It’s hot, the barbecue is "cold"?Zibo barbecue large number of closed store transfer


The "Zibo Barbecue", which is the pinnacle, is now facing a collective "ebb".

According to Chinese News Weekly, data from various parties show that after the May 1st holiday this year, the heat of Zibo barbecue has gradually "cooled".At the same time, hundreds of Zibo barbecue shop transfer information appeared on some websites. Many shops have the characteristics of new opening and new decoration, and even information on the production line of barbecue cake factories.

A local industry in Zibo said in an interview with China News Weekly that most of the Zibo barbecue transfer transfer was that there was no business that caused too much losses. Many stores hoped that the Zibo barbecue market had not been fully "cooled" to save some losses.

In this regard, the staff of the Propaganda Department of the Zibo Municipal Party Committee said that these transfer phenomena are a normal phenomenon of the market. The scope of related issues is wide and cannot be available. In -depth investigation statistics are needed to give specific answers.

For a while,”Zibo Barbecue "Cold" and other related topics rushed on the hot search of many social media platforms such as headlines, Baidu, Sina Weibo, and once again caused heated discussion among many netizens.

"The temperature is more than 40 degrees, bake the stove to eat barbecue in this environment, and it is crazy." "This kind of cozy mode cannot last. I thought it would be red for a year, but I didn’t expect it for only a few months …"Still only barbecue, is Zibo’s long -term prosperous? "" Isn’t it not hot, but it is usually attributed to us. ""

△ Picture source: Screenshot from China News Weekly Public Account Review Zone

A skewers stir a city.Since March this year, Zibo barbecue heat has soared. Under huge traffic, a number of barbecue restaurants have sprung up in Zibo.

According to the company’s investigation data, since January to June this year, Zibo’s barbecue -related enterprises have added 775 new companies.Specifically, 245 were added in March and 348 were added in April. Last year, Zibo barbecue -related companies also added more than 400 new companies.Beginning in May, the number of new companies began to decline, with 81 new companies; in June, only 15 newly added.According to data from enterprise inspection, the number of barbecue -related companies in Zibo in April to June canceled and sold 27, 21, and 13, respectively. As of June this year, there were 68 stores.

△ Picture Source: Red Meal Big Data

Zibo barbecue heat has been cooling and has long been foreseen.As early as May, the Red Dining Network released the "Zibo barbecue to cool down?"The locals bluntly said: Don’t come here, disturb the people!"One article discussed the topic of" Zibo Barbecue Hot Hot ".The article pointed out that with the popularity of Zibo barbecue, problems such as "noise disturb the people", "disrupt the local normal life order", "only come to check in and not realize" and other problems.Only by relying on short video and online public opinion, the "Internet Red -style" fire effect is not the long -term plan of Zibo barbecue. The foundation facilities have not kept up, and the large traffic is difficult to become "retention".

The views expressed in the article have resonated with many netizens:

"Indeed, you need to go to the Internet popularization" and reduce the virtual fire. "" This burst of fire has followed a huge gap. The local government of Zibo must make adjustments in time, otherwise it will lead to ‘excessive waste of resources’."When it comes to market adjustment and optimization, you can’t expect this sudden outbreak of traffic to eat for a lifetime." …

△ Picture source: Screenshot from the public account comment area of the Red Meal Network

In a word, as the heat faded, Zibo Bakery was facing the dual test of "traffic" and "retention".For the sudden decrease of passenger flow, the batch of barbecue restaurants who followed the wind may first feel the chill.

Cited China News Weekly reported that a Zibo citizen who drove a taxi was resigned from the consequences of the popularity of the Zibo barbecue and opened a barbecue restaurant in April.According to his description, the business in the store was really bursting at the beginning, and he was too busy with the ground, but after the "May 1st", the diners decreased sharply."We count the cliff -like decline" "At present, its barbecue restaurant has only two or three tables a day, and it is not enough to maintain daily expenses." The merchant describes its own store situation.

Regarding whether there is a "transfer shop" plan, the store said that because the previous amount was huge, at this time, closing the door will make all his efforts be drifting before, so I can only hope that this year’s summer, I hope that the new passenger flow can be for the store for the store.Bring a trace of "vitality".

After the topic continues to ferment, a staff member of the Zibo Cultural Tourism Bureau said in an interview with the Red Star News: "As a cultural tourism bureau, it will focus on the next step to focus on Zibo City’s better cultural tourism resources, and launch some related cultural tourism activities to come to launch some related cultural tourism activities to come up with some related cultural tourism activities.Attract tourists and retain tourists. "

△ Picture source: Red Kitchen Network Photo

From the perspective of the Red Dining Network, from the fire to the cooling, Zibo barbecue is a microcosm of the phenomenon of many "net red explosions" in the catering industry.

As we all know, the traffic is king, and there is a passenger flow to consume. This is the ancient law of the catering industry.But after the outbreak of the traffic, the catering industry will be left with a feathers, such as the once hot star catering.

Of course, now that Zibo barbecue is cold, it is also too early.Affected by the laws of economic laws, it often experiences fluctuations during the development of tourist cities. Therefore, for local catering merchants in Zibo, it is necessary to rationally treat the hot and cold changes in Zibo barbecue. Do not make long -term decisions because of the short -term traffic.

For the Zibo government, it is necessary to think about how to develop new sustainable development categories on the basis of "barbecue". After all, based on the single product of "barbecue", it is obvious that it is unrealistic to catch consumers firmly.of.

(Author: Red Mai Yongyi; Edit: Li Tang)

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