It’s not bread crab and toxic!Don’t buy this kind of crab

"Love Crab," this name sounds like a harmless crab, but it contains toxins in its body.

On January 18, a netizen in Wenchang, Hainan, found that this crab was sold on a stall when he visited the seafood stalls in the market trade market.

The reporter noticed that in recent years, incidents of being treated with upright crabs or other poisonous crabs have occurred in Guangdong, Hainan and other places.

On the morning of the 19th, the director of the Dongjiao Institute of Wenchang Market Supervision and Administration responded to the reporter that the local local has not heard of crab eating poisoning, but he will go to the market immediately to check whether this crab is prohibited from the sales list.

On the 18th, netizens took the stalls in Wenchang I and the main selling poisoned crabs

Local Municipal Supervisor: Will go to the market to investigate

"Wandering in the market in the town today, I found that a aquatic product stall is selling toxic and honest crabs!" Because recently, the "blue ring octopus" was passed on the Internet. On a social platform, a Hainan WenchangA video released by netizens on January 18 quickly attracted attention.

On the morning of the 19th, the reporter contacted Mr. Fu, who was posted by the post. After verification, he saw a stall selling suspected to love crabs in the east suburbs of Wenchang, Hainan.

According to Mr. Fu, "I did n’t know that I loved crabs before, and I also saw some netizens who had known it. At that time, I reminded the boss that this crab is toxic and cannot be sold!"

"But the boss said confidently that he was selling every day. He never heard the customer buy it back and eat poisoning. The boss also emphasized that this crab is called rouge." Mr. Fu said that he was a native of Wenchang, but in realitySomeone has poisoned, "It’s poisonous online, what’s going on?"

The same as Mr. Fu is also the director of the Dongjiao Institute of Wenchang Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.

On the morning of the 19th, after receiving the situation reported by the reporter, he said that he never heard that there were local crabs eating poisoning in the local area. "We don’t know much about this kind of crab. If it is on a list of sale, it must be sureIt will not be sold for the stall owner, we will go to the market immediately. "

The reporter contacted Zhang Xu (ID: "Zhang Xiao Bee with Crab", which specializes in crab. At present, he and team members are commissioned by the National Nature Reserve of Hainan Dongzhai Port.Crab diversity surveys have a lot of knowledge of crab in Hainan. After seeing the video, he confirmed to reporters: "This is the upright (love crab).

Zhang Xu’s integrity love crabs taken by Sanya, Hainan

A citizen of Haikou eats toxic crabs for treatment

Zhang Xu introduced that the crab himself does not have the ability to manufacture toxins. The toxins in its body mainly come from food accumulation. Most of the toxic crabs (mainly fan crabs) are eaten by algae or shellfish.After losing toxic algae or shellfish, these toxins will be accumulated into its body, mainly puffer fish toxins and clam claw toxins.

"In my country, Fujian, Guangdong, and Hainan, I love Jie Crab and another poisonous fine -grained love crab. They are often sold as bread crabs. Although occasional poisoning reports, there is no record of death."

Zhang Xu said that a large number of cases show that the symptoms of poisoning appear within 3 hours after eating crabs, accompanied by nausea, and then severe vomiting and diarrhea, as well as dizziness, difficulty, limb weakness, numb lips, and muscle paralysis.

The reporter noticed that in May 2020, the Hainan Special Economic Zone News reported that Zhang, a 40 -year -old citizen Zhang, who was in his 40s in Hainan Cancer Hospital.Family "early adopters" leads to severe food poisoning.

In April 2021, local netizens in Zhanjiang, Guangdong also broke the news that two residents in Nanshan Town, Xuwen County accidentally eaten another poisonous fan crab family "Copper Classic Crab", which caused severe poisoning and was sent to the ICU to rescue.

"Hainan SAR News" related reports

Expert suggestions: Don’t try strange crabs

In recent years, on social platforms such as Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and B Station, some netizens or video bloggers have been posted that they have misrepresented or almost eaten up to love clean crabs, but those who eat them have not experienced poisoning symptoms.In 2017, Zhang Chenliang, a well -known popular science popular science V, who was still "Museum" at that time, answered similar questions from netizens, and made it clear that he was poisonous if he just loved the crab.No poison.This crab is best not to eat."

Zhang Xu also reminded: "Some studies have shown that the number of toxic algae or shellfish in some seasons increases (such as the period of red tide), which will increase the toxins in the crab body during this time."

Zhang Xu said that in 530 crab poisoning incidents recorded around the world, 37 deaths were still died, which was usually related to consumption.

So how to quickly distinguish toxic crabs?

Zhang Xu introduced that these poisonous crabs usually have one characteristic: thick and hard shell, thick claw feet, pointers are usually black, of course, this is not an absolute basis. "For your own safety, it is recommended that you do not be curious to try those strange strangeness.Strange crabs, but choose to eat those more common crabs. "

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