It’s uncomfortable if you don’t drink a day!Milk tea is delicious, but do you know this "seven sins"?

Did you drink the first cup of milk tea in summer?Milk tea is a "obsessed" drink for many people, and it has also spawned the net red punch place. The scene of lining up to buy milk tea is common.

Young people even rely on milk tea to "renew their lives" and murmured in their mouths: "Drinking milk tea is unhealthy and unhealthy …", but every day, he was dazzling milk tea: "Give me a big cup, oversized cup …".

What exactly does milk tea exist?Why is it satisfied if you drink it?What should I do?Regarding the three consecutive questions of milk tea, we will talk about this article.

01, milk tea is a healthy "milk+tea"?

Want to be beautiful!Common milk tea is not so good, but the name is done well, not the literal "milk+tea".

Tea health+milk health "milk tea" health.

If you have the conditions, you can use milk and tea to DIY a self -made milk tea, which is a healthy drink (provided that you don’t have mouth and add too much sugar), but most people don’t have that time, almost all of them are quick -soluble milk tea, liquid milk teaFor the current milk tea in the milk tea shop, these "milk tea" may often have neither milk nor tea, or there is only a little content.

For example, a certain brand of high -dissolved milk tea, which is loved by everyone, is mainly composed of fat planting+sugar+flavors. Among them, there is indeed milk and tea components.

However, according to the provisions of the "Pre -packaging Food Tag", the food packaging ingredient table needs to be arranged in the order of the dosage from more to less.In other words, which raw materials are used most in the ingredient table, it should be written at the forefront, and the less back, the less.

Obviously, the "milk and tea" in this model are not the main ingredients, and the fat planting is the last.The aroma of milk tea mainly comes from it. This thing only needs 1 drop, which can be rich in fragrance.

Even if it is made of milk tea, it is made from drinking water and milk tea bases. It is made from adding some auxiliary materials. It is not pure milk and tea.These raw materials and ingredients also determine that these "milk tea" is not a healthy drink, it is not advisable to drink more.

02, why is drinking milk tea happy and addictive?

Many people will say, "Don’t tell me health, I drink milk tea for happiness!" The moment I sucked milk tea, my face was full of happiness!Why is drinking milk tea happy and addictive?

The reason why milk tea is happy is to start with our brain.There is a reward system in the brain, which allows us to be happy when doing something, and this is achieved by a neurotransmitter called dopamine.When people or animals satisfy their hunger, neurons in the specific areas in the brain are activated, secrete the dopamine release to the volt core, make us happy, and want to experience this pleasure again.

The delicious food can also be activated by activating the brain reward system to increase the release of dopamine, the body can be satisfied and pleasant, which is addicted to food.This is especially true for sweets and fats. It can activate the central nervous system, stimulate the generation of dopamine, make people satisfied and pleasant, and addiction.And milk tea is just like this. Based on the desire for happiness, the brain will make you want to order milk tea if you have anything to do.

This kind of unyielding hobby now drives our ancestors. In the primitive era of food deficiency, we actively consume high -calorie food to increase survival opportunities.But if modern people are the master of this "instinct", they will have a disease.

In addition, many milk tea also contains a little caffeine, which can also make people feel excited for a while. I feel that drinking milk tea is very refreshing and can’t stop.

03, what are the problems with milk tea often?

Drinking milk tea happily?So, the problem is here: Although drinking milk tea often will bring you emotional happiness, it will also bring physical trouble.

1. Remake old

Milk tea is sweet and delicious, but "ton" may make your skin grow old every day.This is because sugar will eventually decompose into glucose in the body, and then use it by the body.Add too much sugar to the food, and the excess glucose produces is more likely to react with protein, amino acids or lipids to produce the ultimate product (AGES), and AGES can glycamed collagen and elastic protein to accelerate the aging of the skin.

2. Acne

Most of the sugar content of milk tea is not low, and is generally high GI food.Studies have shown that high GI foods may be related to acne.

Even if it is sugar -free milk, the sugar content may not be low.In March of this year, the Consumer Rights Protection Committee of Qianwan New District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province carried out comparison tests on some milk tea products sold in the market. There were 33 batches of samples, all from brands that everyone often purchased on the market.After testing, the sugar content in these samples ranges from 2.9 ~ 11.4 grams/100 grams. Milk tea that does not add additional sugar, the average sugar content is 3.97 grams/100 grams, and the total sugar content of whole sugar milk tea is 7.53 grams/100 grams.

The capacity of large cups of milk tea is mostly 450 ml/cup. Even if you order sugar -free milk tea, you will consume nearly 18 grams of sugar when drinking a cup. If you often drink whole sugar milk tea, the sugar intake will be as high as 34 grams/cup, which exceeds it exceeded that it exceeds that it exceeds it, which exceeds it.The limited amount of sugar intake of "Dietary Guidelines of Chinese Residents" (the best sugar intake is not controlled within 25 grams/day).

3. Dental caries

If you do n’t rinse your mouth in time after drinking milk tea, the sugar in it will provide a “comfortable” growth and reproduction environment for the bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria and sugar will gradually “collapse” the teeth and finally form dental caries.At that time, many delicious foods can only be seen.

4. Obesity

Milk tea is high in calories, and it will naturally gain weight when drinking.However, in addition to heat problems, milk tea makes people gain weight.

Milk tea is generally contained in fructose, and sucrose also releases fructose after digestion. A foreign animal research found that the fluff of mice that feed the fruit sugar -containing diet is 25%to 40%longer than the mice that are not fed.The weight of the mouse has also increased.The reason is that fructose can increase the survival rate of intestinal cells and increase the length of intestinal velvet.The length of the fluff has increased, and the surface area of the intestine has also expanded, which increases the nutrition absorption and fat content of high -fat foods.Researchers said that the results of this research can try to shorten human bowel fur to reduce fat absorption.

5. Cardiovascular disease

The last fat in milk tea contains trans fatty acids, and the intake of excessive anti -fatty acids will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

6. Gout

Drinking milk tea intake can also promote uric acid production. Excessive polysaccharide intake may also cause insulin resistance, indirectly reduce uric acid excretion, and increase gout risk.

7. Insomnia

The caffeine content of milk tea is not low. Some researchers have tested the caffeine content of milk tea in Shanghai. The caffeine content in 42 milk tea samples is large, and the maximum and lowest content is more than 10 times. It is 2.57~ 27.90 mg/100 grams, the average value is 11.8 mg/100 grams.[8] In other words, drinking a cup of 450 ml of milk tea may consume 53.1 mg caffeine, which is almost equivalent to 2 small packs of coffee.

The caffeine can refresh the brain, especially when drinking at night can make people sleepy and difficult to fall asleep.For example, if I come to a cup of milk tea at night, I may not be able to sleep at 3 o’clock in the middle of the night.

04, do you really want to say goodbye to milk tea?

I understand the truth, but I can’t control myself. I can’t stop my milk tea. There is no resistance!So how can we reduce the damage of milk tea?

1. It is best to choose true milk

If it is currently made of milk tea, you can observe whether the store is made of fresh milk. Some will write "True milk, no milk, no plant cream".If it is quick -soluble milk tea or liquid milk tea with pre -packaged, then look at the ingredient table. Choose the first place is true milk. Try not to choose milk and plant fat.

2. Selection of small materials

Do not choose processed foods such as Boba, coconut fiber and fruit, you can choose watercuts, oatmeal, Guiling paste, and roasted fairy grass for small ingredients.

3. Do not choose an additional sugar

Although there is a possibility of sugar -free milk tea, after all, it is still much lower than whole sugar milk tea, which is relatively good choice.

4. Control the diet

The content of milk tea carbohydrates and fat are not low. On the day of drinking milk tea, eat less staple food and reduce cooking oil.

5. Remember to exercise after drinking

The calories of a cup of milk tea should be consumed at least 1 hour. It is recommended to increase the movements such as fast walking, jogging, playing, swimming, etc., balance the calories, and prevent weight gain.

Well, I will choose a cup of healthy milk tea in today’s milk tea time!

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