Just because she did not wash her clothes, the girl was dug her eyes alive, and she cut her husband 16 ax in 6 years!

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One night in 2006, a woman named Yang Xi was carrying the ax to the murder and killed her husband who was sleeping on the bed. After the killing of Yang Xi, he calmly called the neighbor to call the police. The police arrived at the scene of the crime as soon as possibleAt the time of the bloody scene at the scene.When Yang Xi was arrested, he did not resist or fear. When the police took Yang Xi back to the police station to interrogate in detail, he learned that there was other hidden feelings behind the killing case, and it involved some of Yang Xi’s old age.

As a woman in the new era, Yang Xi’s consciousness is much higher than others.Although the households in the village are all male and female, Yang Xi is not assimilated by this idea, but instead strives to get rid of the countryside to the development of the countryside. She dresses herself carefully and improves her eyes.When Yang Xi was young, she was beautiful, and she was alone in a big city. Therefore, many of the young people in the village were paying attention to Yang Xi at all times.His son Cao Hongping also looked at Yang Xi.

Yang Xi, who was going out to work, was called back to his hometown by his parents, and was forced to meet a man who had never met himself.This blind date is very dissatisfied with Yang Xi. Although Cao Hongping is the son of the village secretary, he knows that he is very rude in both words and behaviors.Don’t.

After seeing the blind date object, Yang Xi tried to make his own opinions on his parents, but his parents turned into a desertation.In their eyes, there were only expensive gifts. It is said that in order to marry Yang Xi, the Cao Hongping family had 12,000 gifts. For that era, 12,22,22,22,2,200 are a small property.Yang Xi’s parents claimed that they agreed to the village head of the family, and then took the money to make a wedding for their son.The act of selling her daughter in this way allows Yang Xi to refresh her native family again.

Yang Xi did not expect that the damage that the Cao family brought her far exceeded her imagination.Cao Hong had already set a relative, but the woman was separated from the two because of physical reasons, and the Cao family put her mind on Yang Xi.The village secretary believes that Yang Xi is not only long and beautiful, but he can take over for their family.Yang Xi does not want his life to be drowned in this small mountain village, and he does not want to be a tool for fertility, so he decided to return to a big city to work again, and he planned to disconnect with the Cao family. She returned to the big city.After a period of free life, you will also send money and photos to your home regularly.

However, her parents did not be proud or happy for her daughter, but instead worried that Yang Xile would not want to go home without thinking about it. Wasn’t he drifted in the past?They originally wanted to take the money to marry their son.Yang Xi’s parents discussed it and decided to lie to Yang Xi back.Not only did the hunger strike threatened, but even fabricated the two people’s illness.Yang Xixin thought it was true, and could not bear to suffer from his parents. He resigned and returned to his hometown.

As a result, this time I went back, I never left this small village.In order to prevent her from running away, her parents were supervising her at all times. Even when Yang Xi was working in farming, the parents would look at it every three differences.Since Yang Xi returned to the village, his neighbors have regarded Yang Xi as the daughter -in -law of the Cao family, and Cao Hongping thought so.He found Yang Xi many times, and of course he asked Yang Xi to fulfill his wife’s obligations -laundry and cooking.Yang Xi believes that Cao Hongping’s request is ridiculous. She did not treat herself as Cao Hongping’s wife, nor did she think that his wife’s obligation was laundry and cooking, so Yang Xiguo rejected Cao Hongping’s request.Unexpectedly, Cao Hongping was so angry that he attacked Yang Xi from his back while Yang Xi picked up tea in the tea garden.

He pressed Yang Xi on the ground and held Yang Xi’s neck forcefully.Yang Xili was smaller than Cao Hongping, and he couldn’t resist alone.She shouted loudly and no one came to help, because there were only her and Cao Hongping on the Chashan.The more Yang Xi resisted Cao Hongping, the more angry he was. He uniform Yang Xi with one hand and grabbed the other hand towards Yang Xi’s eyes.In this way, Yang Xi’s eyes were dug out by Cao Hongping!

When Yang Xi reacted, she only felt severe pain. Blood was spraying out of her eyes. She lay on the ground and yelled, but the perpetrator escaped the scene with Yang Xi’s two eyeballs.After Cao Hongping dug Yang Xi’s eyes, he shook him to Yang Xi’s parents and told them: Yang Xi’s eyes were dug by him.Yang Xi’s parents did not expect that Cao Hongping was so mad. When they found Yang Xi, Yang Xi was full of blood, and even if he was taken to the hospital, he could not restore his eyes.

The arrogant Cao Hongping was still shaking in the village after digging Yang Xi’s eyes with his father’s village secretary.However, the law would not tolerate him to continue the law. After Cao Hongping was arrested by the police, he was executed soon.But no matter what punishment he was suffered, Yang Xi could not see the light.

The occurrence of this tragedy made Yang Xi lose hope for life. She no longer fantasize about big cities, and sitting at home every day in a daze. After her eyes lost their light, Yang Xi could do very few things, which made her feel that her value was one by one.Loss of points.Until one day, a man came at home. This man and Yang Xi were people in the same village.Men came to mention kisses. He not only had a generous gift, but also assured Yang Xi: After marriage, he would take Yang Xi to treat his eyes.This sentence is a beam of light met in the night for Yang Xi.Yang Xi even promised the man’s pride before thinking about it.After the two married, they got along with each other for a while, and Yang Xi also gave a daughter to the man.

But after a long time, Yang Xi discovered that her husband was originally a person who was lazy to do nothing, and his promise to her was not realized.Yang Xi was discouraged again, and her requirements for life were reduced. She was no longer eager to treat her eyes. She only hoped that she could maintain the status quo to raise her daughter to grow up.However, after a quarrel between Yang Xi and her husband, the man directly abandoned Yang Xi, and Yang Xi could only return to his mother’s house again.After she returned, her sister -in -law had abandoned her at home and complained in front of Brother Yang Xi.

In the face of difficult situations, Yang Xi wanted to change but powerless.Not long after that, Yang Xi ushered in the third marriage. The marriage target was the old bachelor Zhao Yongde in a village.Because Zhao Yongde was too poor and his temper was not good, no one was willing to marry his daughter.The reason why he dared to come to marry Yang Xi was because Yang Xi had already married twice, and his body was disabled, and it was difficult to remarry.Yang Xi didn’t want to stay in her mother’s house all day long, and she married her eyes.

However, her third marriage was a real nightmare. After marrying, Zhao Yongde was revealed, and Yang Xi would beat Yang Xi every three times. The people in the village saw Yang Xi’s face with different depth scars.The neighbors and village cadres couldn’t stand it anymore. Several times they persuaded Zhao Yongde not to beat their wives, but Zhao Yongde turned into a deaf ear. After returning home, he intensified Yang Xi’s beatings.However, in this case, Yang Xi was forced to have two children for Zhao Yongde.When she was pregnant, Zhao Yongde forced Yang Xi to do some tired farm work, and even deliberately put a stool behind Yang Xi to let her fall.

Under the oppression of heavy farm work, Yang Xi’s body also had problems. She had a serious athlete but had no money to get medicine. She could only borrow tobacco leaves in the village according to the remedy.However, Zhao Yongde believed that Yang Xi’s behavior affected his face, so one night, Zhao Yongde took a ax and a hemp rope and threw it in front of Yang Xi, threatening Yang Xi: "Give you two options, either hang it on his own, or hang it yourself.Either your family suffers with you. "The threatening Yang Xi was frightened, and she knew that Zhao Yongde’s words were not joking. She didn’t want to die, and she didn’t want her family to be affected.

After thinking about one night, Yang Xi finally cut off Zhao Yongde, who was sleeping, and ax chopped it for sixteen times on Zhao Yongde. At this time, Yang Xi’s two sons saw the whole process.The tragic death of the father brought them a serious psychological shadow, but did not make them resentful to their mother, because they also knew that Yang Xi was abused, so after seeing the mother killing his father, the two sons were loosened.Tone.

After the incident, Yang Xi asked the neighbors to help call the police. When the police came, Yang Xi was relieved.Finally, through the police investigation and the court’s trial results, Yang Xi was sentenced to twelve years in prison and was released early because he performed well in prison.After being released from prison, Yang Xi finally ushered in the uphill road of life. She met a man who had a disabled like him. Although the two had unchanged life, they always rely on each other to support each other, and even opened a massage shop.Live ordinary people.

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