Jiangsu man bleed his eyes and died tragically.Being dead by her husband

The deceased in the case said he was unfortunate, but he bought a lottery tickets at hand 400,000; he said he was lucky, but he died in the hands of his favorite woman and the husband’s husband because of the 400,000 tragic death.

This case was full of betrayal and deception, selfishness and greed, and eventually caused a tragedy.

On November 11, 2015, the police of the Public Security Bureau of Lianshui County, Jiangsu Province rushed to the top 10 of the Emgrand Blue Bay Community. At this time, a man was lying on the ground, and a panic woman was squatting next to him.

The man’s eyes were closed, blood flowed out of the corner of the eyes, and there were blood on the ground. 120 had announced that the man about 30 years old had died.

When the police asked who made the woman who had been squatting next to the body, the woman even said "I killed him", and the woman who claimed to be the murderer looked very calm.

Instead, the deceased was called a reporter who was killed, and it looked different.And the reporter is the woman’s husband.

It was because the deceased raped his wife and sent nude photos and sent a text message to threaten his wife and his family, so he was killed.Who was killed?

What is the relationship between these three people?Is the woman really a murderer?Why not escape the scene after the killing, wouldn’t she be sinned for her husband?

Original family

The deceased Zhu, born in 1976, was from Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. His wife was honest and introverted. After having two daughters here, the couple settled on Lianshui, Jiangsu.The dishes are born.

Although the "murderer" husband insisted that the deceased raped his wife, the police did find many unsightly indecent photos from the victim’s mobile phone.

However, from the intimately embracing and expression in the photos, these indecent photos were not taken without the woman’s unwillingness or unknown.

With the presence of various evidence, the suspect finally told the truth, and the police did not expect that the unbearable and ugliness of the two families and two sections of marriage was opened.

Zhu Qiang and Zheng Yunxiu were introduced by people at the age of her ten or twenty years old. One is 18 and 20. In the countryside, they have reached the age of getting married.

After a year of dating, the two were in a hurry to marry because the woman was pregnant, but this hasty marriage was not as beautiful as Zheng Yunxiu imagined.

Zheng Yunxian Hui can do all the housework.Since the day of marriage, she has begun to live with her husband and children, and she has been busy laundry, cleaning, taking care of her husband and just born daughter every day.

This responsible wife could not be exchanged for her husband’s respect. Zhu Qiang was used to it by Zheng Yunxiu, became lazy, and was unwilling to work.He also became accustomed to Zheng Yunxiu’s virtuousness, and it was taken for granted.

However, she didn’t expect that the most painful thing had not yet arrived.

The husband’s temper was irritable and moody. Over time, Zhu Qiang’s behavior became more and more extreme.Not only did he have a domestic violence, he also began to secretly dating other women outside.

Once I accidentally looked at my husband’s mobile phone, I found the ambiguous text messages and intimate photos of her husband and other women.Zheng Yunxiu knew that her husband had always raised a woman who was much younger than her outside, young and beautiful.

One day when she returned home, she found that her husband and the woman naked in the bed in her bedroom.Zheng Yunxiu almost collapsed.

This time the husband and wife made a big trouble. Zheng Yunxiu’s question not only made the husband ashamed of his derailment, but made Zheng Yunxiu be beaten by himself.

"Tied up, hang it."

The parents of the two sides asked Zhu Qiang to bring that woman home anyway. Zhu Qiang agreed, but he just didn’t bring people back to Hu, and still had that woman outside.

Zheng Yunxiu’s personality is weak, and now that the two have one daughter, both parents will not agree with their divorce, so she is so forcing herself to share her husband with another woman.

It wasn’t until the man’s appearance that Zheng Yunxiu knew that her life could have another side.

Another man

Zheng Yunxiu’s life is like a bottomless hole. No matter how hard she works, she cannot fill this emptiness and pain.She began to feel her life.

In such a family environment, anyone will gradually become taciturn and become more and more timid and frustrated.Zheng Yunxiu is also becoming more and more confused about his marriage.

When the child grew up, she immediately divorced the man Zhu Qiang!

But without waiting for the two children to become a house, Zheng Yunxiu chose to cast himself into the arms of another man.

At that time, Zheng Yunxiu sold brown vegetables in the vegetable market, and he was close to Zhu’s stalls.I am a honest and stable man who cares about Zheng Yunxiu and will come to see her every day to care about her life and emotions.

Every time Zheng Yunxiu was beaten by her husband, Zhu Mou would come over to help her move, clean up the booth, and help her cross the street.

These kindness and concern made Zheng Yunxiu feel warm and moved, and gradually, she felt good about Zhu Mou. She knew that in fact, Zhu Mou also had the same feeling for her.

His honesty and stability made her feel at ease. His care and care made her very happy.After the husband’s beating and derailment, at this time, Zheng Yunxiu’s only harbor did not have to feel lonely and helpless.

Although they know that their feelings are not accepted by society, because Zhu Mou also has his own family. Like her, there are two children in the family, but she cannot control her feelings.

The relationship between Zheng Yunxiu and Zhumou began to become more and more intimate. They would hug each other in the alley behind the booth and share each other’s happiness and pain.

After confirming the relationship between the lover, the two went to Beijing, Xi’an, Nanjing and other places many times, and took a lot of indecent photos in the hotel’s room.

This also became the fuse of the later murder case.

400,000 lottery ticket

Zhu Qiang also had other women outside, and often did not live at home. He spent the night when the woman was overnight, and even did not go home for ten and a half months.

In addition, his wife has always been honest, and he never thought that his wife would betray herself, so that the rape of Zheng Yunxiu and Zhu Xiang had not been discovered for several months.

But Zheng Yunxiu’s happiness did not last long.She and Zhu’s treacherous affection were known by Zhu Qiang.

Zhu Qiang made a noise in the vegetable market for this, and also hit Zheng Yunxiu in front of many people.Zheng Yunxiu’s face was swollen, and Zhu Mou also tried to stop it, but he was pushed away. Zhu Qiang fired a fire like crazy.

From that day, Zheng Yunxiu and Zhu Mou got along a little.They are no longer as close as before, but they still maintain an ambiguous relationship.

But gradually, Zheng Yunxiu seemed a little tired of this underground relationship. Anyway, both of them were impossible to divorce, and they must not be able to give up their children. They thought that they would still stop the loss in time, so they broke up to Zhu.

Just after this multi -angle relationship maintained a long period of peace, Zheng Yunxiu received a message that excited her from Zhu Mou.

I wish a lottery ticket!Still 400,000!

Bamboo basket

In mid -August 2014, I bought a lottery when I went to Nanjing to travel. I did n’t have this hobby before, but I bought one temporarily when passing by.

Unexpectedly, a lottery ticket bought at hand was won, and there were a lot of bonuses, 400,000!

After getting this money, his first reaction was not to settle his wife and two children. The first person who appeared in his mind was Zheng Yunxiu. He hoped that this gentle and kind woman would return to himself.

I wish me, if he and Zheng Yunxiu are together, don’t worry about economic problems.

I wish Zheng Yunxiu a phone call immediately and said that she had won 400,000 lottery tickets, and asked her to take her ID card and bank card to Nanjing to find him.

Zheng Yunxiu did not expect that his lover was so generous to himself. He ran to Nanjing without a word, and no one could resist the temptation of 400,000 yuan.

It can be seen that Zhu Mou is really infatuated with Zheng Yunxiu, 400,000 bonuses, deducting taxes of 80,000 yuan. The 320,000 lottery bonuses received in Nanjing Fucai Center were all given Zheng Yunxiu.

After the two of them exchanged the bonus, they went to the street with interest. They spent tens of thousands of tens of thousands of gold and silver jewelry for Zheng Yunxiu. There was still 266,000 yuan in the hotel in the hotel one day.Zheng Yunxiu.

But that night, Zhu Mou did something that made him regret his life.

Perhaps it was the confidence after winning the prize, or maybe with Zheng Yunxiu who had discussed it and went back to divorce each other. The two of them really had a promise together, so that Zhu Mou wanted to provoke Zheng Yunxiu’s husband Zhu Qiang.

So while Zheng Yunxiu beside him was asleep, he quietly got the other party’s mobile phone and called Zhu Qiang’s phone.Also woke up with Zheng Yunxiu and asked her to answer the phone.

It is to suggest that Zhu Qiang’s wife sleeps with a man in the middle of the night.

Zhu Qiang possesses very strong and has a strong temper. Zhu Mou has not realized that his approach will make others empty.

Imprisonment at home

Although Zheng Yunxiu hurriedly hung up after seeing the husband’s phone call, he still made Zhu Qiang noticed that he was strange.

Originally, Zheng Yunxiu was planning to divorce this time, but as soon as she entered the house, she saw that she rarely returned home appeared at home. Before she spoke, she was dragged with her hair.

Zheng Yunxiu’s resistance is meaningless. The card with 266,000 yuan is stuck on her husband’s violence. She can only hand over her, including bank card passwords, ID cards, and mobile phones, all of which are handed over to her husband.

Zheng Yunxiu lost the opportunity to contact the outside world.

On August 25, 2014, Zheng Yunxiu filed a civil lawsuit to the Lianshui County People’s Court after escaping, demanding that he divorce Zhu Qiang.Who knew that this decision was opposed by all family members.

Zheng Yunxiu’s parents’ thoughts were more traditional than her. Even if her daughter was abused by her husband’s domestic violence for a long time, the couple were both derailed, and they still refused to agree with her daughter to divorce.

Moreover, Zheng Yunxiu and Zhu Qiang already have two children. The younger son is only 6 years old. He must not have a mother, and he must have a stepmother.

At that time, the court was about to open, and Zheng Yunxiu regretted it again. He ran to the court early in the morning to withdraw the lawsuit.

But on the other side, Zhu Mou’s divorce procedure was very smooth. I wish Mou’s wife soon accepted her husband’s affair.In October 2014, after the divorce procedure was completed, Zhu Mou found that he could not contact Zheng Yunxiu anymore since returning from Nanjing.

At this time, Zhu Mou began to suspect that he would not run a monk and run the temple, right?

Zheng Yunxiu evaporated in the world. The most disappointed is Zhu Mou. He couldn’t contact Zheng Yunxiu for many search, so he took some intimate photos taken by the two to Zheng Yunxiu’s mobile phone when he was together, and finally forced her to reply.

At this time, Zhu Mou knew that Zheng Yunxiu had been placed under house arrest by Zhu Qiang, and the 200,000 yuan of the junior high school lottery fell into Zhu Qiang’s pocket.

In order to bring his money back, Zhu Qiang forced Zhu Qiang to repay the money with a naked photo.

Zheng Yunxiu was actually very guilty in his heart. He wanted to take some actions on the current situation, but her husband kept staring at herself all the time.

Both sides did not dare to offend, and Zheng Yunxiu’s weakness led to the occurrence of the murder.

Live restoration

On the evening of November 11, 2014, Zhu Mou had stepped on it in advance and knew that Zhumou would go out for a date this day, so he went straight to his house to find Zheng Yunxiu.

Zheng Yunxiu had seen from the cat’s eyes that he was Zhu. He had no money on himself, and it was impossible to get more than 200,000 to Zhu.

In addition, during this time, Zhu Mou always threatened her nude photos and said that she wanted to send it to the Internet. Zheng Yunxiu was also very angry, so she couldn’t open the door.

Zheng Yunxiu’s approach was even more angered by Zhu. Seeing that the other party didn’t open the door, he began to smash the door and yell outside the door, because the door kept opening, he climbed to the anti -theft net window on the other side and shouted.

Zheng Yunxiu’s two children were still young, and they were scared by this scene. Zheng Yunxiu’s younger son took his mother’s mobile phone to cry and tell his father that the bad guys at home were smashing the door.

When Zhu Qiang rushed home, he just saw that Zhu Mou climbed the window and scolded people outside his own window. I wish you a good jump when he saw his husband returning. He quickly jumped and tried to escape.That lunatic caught up.

After the two of them twisted, Zhu Mou quickly took advantage of the wind, and Zhu Qiang also called Zheng Yunxiu to help him pressed his hands with his knees, holding his chest with his knees, and his hands to pick Zhummou’s eyes.

Because of the pain, I wisen in the constant roar, "It’s blind and blind", which caused the alarm of the surrounding people, but when the police arrived, Zhu Mou had died of suffocation because of his chest compression.

Zhu Qiang asked his wife Zheng Yunxiu to wipe some blood in his hand. Zheng Yunxiu knew in his heart that her husband was going to push her out of guilty, but she never dared to resist in front of her husband.

So in the face of the police’s inquiry, Zheng Yunxiu repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly "people killed, and it had nothing to do with my husband. My husband came to call the police call."

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