Kissing with the boy will get pregnant?Doctor: Parents, please talk to children seriously about men and women

"Doctor, am I pregnant?" A 15 -year -old female student who came to consult in the opening was based on this sentence. I was shocked and took the gods and calmly asked her why she thought she was pregnant?She replied: "In the class yesterday, I was in a hurry to go to the bathroom and hit a boy in the corner of the stairs. I seemed to have eaten his mouth. Today, my stomach hurts a bit."

Looking at her anxious look, I simply popularized her related knowledge to her.From the conversation, I also learned that the reason she thought like this was that her mother had warned her before that she could not kiss or eat the saliva of boys, otherwise her belly would grow up.In fact, I can realize her mother’s good intentions, and I feel distressed than the ignorance of this female student.


Once upon a time, many people were sad for "they were picked up from the trash bin"; they were extremely anxious to accidentally "whether the hands that touched the opposite sex".Many people do not grow up until they grow up, and they believe it is true.Therefore, parents should not tell their children the wrong concepts and knowledge that they can accompany their children during the summer vacation. It’s time to seriously talk about "sex" with their children. So how can it be effective for children?

If the parents ask questions, if the parents are unclear, please admit and tell them that you will find out that the child will not disrespect you because of this.Don’t mess up, sometimes wrong knowledge is even more terrible than no knowledge!Not to be rebuked, this will block the child’s help from you.For example, in the case of obscenity of a primary school teacher exposed last year, some parents recalled that the child had a pain in his lower body pain. He thought he was inflamed, so he washed the child.Other parents reprimand their children, thinking that the child’s stomach hurts because of cold water.The ultimate exposure of the incident was discovered by a foreign class because the teacher was "obscene" in the girl’s seat.This is a special example.Some of the normal sexual questioning of children is perfunctory by parents, and it is endless.

Mom is educating children seriously

Many parents are afraid that their children are in love or have sexual behavior. They often intimidate the child that if you are "touched", your life is over, and if you are unclean and the like.In the outpatient clinic, I also came into contact with such a case. The child was "bullied". Parents also swallowed their teeth and swallowed their stomach without choosing to call the police. In this way, the child will live in the shadow for a long time.In fact, at this time, what the child needs is the support of the parents. It should tell the child that this is not her fault. It should arouse the positive energy in the child’s heart and expose the bad behavior of the bad guys.In order to curb the children’s masturbation, many parents will also tell their children that "a drop of essence and ten drops of blood" has become a huge psychological burden of children, and even generalized to fear nocturnal emission.

Children living in shadows

Correct sexual knowledge is the prerequisite for carrying out good education.If parents have a half -understanding of these knowledge, or lack the identification of some wrong sexual knowledge, what to talk about allowing their children to get the right understanding?Worried that children are poisoned by adverse knowledge, parents should be a child’s firewall and go to filtering knowledge in advance.Moreover, as an adult, you can have more channels to gain sexual knowledge, understanding and identification.Only when learning is strengthened, we will not be overwhelmed when facing children’s problems.

Parents and children learn together

"Everything is predicted, not predictable," and don’t wait for the death to make up for the death. You must tell the children before the change, so that the children will not feel uneasy and afraid of their physical changes, or other things.For example, before taking your child to the hospital for some related physical examinations, you can tell the child in advance about the details to avoid the children’s embarrassment; tell the child in advance that they are about to change their bodies and psychological changes to remove their concerns;A comfortable behavior or non -acting behavior, you must know how to ask others for help and talk, and always emphasize that this is not their fault. This is the fault of the bad guys, so as not to have the unnecessary sense of self -sin and remove the child’s psychological burden.

Parents and children communicate, so that children are prepared for psychological preparations

In short, parents should not avoid this topic, or simply perfunctory things. Incorrect sexual knowledge is sowing the children’s young souls. They should seriously talk about "sex" with their children and let children know how to love themselves from childhood!

Well, today’s popular science is here. If parents have any doubts or suggestions, welcome to private messages or leave a message to Dr. Zeng in the comment area!Writing is not easy, please collect it quickly and share it with the required TA.Here, I also hope that every child can grow up healthily and happily!

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