Just three months after a caesarean section and accidental pregnancy, should the child have it?

I brushed a video today. The female lead had just had a daughter of her daughter for three months, and then found that she was pregnant unexpectedly.

The hostess proposed to go to the hospital for examination. Listening to the doctor how to say, her husband was distressed and did not want to be called a check. Finally, the doctor suggested that the doctor did not give up. I also said that the doctor scared them.Is it true that he really does not know how deadly this is the woman’s life?

After two days, the female lead was inflamed and had a fever and water. In this case, I did n’t give up, and I wanted to keep it. I was speechless.

In fact, I was curious when I saw the heroine asks like this. What can be tangled?If you have a bit of common sense, you know that the first child uses a caesarean section. If you want to give birth to the second child, you must slowly, so how long should the second child have to wait?The answer to this question is actually different in China and the West. Many foreign studies have shown that at least 6 months after cesarean section can be used to try to get pregnant again. For example, British producers have suggested that women do not exceed 3 times.After a cesarean section, you should wait for 1 year and then get pregnant.

On this issue, it is clear that our Chinese doctors should be more cautious. Chinese doctors recommend that it is safer to get pregnant again after at least 2 years after cesarean section, because the uterus that experiences a caesarean section will have scars.The development of the uterus continues to increase, the uterine wall becomes thinner, and the uterus has the risk of breaking through, which may cause life threats.

Generally speaking, under normal circumstances, professional obstetrics hospitals will recommend female friends with caesarean section to have a second child after two years, so the caesarean section has more damage to female friends. Women will be after a cesarean section.As a result, the uterine wall leaves a knife mouth, and the knife mouth does not achieve a relatively good healing effect in a short period of time.If the knife mouth recovery state is not good, you have to get pregnant too early, then the fetus in the body will continue to grow up during pregnancy. This will lead to the continuous expansion of the uterus of female friends.As a result, the uterine wall of female friends becomes thinner. In this process, the poorly healing uterine knife mouth is likely to be ruptured in the later stages of pregnancy or during the process of childbirth.With a very serious threat, women are best considering having a second child after two years after a caesarean section surgery.

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