mothers" are also ready to welcome the "challenge".Most pregnant mothers will start to have some retching symptoms after 6 weeks of pregnancy. As the pregnancy week increases, the pregnancy reaction of pregnant mothers will increase.

Some pregnant mothers even go through "pregnancy drama vomiting", what to eat and vomit, and even smell a little taste will make them spit.

A strange phenomenon is that when most pregnant mothers vomit "darkness", a small part of the pregnant mothers did not have any pregnancy reactions.

They spent the whole pregnancy very comfortably, and their appetite was not affected at all, and there would be no symptoms of vomiting.

The same is the process of pregnancy. Why do different pregnant mothers have different experiences?

Xiaocheng belongs to the lucky mother who is more lucky.She is a post -80s, a typical "late marriage family".Most of his peers around him had a child and had children, and Xiao Cheng had just entered the palace of marriage.

Fortunately, Xiaocheng was "pregnant" soon after getting married, which surprised her a little, thinking that she could finally catch up with the "progress" of her peers.

After determining pregnancy, Xiaocheng had been waiting for the arrival of the pregnancy reaction.She is a "TV drama fan", which is impressed by the symptoms of the heroine’s pregnancy in the TV series.

She remembers that women in the TV series will have pregnancy after pregnancy. Many people do not know that they are pregnant until the arrival of pregnancy.

Xiaocheng waited like this. It had reached 10 weeks of pregnancy. Seeing that it was about to pass the early pregnancy, Xiaocheng still had a good appetite, and he had no feeling of nausea to vomit.

Why didn’t you react in pregnancy?Xiaocheng also thought about the more uneasy in her heart. She couldn’t wait for the next pregnancy test, and quickly rushed to the hospital for a doctor to check herself.

After the examination, the doctor told Xiaocheng that the baby in her belly developed well and the fetal heart was normal.The doctor has no need to worry about it, and it is only on time to participate in the next pregnancy test.

The doctor’s words made Xiaocheng look like a "resentment pill".But she still has doubts in her heart, why can she be so lucky and do not need to go through pregnancy?

Xiaocheng’s question is also the question of many pregnant mothers. Some people have declined directly because of the "torture" of pregnancy, and some people can eat and drink, which is not affected at all.In fact, whether there is a "pregnancy reverse" related to these factors, pregnant mothers can understand.

※ It is related to psychological state

Sometimes, the pregnancy reaction of pregnant mothers is related to the mental state.After pregnancy, the pregnant mother will feel that her identity has changed, becoming a pregnant woman and is breeding a new life.

Therefore, she reminded herself to pay more attention at all times.This psychological pressure can make pregnant mothers nervous. When nervous, people often have a kind of nausea and discomfort.

In addition to psychological stress, sometimes the psychological suggestion of pregnant mothers also exacerbate their pregnancy.They always remind themselves in their hearts: I am a pregnant woman now, and be careful everywhere.

Therefore, when they see greasy food, they feel that they can’t stand it when they smell irritating.

For such pregnant mothers, a better way to relieve pregnancy is to try to forget the identity of her pregnant woman as much as possible. What should I do on weekdays and do what I should do, so that I am in a busy state.

※ It is related to hormone secretion

After the fertilized eggs are bed in the uterus, the content of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the pregnant mother’s body will gradually increase. With the rapid double increase of such hormones, the pregnant adverse symptoms of pregnant mothers will gradually increase.

Some pregnant mothers are not sensitive to changes in hormones in the body due to physical reasons, and they are very lucky to avoid the torture of pregnancy.

Most pregnant mothers are very sensitive to the rapid increase of hormones in the body. Most of them will start from 6 weeks of pregnancy. They feel bad appetite. They have some retching in the morning. This symptom will gradually increase.

After the early pregnancy, most pregnant mothers’ pregnancy symptoms will be relieved and gradually disappear.However, there are also a small number of pregnant mothers "miserable", and the pregnancy is until childbirth, that is, "vomiting to birth".

※ It is related to the sensitivity of smell

Many pregnant mothers find that her nose becomes sensitive after pregnancy, and she is very sensitive to any odor.

Xiaocheng also felt the same after pregnancy. Her husband secretly smoked, and she could smell it all at once.

Regarding the improvement of the olfactory ability of pregnant mothers, there is also a very interesting explanation. Some opinion believes that the improvement of the olfactory ability of the pregnant mother is to protect the hazards of the fetus from stimulating odor.

However, the sense of smell becomes sensitive, and the pregnancy of pregnant mothers will increase.

Many pregnant mothers said that they couldn’t step into the kitchen to cook at the early pregnancy, and the smell of oil fume in the kitchen made them unbearable.

In addition to the smell of oil fume, they are also very sensitive to the smell of smoke in the elevator room or in the car. They will feel dizzy and disgusting when they smell a little bit.

Some pregnant mothers are even more special, and they will also dislike the smell of soap and other items, which never happened before pregnancy.

※ It is related to the lack of vitamins

Some pregnant mothers have deteriorated appetite during pregnancy, and the extension of pregnancy is related to the lack of vitamins in the body, especially the lack of B vitamins.

When the pregnancy is "struck", the pregnant mother has worsened because of the less nutritional consumption, and the lack of vitamins, forming a vicious circle.When pregnant women vomit, doctors often let pregnant women eat B6 to relieve.

Therefore, after learning that they are pregnant, pregnant mothers must supplement all kinds of vitamins in time, "prevent problems before they occur." Don’t wait until the pregnancy vomiting is severe, the body is affected, and then add it.

Regarding how to supplement various nutrients during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can first consult a doctor first.

Each pregnant mother’s pregnancy reaction during pregnancy is different. Some pregnant mothers do not have a little response, and some pregnant mothers vomit are not adult.

Pregnancy is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. If the pregnant mother’s pregnancy is really severe, it is difficult to bear it. Do not drag it, and seek medical treatment in time.The phenomenon of "pregnancy drama vomiting" is very dangerous, and pregnant mothers must actively seek treatment.

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