Itchy!What diseases may itch for skin itching?Find the cause through 5 examinations

I was doing things at hand, and suddenly I felt a little itchy around my neck, and I did n’t itch a scratching hand. I believe most people have experienced it, but there is also a situation.You can’t help roaring: "It’s itchy! Why is it so itchy?"

To be honest, the doctor directly asks the doctor, and the doctor cannot answer you because there are too many causes, and this symptom is very common. Some may only be scratched by foreign bodies. However, some are related to the disease.It may even be a manifestation of cancer.

Case number one

Ms. Liu is almost sixty years old. She is good at good and has no serious illness. However, there is a whole itching in the recent period, which makes people unbearable. She suspects what she should eat.I bought some plaster, but it was still itchy, and her skin was caught by her blood marks.

But itching is like it is produced from under the skin, and it is always impossible to catch the point.Later, I went to the hospital to check the blood sugar, and then I took out the "murderer" -the blood glucose level exceeded the standard. It was not until this moment that Ms. Liu realized that itching was the alarm of blood sugar.

Case 2

Another young female pony, only twenty years old this year, also had symptoms of skin itching. I couldn’t wait to scratch from head to toe, which made her unbearable and could not continue her work.But when the pony went to the hospital for examination, the doctor told her to rest, relax, and the pony was puzzled. Do n’t you need to apply ointment?

It turns out that the disease of the pony is not caused by the disease, but because the rest is disordered, the pressure is too high, the tobacco and alcohol are induced, and the immunity is related to the decline in immunity.Soon the pony would not itch.

The two patients are different and the causes are different, but they have symptoms of itching. Therefore, if you have the same situation, do not consider it allergies or dermatitis. It is best to do a detailed examination.

——Systemic lupus erythematosus

The disease affects the skin, and red plaques, rashes, scales, thick scabs and other skin lesions appear on the surface. It may increase itching when it is exposed to the sun or too tired.


High blood sugar is damaged by the blood vessel wall, the elasticity of the blood vessels will deteriorate, and the skin on the outer layer will become very sensitive. If you have temperature changes or foreign objects, you will feel uncomfortable. In severe cases, it is like an ant climbing, which is very painful.


Because there are too many toxins in the body, they will feel itchy skin. In addition, patients cannot drink water at will. Because the skin cells are dry and dehydrated, itching will appear. From the appearance, the skin is like frost.

In addition, most of the various skin diseases have itching symptoms

For example, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, sweat, herpes, athletes, psoriasis, chickenpox, mosquito bites, etc. The causes are different, and the medication and relief methods are different. Which one is?

When the patient tells the doctor that heching the skin, the doctor usually asks the medical history and how itchy it itchy. Experienced doctors can guess the reason for the itching part. However, in order to be responsible for the patientEssence

① Incorporate a fungal examination, if the itching area of the patient has expanded, it is itchy in one place. Now there are many places itching, you must consider fungal infection, and you can know which kind of fungi is to deal with the patient’s problems quickly.

② Sample sample biopsy. If the patient’s disease is similar to a variety of diseases and cannot be judged in detail. At this time, you can be clear through biopsy. You only need to take some samples from the itching area to know the cause.

③ Blood routine examination, the patient said itching, but did not see obvious rashes and pimples on the skin, and it could not be explained where it itchy. At this time, you can check the blood sugar.It needs to be checked. Once the blood sugar exceeds the standard, it may be diabetes.

④ Liver and kidney function examination, patients with blood glucose are normal, and have used various skin ointment, but the effect is not obvious, you need to check the liver and kidney to see if it is related to the accumulation of biliary stasis.

⑤ Tumor screening, lymphoma and other malignant tumors have developed to the last stage. Patient’s skin resistance decreases, which may also be sensitive to external stimuli, which can be seen constant and can be seen from tumor -related indicators.

The first thing to do is to control your hands, do n’t grab it everywhere. You can do something to disperse your attention so that you do n’t care so much.The patient’s clothing should be soft and comfortable. Don’t have too long fibers, and don’t be too rough. It is best to be loose, thinner, and better skin touch.

The second is to find the cause and treat it in time. Whether it is diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, or general skin diseases, it is necessary to actively treat it. Some diseases may recur. If you find a way to reduce the number of recurrences, such as eating less irritating foods and reducing staying up late to stay up late.Times, don’t be anxious and nervous, don’t be too tired.

Finally, take a moderate bath. Do not use ice water or hot water to stimulate local skin. It may damage the skin tissue and affect the nerve function. During the attack, reduce the frequency of bathing. Use less cleaning products. Pay attention to hydrating and moisturizing.The skin is exposed and it is easy to dry.

It is also itching, it may be a completely different cause, and the treatment method is different. If you apply it casually, you will not only have no effect, but also make yourself irritable. I feel that I am sick.The location of the treatment is given, and then the cause is checked by the examination, and the treatment is finally performed.

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