It is pointing!Thailand’s 12 -year -old girl was 8 months pregnant, and the police said they were suspected of being sexually assaulted by their biological father

According to Thai media reports, a 12 -year -old junior high school girl in the Red Foundation of Thailand was 8 months pregnant and was suspected of being sexually assaulted by her biological father.It is reported that the girl’s mother may be suspected of not being informed, and played the role of "silent accomplice" in this incident.

On October 9th, the Red Tongfu Police Station received a report to the local investigation and found that the girl who was only 12 years old was actually 8 months pregnant.Police immediately arranged physical examination and psychological treatment for girls. The case is still under investigation.

The local mayor Bamo said that he heard the villagers’ reaction before he knew that the 12 -year -old girl had a large belly, so he took the girl to the hospital for examination. After the examination, he found that the girl was 8 months pregnant.In response, the girl’s mother said that her daughter was pregnant because a man broke into her family to sexually assaulted her.As for why the man didn’t catch the man, the girl’s mother said that he ran too fast.

However, the local residents believe that the mother’s mother’s statement is contrary to the facts, because the girl’s mother often goes out to sell things, leaving girls to be at home with her father alone.Instead, the girl’s father sexually assaulted the girl after the drug addiction. The girl’s mother lied to be unaware in order to cover.

The phenomenon of pregnancy of minor girls in Thailand is serious

The case is still under investigation. Who is the girl who is sexually assaulted and can not be concluded, but the phenomenon of pregnancy in Thailand is very serious.

According to data from the Ministry of Health of Thailand, the number of unexpected pregnancy in Thailand’s minor girl has increased. Especially in the past ten years, this data has reached a shocking point: On average, one minor girl has a child on average, on average every 2In the hour, a girl under 15 years old gave birth to a child.

According to the United Nations survey data from the world’s 15 to 19 -year -old girls, the average of 65 minor mothers in each age of 1,000 older women.At the same time, data show that the number of minors in some parts of Thailand is far exceeding the global survey level.

Parcana, the person in charge of the supervision and control of the Palace in Thailand in 2020 and the prevention of the accidental pregnancy of the girls, said that the minor mother of Payu Palace increased from 72%in 2017 to 82%in 2019.The number also increased from 14%to 16%.

The safety status of minor girl needs more attention

In fact, girls who are in a weak position are easily violated without education and family care, and have become underage mothers. In recent years, news about the pregnancy of minor girls has also emerged endlessly.

In August 2017, a 10 -year -old girl in India gave birth to a child in the hospital, and until the operating room was pushed, the girl did not know that she was going to have children.In 2019, a 33 -year -old man in the United States was only 11 -year -old girl who was pregnant and was pregnant until he was arrested. The man was arguing.

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