Just have a child?The doctor tells you the truth!

One of the reasons for giving birth is that one of them is that having children can cure diseases.In fact, some diseases are only temporarily relieved, and some vary from person to person.

Give birth to a child and cure "?"?

Can be temporarily relieved.When women are pregnant, menstruation stops, chocolate cysts will suspend bleeding and slowly absorb time.However, having a child cannot remove the ectopic endometrium, that is, the root cause of the clever sac. As long as the lesion is still there, after the birth of the child’s menstrual recovery, the atomic endometrium will begin to bleed again.Therefore, having children can only suspend the periodic changes of Qiaoqian, and cannot cure it.

Giveting a child is one of the ways to relieve the clever sac.Those who have a maternity plan have a fertility plan or consider it as soon as possible.If women who are very certain and clearly do not consider childbearing, then the operation+drug control is the main.

Giving birth to a child, cure pain?

uncertain.Some women have a baby, and they really solve the problem of dysmenorrhea.But there are also some women who are still dysmenorrhea after giving birth, and even more serious.Dysmenorrhea is divided into primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea. Some of the primary dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea caused by physical causes, dysmenorrhea caused by endometriosis, etc. may be relieved after giving birth.However, some endometriosis due to cesarean section will start dysmenorrhea after menstruation recovery.The process of giving birth may also cause cervical and uterine adhesion, which causes menstrual blood to not be discharged smoothly, and may increase dysmenorrhea.

Give birth, cure uterine fibroids?

uncertain.Uterine fibroids are the most common benign tumors in women’s reproductive systems.Under normal circumstances, there are no symptoms, a few manifestations are vaginal hemorrhage, menstrual flow changes, the abdomen touchs the mass, and there are compression symptoms.Generally speaking, the estrogen secretion in the body increases, and the increase in uterine blood supply will increase, which will increase the uterine fibroids.As the hormone level and the size of the uterus return to normal postpartum, fibroids may shrink.For women who find uterine fibroids, it is best to review regularly and have a maternity plan. Consult the doctor before pregnancy. In special circumstances, it is recommended to surgery.

Give birth to arthritis?

No obvious relationship.There is not much connection with arthritis to give birth to a child, and after giving birth to a child, the original arthritis cannot be relieved.If you have to get the relationship, it is improper postpartum care, which may cause arthritis by wind cold and infection.However, it is reported that women with rheumatoid arthritis are usually reduced during pregnancy. The reason is still a mystery.But scientists have found that estrogen seems to play an important role in controlling the disease.

Give birth to a child, cure stomach sag?

It makes sense.Young women who are thin and thin are easily "sagging". Due to the lack of subcutaneous fat, these women are weak and weak in muscles and ligaments in suspended and fixed gastric positions, which reduces the entire position of the stomach.

After pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, the expanding uterus may top the sagging stomach; in addition, the weight gain will also enhance the tension of the stomach ligament and improve the stomach sag.However, after the production of some women, the abdominal wall is relaxed and the abdominal pressure is reduced, which can easily cause sagging of the stomach.

Giving birth to children, cure acne?

uncertain.Some women find that the acne on the face has disappeared after giving birth, and it feels that their skin has become better. This is actually the recovery of hormone levels in the body, and the credit of confinement conditioning.It is not to say that after giving birth, there will be no acne anymore, good skin needs to develop healthy life and eating habits.

Some women have acne after giving birth, which is mostly related to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy during pregnancy. Generally, after a few weeks, as the hormone level is normal, acne will naturally subspenically.(VIA Health Times)

Source: Guangdong 12320

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