Kangxi and the queen were married, and lived together for 3 days. Xiaozhuang quickly reminded: I can’t live together on the fourth day

In the "Kangxi Dynasty", which once burst into the north and south of the river, Chen Daoming entered the history of the film industry with wonderful performances, and also allowed more people to understand the secrets of the early Qing Dynasty.

The Emperor Kangxi in the play was supported by the grandmother Xiaozhuang.

If there is no filial piety, there will be no "Ping San Francisco, the destruction of Taiwan, and Galdan", the first Baturu of Qing Dynasty, and there will be no prosperity of Kanggan.

On the second day of the first month of the first month of 1661, the emperor Shunzhi died in the Yangxin Hall.

The eight -year -old emperor Xuanzang, who followed the will and succeeded in the throne, changed Yuan Kangxi.

At that time, the Qing Dynasty had just unified the Central Plains and was unstable, and Xuanzang was still young.

More importantly, Xuanzang has never been officially registered before.

Before Shunzhi died, Tang Ruowang proposed to him that only Xuan Zang had a smallpox among the many princes, so he would not die early, and Shunzhi agreed.

In order to ensure the long -term stability of the Qing Dynasty, Shunzhi left four Gu Ming ministers before dying: Sony, Suxhaha, Fiblon, and Ao worship.

These people were all the shares of the Shanhaiguan with Dole’s all the way, and their wings spread throughout every corner of the Qing Dynasty.

As long as these people are willing to be loyal to the little emperor, then Xuan Zang’s throne is half stable.

Xiaozhuang also teach Kangxi often to have a good relationship with these four "old foxes".

At the same time, the four of them must not be too close, otherwise the imperial power will be threatened.

When Sony was in the throne, he had the power of the dragon and ranked first among the Minister of Auxiliary.

After Shunzhi’s collapse, he led the other three ministers to run in front of Xiaozhuang:

"Sony and others vowed to be loyal to the young master, and the four lived together to help the young master handle government affairs. No private relatives, not resentment, not listening to others, brothers and brothers and nephews.The government was given feedback, not party feathers, not being bribed, and faithfully repaid the great grace of the Emperor. "

Xiaozhuang also trusts Sony, and all the government affairs of farming and taxation are handed over to him.

In the four years of Kangxi, the contradictions between the Minister of Assistant’s Ministers became increasingly sharp, especially the confrontation between Aobai and Sukshaha.

Xiaozhuang seemed to have seen this day. What she could do was constantly balanced between four ministers.

However, Aobai relied on his hard work and did not take Xiaoshuang and Kangxi at all.

The lingering and lingering worshipers and the power ministers, the union of Qi Qilong, bounced the Zhengbai flags, running the horse, and squeezed the living space of Zhengbaiqi.

Some ministers wrote a worship, and Ao Bai didn’t even say hello, so he died in the name of the emperor, Zhu Changzhang, Zhu Changzhang, and Wang Denglian.

The elderly Sony did not want to participate in these battles, so he said that he could not come out.

For the imperial power, the ministers do not conform to the stability of their regime, but if they evolve into conflicts, they are likely to cause a country to crack.

Seeing that the situation is not controlled, Xiaozhuang is no available. At the crisis, she thought of a little: marriage.

Political marriage is a common drama in history.

Since Sony is unwilling to go out of the mountain, Xiaozhuang asked Kangxi to marry his granddaughter.

In this way, Aixinjueluo’s family and Herry’s family tied to a carriage, and Sony had no reason to be indifferent.

Xiaozhuang found a cultural and military official, and everyone made up for Kangxi’s marriage together.

Listening to everyone’s argument, Xiaozhuang smiled, saying that he was a queen of Heishery (the granddaughter of Sony, the daughter of Kabla).

After hearing about it, Aobai was anxious and corrupted, and the ministers such as Lianqilong ran to Xiaozhuang to protest.

The reason why Aoba opposed was that Hesheli was not the famous family of Manchuria, and their daughter was not worthy of being the queen.

At the beginning, Xiaozhuang could answer them with a smile, but these popular flames became more arrogant.

Xiaozhuang raised the scolding: "How can the daughter of Manchuria get the queen? I have to make it, so I don’t have to discuss it again."

In September of the fourth year of Kangxi, the 12 -year -old Xuanzang and the 11 -year -old Herchery officially settled as a husband and wife.

On the day of the big wedding, Herheli took Feng Yu’s rushing team to come to Taihe Hall’s gate under the ceremonies of thousands of people.

She got up and walked to the Kunning Palace with the emperor.

Emperor Kangxi’s first queen officially "launched".

In the cave’s candle night, Herhel’s is particularly beautiful under the dim light.

Although Kangxi and Heshe were political marriage, they were similar and Herheli was also dazed. Kangxi was loved and lived with Hesheli for 3 days.

Kangxi, who was born in the emperor’s family, was a concubine who was not loved by Shunzhi. He naturally did not feel too much love.

Today, he finally has a person who loves himself wholeheartedly, and of course he must cherish it.

Xiaozhuang knew that Kangxi was still young, worried that he only cared about the relationship between men and women, and forgot to hurt his body again.

Moreover, the Emperor Shunzhi was obsessed with Dong Efei, delayed the government, and almost dragged Daqing, who had just won the Central Plains, and dragged into the abyss of Wanzhang.

So she quickly called Kangxi near.

Xiaozhuang was like the grandmother of ordinary people, asking Kangxi to ask for warmth, and then transferred the topic to Hesheli.

She asked Kangxi that he was full of dissatisfaction with Hesheli.

Kangxi nodded again and again, saying a lot of good words in Hermi.

Xiaozhuang’s words turned and asked Kangxi: If he was going to choose one between Jiangshan and Hesheli, what would Kangxi do.

Kangxi answered without hesitation: Jiangshan.

Xiaozhuang nodded with satisfaction, reminding: "On the fourth day, I can’t have the same room with her again, and I can’t live for three days in the future."

Kangxi fell to his knees and fell to the ground: "Xuanzang follows the teachings of the Empress Dowager."

Xiaozhuang touched his head and got up to help him.

Since then, Kangxi Guozhen has never lived with the concubines for three days.

With the age of age, Kangxi’s attitude towards women also changed.

He increasingly agreed with Mu’s phrase: "However, women and villains are embarrassed, but they are not inferior to the near future, but they are resentful."

"Thirteen Years of Jingting" records that Kangxi often rafted with five or six concubines to swim in the lake when he was avoiding the summer villa in Chengde.

What his favorite thing is to throw the fake toads, poisonous snakes, and all kinds of nasty animals to the middle of the concubine.

Looking at them that they couldn’t run away, Kangxi was laughing.

Indeed, Kangxi has true feelings for Heshery.

But in general, deep inside him, he still unconsciously regarded these women around him as a tool to ensure that there were someone in the Qingjiang Mountains.

And this is determined by the deep -rooted male and female humble thoughts of Chinese feudal society, as well as Emperor Kangxi’s own class attributes.

Despite the supervision of Xiaozhuang, Kangxi has reduced the number of rooms in the same room with Herhei, but the love of the two has not changed.

Especially after Kangxi’s biological mother, Queen Kangzhang’s death, Kangxi was even more reliable to Hesheri.

When Jia Jiashi was in critical condition, Kangxi was only 10 years old.

He was waiting in front of the bed day and night, and he had to taste it himself when he came to the soup, and then fed it to his mother again.

The depiction of this paragraph in the "Draft of the Qing Dynasty" is: no eyelashes are made, and clothes are not puzzled.

Kangxi’s filial piety did not change back to his mother’s life. That year, Jia Jiashi left the world.

Xuan Zang stayed day and night, and the water was not entering, and he kept crying.

Recalling that time, Kangxi couldn’t help but sigh: "Parents are under his knees, and you have no one day."

When Kangxi’s heart is the most fragile, Herry is often accompanied by it.

In Kangxi’s heart, Hesheli has been incorporated into his life.

Hesheli’s stomach was also very angry. In the 12th year of Kangxi, she gave birth to the next baby boy. Kangxi personally named: Cheng Ye.

Kangxi regards Cheng Yi as the pearl of the palm, and he will come to see every day.

Cheng Yongcong is excellent, and he can recite famous sayings at the age of three.

If you don’t have an accident, in a few years, he will definitely be stood as the prince.

However, there was an accident. In the eleventh year of Kangxi, the emperor accompanied Xiaozhuang to the Rehe.

As soon as their front feet arrived, the news of the death came from the back feet.

Emperor Kangxi had tolerated sadness and said three words to the officials around him: "Mourning it."

In order not to let Xiaozhuang know, he deliberately instructed everything to come and visit his prince, all of which were dismissed back.

Later, Kangxi found a secluded place, sorrowing sorrowful tears, and buried the affairs of the officials of the Ministry of Li.

In the life of Kangxi, there were not a few sons, but he really made him the only one who "mourned".

Inheritance died of illness, Herryi, who was far away in Beijing, was so distressed that he couldn’t eat or sleep. It didn’t take long for him to fall ill.

Kangxi, who has always been filial, heard about this, and specially "asked for leave" to Xiaozhuang, riding a high -headed steed to the capital.

After returning to the palace, Kangxi did nothing, and accompanied her for a whole day.

Hesheli was supporting the sick body and rushed to cry in Kangxi’s arms.

Kangxi patted her shoulder gently: "Okay, okay, isn’t this back?"

With her lover, Hermi’s condition quickly improved.

Kangxi always felt that there was some owed to Hesheli, so he discussed with her to ask for another child.

Unexpectedly, the child wanted Hesheli’s life.

In the twelfth year of Kangxi, the queen Hisheli was pregnant with the dragon again.

Kangxi was considerate to her and called hundreds of people to serve her diet.

Kangxi also appeases Herhei. Regardless of whether he was born, as long as he was born, he loved everywhere.

On the third day of May of the thirteenth year of Kangxi, Herhei felt pain in the lower abdomen, as if it was about to give birth.

The mother -in -law was too busy in the delivery room. When the child just showed up, Herhei suddenly bleed a lot.

This was frightened to everyone present. They tried everything to stop bleeding, but after all, they couldn’t help it.

Everyone had to take the child out first, and the little prince was fine, but his mother was still blood.

Kangxi waited anxiously outside the door. After about an hour, the bishes pushed the door open.

They fell to the ground, and they cried that the emperor would not only be forgiving.

Seeing this scene, Kangxi understood the ending instantly.

Hesheli was gone, and Kangxi’s heart seemed to follow.

This is the third time he has lived for more than 20 years, and he has experienced the life and death of important relatives for the third time.

Kangxi announced the five days of dropping the DPRK. He ordered the civilians below and princess and princess of the kings, below the princess and princess, and the eight flags and two grades.

Kangxi gave his son’s son all his love for Hesheli.Kangxi was named Baocheng (later renamed 礽).

Although there are still brothers on the top, those who are all out, Bao Cheng is the proper emperor’s eldest son.

In Baocheng, Kangxi was named the prince with the name of the Emperor Emperor and the Empress Dowager’s life: "Today, the sister -in -law is the prince.

At that time, Kangxi held a standing ceremony for the storage to build the East Palace and amnesty for the East Palace.

Kangxi’s early Emperor Li was a prince, but one day later, he would add a point for Heshery’s guilt.

Therefore, I would like to ask the Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager’s purpose, and the puppets who have just been for the years are princes.

Kangxi has high hopes for his alertness. He only needs to teach Xun to study by himself as soon as he has time.

At the age of six, Kangxi was equipped with three teachers in one breath: Zhang Ying, Li Guangdi, Xiong Ci Ling.

These three were all famous college scholars, which shows that Kangxi attaches great importance to his puppets.

Later, Kangxi also sent the eight generations, Wang Yan and others to serve as the East Palace lecturer, specifically to teach the history and literature for Yunzhang.

慧 is still very intelligent, "riding and literature, all of which are more than people."

Kangxi’s preference for 礽 is not taboo. He can calmly say in front of the ministers that he is deeply affectionate with Heshery, so he is particularly important.

Even in his later years, he often said that he often said: "He was born of the queen, and he loved it, and added training."

Even the North Korean envoys reported to the king to report to the king, and they could not help but mention Kangxi’s love for his puppets.

Kangxi always has more tolerance for the concubine. However, the performance of the growing up after the growing up has disappointed Kangxi.

He indulged his men, violently, and no brothers nor a father in his eyes.

Even so, Kangxi was tolerant. Until the forty -seven years of Kangxi, under the joint name of the elder brother and Belle, Kangxi finally decided to abolish the prince.

This incident made Kangxi disturbed, and he often dreamed of the emperor’s grandmother and Herhei.

Therefore, he often secretly summoned him, and every time he saw it, he would feel peace of mind.

The following year, Kangxi became a prince again.

Unfortunately, he did not fight for it, and made it everywhere, and let other brothers grab the handle.

I have been on the prince’s position for four years, and was abandoned again.

Kangxi also thought about Li Xun’s second son Hong Xi as the prince, but after thought, he dispelled this thought.

However, after Yongzheng succeeded, it was good for Yun and Hongxi.

When he first appeared in Dabao, Feng Hongxi was the county king, and he ordered to treat him well.

After the death, he held another beautiful funeral for him, and also chased him as a prince.

If he is not the son of Herhel, he will not be registered as the prince at the age of 2, nor will he let Kangxi tolerate 20 years, and he will not be resumed after being abolished.

It is not difficult to see from Kangxi’s attitude towards Huan that he does have true feelings for Hesheri.

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